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Great job! I like the upgrades, and the particle effect when killing bad guys is well done.

I think the game window setting on itch needs to be a little bigger, as I think part of the screen is getting cut off.

Cute little platformer! My only suggestions would be 1) write the controls in the description, just so everyone knows all the buttons to use and 2) make a second button jump besides just space. In Chrome and Firefox, the spacebar jumps down the page.

Great work in such a short time frame!

This was fun! Also had issues in Firefox as you mentioned, but Chrome worked fine. Poor firefox. :(

Fantastic art!

Neat little game! Hell of an accomplishment for 48 hours!

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This was fun, and even better: funny. Thanks for being clever!

The text scrolling could be faster, or there could be an option to just splat the whole text box on the screen, like if someone's hammering on a button or whatever. Still though! Fun! :)

I love this game! If you found some way to put this on mobile, you'd do pretty well I'd think.

Cool idea, I liked how you modified the players powers by picking up variables. Really cool.

I wasn't sure what I thought of this game (besides loving the aesthetic!), but then I came to the comments, and saw that the portal was meant to be something you figured out. I went back to the game, and had a great time!

Good work!

I *really* like the visual style of this game. Great work!

Tons of fun. Good work!

This is really cool!!

Yeah this game was a really good demo. Reminded me of Thomas Was Alone, but with a cool twist! Well done!

This was a really cool concept!

Really cool shader effect. I dig it! Also, the gameplay was fun, and the bosses were tough!

Seems like an interesting way to teach binary search! And yeah, can totally see this on mobile! Well done! :)

This is a really fun premise that could easily be fleshed out to a bigger game. Well done!

That was a really cool concept and fun to play! Well done!!

This game looks amazing, is a lot of fun to play, and I'm terrible at it. I don't think I've gotten higher than 8000 points. But I want to keep trying, and that means a lot! :) Great work!

Good stealth game, got all the way through before realizing I gave the wrong gift. Clever!

Nice game! Good physics.

Couldn't get past the first falling section. Seems like a fun idea though!

Really strong art style, and surprisingly fluid controls. Any gripes I have about the game probably come down to you only having this short amount of time to work on it. Good work!

Yeah... rebinding controls is on my roadmap for future versions, but at least you can use a controller in the meantime? :D

Yeah, hard mode is relatively brutal until you get fully powered up! Thanks for checking it out!

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Thanks! :)

Not currently unfortunately. It's on my list of stuff I'd like to do if I revisit the game after the jam! You can use a controller instead though if that's a possibility!

Sorry, I didn't have time to do sound well, so I thought it better to leave out... :\

That was heavy! Well done, and I think I need to go take a shower now.

Okay so there are apparently TWO places comments go... good to know. Haha :)

Anywho, I've updated the game to include the numbers on the dartboard (thanks for the suggestion BigHealsInc), as well as dartboard movement easing and a shorter dart throw time. Woo!

Cool look to this game, and inventive way to make the one button do multiple things! Well done. :)

Clever transition between the text and the cube, really dug that. Also I suck at this game, lol.

Updated to include dartboard numbers, and easing on the dartboard movement to give it a more natural look!

Love the consistent art style. This was fun to play. Well done!

This is super cool! Well done!