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~ El Escritor (The Writer) ~

A romance love story, with a little bit of drama, suspense and humor. · By Seth Baine

General stuff. Sticky

A topic by Seth Baine created Jun 09, 2021 Views: 272 Replies: 16
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Questions, feedback, or anything you want to say (except hate) you can post here! ;)

Any plans on translating this VN?


Yes! Im currently working on the translation! actually, the upcoming updates, besides upgrading art, will be about translation to english

The cutest character is this visual novel 💜💜💜


Hehe, indeed! She's just special. 


One of my best backgrounds.💙😍💚


Awwww! Yes, that was a very tender moment :3

Después de mucho tiempo encontré algo bueno en español, saludos :D


Gracias! jejeje Saludos también para ti! nwn

Una consulta, me quede con el final ese de los 5 años ¿existe otro final? ¿si quiero un final, esos de los que jamás suceden, debo hacerlo según la guía(extras)? Toda la historia estaba interesante, no sé  si tendrás otros proyectos en el futuro, es la primera vez  que vi una opción para cambiar el lenguaje XD.


La novela visual tiene 3 finales. Uno malo, uno bueno, y uno que yo personalmente llamo Familia. Sea cual sea el final que obtengas, la guía aparecerá en la sección extras (esta guía te ayudará a obtener el final familia, el mejor para mi gusto jejeje). Y si, no quiero adelantar mucho, pero ¡si tengo proyectos que le seguirán a este!

I really think this VN deserves more love >_</ it's really freaking great! The story is sooo immursive and xou've written it so well that I'm totally hooked~ ^w^ might I make the suggestion to try decrease the file size? I really think xou'd get a lot more readers if xou do UwU


Hehehhe, thank you Phamyne. Yes, I've been also thinking about how to reduce the file size. As you know, this VN has A LOT of CGs, like at least 8 per chapter, even more (211 CGs, and 237 backgrounds). At first those pic were in PNG format, bu I've been slowly transforming them into JPEG (lighter than png). The VN has 119 music tracks, and 122 effect tracks. That and plus that all characters also have lots of sprites each one (George being the one with the biggest ammount, a total of 324 sprites). BUT, yes. Your suggestion of reduzing the file size its slowly becoming a priority, actually, each time I finish coloring a CG I export it as jpeg, not png. I actually I hadn't thought that the file size would be affecting the ammount of downloads, so thank you for the reminder! And thank you again for reading!

Do you think I should make a devlog explaining this? Maybe that way more people will know why the VN its this heavy and my plans to make it lighter :3

Have a nice day/night! nwn

wow "OwO that's freaking nuts! I never knew there were so many backgrounds and sprites! :o And when xou consider that Adastra, debatably 1ne of the most well known VN's around, only has 46 backgrounds, 35 music tracks, 43 CG's, and Amicus 103 sprites, xour numbers are freaking insane! xD but that's just the thing. Xou haven't skimped out 1ne iota with anything xou've done :) when xou deliver, xou DELIVER! ^^_

I think creating a Dev Log  around the size topic would be a great idea UwU in all honesty, I put off downloading  ~El Escritor~ for the 1irst time because of the how big it is "o///o Even now, I only download every 2wo updates. In SA we are going through a lot of blackouts (power outages) and it can really affect the signal at times. On a bad day, it takes me ⅓ of the day to download such a large file QwQ and if xou consider people who don't have uncapped, or even the space to store it if they are reading on their phones, I really do believe that more people will flock with a smaller file size :) this story really does deserve to see more love >_</

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podrias reducir mas el tamaño? no me deja instalarlo en mi celular


Hola! Si, he estado trabajando en reducir el tamaño. Poco a poco voy transformando el formato de las imágenes a uno más liviano, también intentaré transformar los archivos de audio a uno que no pese tanto. !Pero tranquilo! mis intenciones si son reducir el tamaño en las proximas builds nwn

gracias ^^