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I can't hear anything, maybe the problem come from my web browser

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Hii, it's a nice mini game, very simple yet very good. You can make it better by adding a simple screenshake and sound when a red bullet hit you, and by making the green life disapear after you pick it.

Otherwise, it's a great fun game. Great work!!!


8x8 Game Jam 2 community · Created a new topic No theme?

I don't see any theme for this jam, only one main rule. Can we just create any game?

Hello, I started creating a nice game for the jam. The game is about humans that sent a robot to discover a new planet, and while exploring, the robot found traces of an extinct specie on the planet.

I know how to draw and use lights and particles, however I would be glad if someone help me in the game art.

Here is a preview of the game I started to make:

One artist will help me a lot. If you are interested, let me know, we can chat on discord.

here it is FaKtory#6549


Can I join your team? I know how to program in C#, and i'm good at pixel art, and I can also make music!

Nice game, and I can say that I didn't expect the twist! The game is fun to play and original, completely matching with the theme, and the character animation were good. Well done :)

Thank you for your review, I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D

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Thanks for the comment, and I made it so  the harder the recipe is, the more you earn money so the player have to create difficult recipe in order to buy the cure (if he doesn't want to stay 1 hour doing the same thing).


Nice game, it was fun to play, and you could really improve this submission to make a complete game out of it, you could for exemple, add an option to create more turrets, or to upgrade the existing ones. Also, the death particles and fire effect were great!

This submission was so original!!

I figured out the mechanism after some minutes, and the message in the end was amazing! Great job and stay safe :)

Nice game, it was fun and relaxing to take care of all the people, and the idea was amazing!

Thank you so much!!!

It's the first interactive fiction that I ever try, and it was great !!

The story was good (I got many ending, and the demo ending), and could have a  great continuation. The music was also amazing, and fits perfectly in the story. Well done !

Hello, that's a great game. I really liked the concept and it was fun to play. However, the controls are a bit weird, and when I found the exit, I just felled through the map. otherwise, it was really fun to play, and it's a very good submission!

Hello, I am testing games of the quarantine game jam, if you want your game to be tested just comment bellow with a link of your game

You can also test mine :

Thank you :)

hahahaha thanks :)


Thank you so much!!

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Glad you enjoyed my game :)

Thanks for the review, and yeah I should have made the money easier to earn, I may fix that in a future update.

That's a strange submission, but also unique and special in it's own way. Well done.

Thanks, and I will surely check your game :)


It's really great, and I enjoyed playing the game :)

I also submitted a game for the quarantina jam:

That's a great game! The beginning is really hard while the in the end you become invincible. The artwork is also really great :)

That's a great game!!!

The controls are a bit weird, it would have been better if the white cell flowed automatically your cursor, other than that the game is really nice!

The graphics are simple, but really good to see, and the lightning, and the other little details make the game better.

Good job!

Really like the game, it's original and fun, it could be better if you included a tutorial. The graphics are nice and the different objects are well made, and it was fun to test them

This is really nice game, the graphics and sounds are awesome. However, the level 7 was really hard and the "k" rule is a little bit annoying. Removing those two point the game is amazing and it fits perfectly into the jam theme. Well done, it deserves 5 stars :)

This game was fun to play, the level design is nice but it would have been better if you added sound and more level. Well done!

Very fun game, I enjoyed playing it, sounds are cool the graphics are simple, but they are good to see, and the game fit very well in the jam theme. Well done.


Nice game, and fun too xD!

I liked the idea gg!

Okay I already used it! You can check my game if you want :)

Okay thanks!