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Fair Enough Games

A member registered Sep 08, 2015 · View creator page →


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Yeah, hard mode is relatively brutal until you get fully powered up! Thanks for checking it out!

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Thanks! :)

Not currently unfortunately. It's on my list of stuff I'd like to do if I revisit the game after the jam! You can use a controller instead though if that's a possibility!

Sorry, I didn't have time to do sound well, so I thought it better to leave out... :\

That was heavy! Well done, and I think I need to go take a shower now.

Okay so there are apparently TWO places comments go... good to know. Haha :)

Anywho, I've updated the game to include the numbers on the dartboard (thanks for the suggestion BigHealsInc), as well as dartboard movement easing and a shorter dart throw time. Woo!

Cool look to this game, and inventive way to make the one button do multiple things! Well done. :)

Clever transition between the text and the cube, really dug that. Also I suck at this game, lol.

Updated to include dartboard numbers, and easing on the dartboard movement to give it a more natural look!

Love the consistent art style. This was fun to play. Well done!

This is super cool! Well done!