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Very clever, I like it. 

The Music is so great and the it's pretty fun to play. 

The font needs to be better and the game lacks score.

Well done

That was so adorable adventure. WONDERFUL

There's a problem with the game, it doesn't load properly, but i hope you enjoyed your jam anyway.

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One of the best games i have played so far in this jam, Awesome idea.

The only problem is that color transaction take a lot of time which is very hard to play.

I have never seen  such controls like this, i like it but it's hard when these blue rectangles show up. Well done and cool game.

Got my stomach in a whirl, but so original well done for that :D 

Very cool, i'd love to download this game if you would polish it in the future.

Thanks for playing the game and your feedback. <3

At first we were going to do a multiplayer game but we wanted to try something new for us and add an AI enemy to give the experience for everybody plays the game. 

Actually we missed some technical touches at the game due to the limited time.

I really liked the idea of moving the camera to shoot but controlling it with mouse was a bad decision i think. :/  Well done.

Well done, reminds me of super meat boy but this is kinda different and has it's own controlling system.

it really matches the theme good, Also it has some good idea on it.

I'd love to play your game if it has more features and skills, well done.

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I'm sorry this is not about the game jam but i have issue with unity games, i can't run any unity game even mine *btw try it*:, but it works fine with everybody.

here's what it says; 

Funny game and interesting.

Here's our game:

Damn 450 MB, that's too big .:"D 

Ultra hard, but really good idea.

Neat art and amazing atmosphere, but the ball go outside my screen and it's too harsh that you only have one ball with all this big wave. Great work.

Honestly, i didn't buy the idea but i think it's a good challenge, Also IMO the shot material disappears too fast.

Great idea and concept, i really enjoyed playing it.

Can upload a windows version ?

Interesting idea, i didn't understand it very well at first. 

I wish it had a small tutorial.

Description updated.

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I'm amazed this game was made in 2 days, well done.

That's what i call "A perfect game".

Last one standing game.

Aha, I get it.
Yes, the message "Game Over" will show up to you in both cases, Unfortunately we didn't have much time to put our last touches.

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First thanks for your feedback.
It's a last one standing game and to finish the level only one has to survive so i believe its goal matches the theme. 

Simple, fun and well designed from a to z.

Well Done.

Only one platform, last zombie standing.

514MB!!! too big man. 

Some neat physics here, GJ and great game.

Great work, but the sound makes me nervous. :3

Good idea, but needed more better optimization. 

This is pointless but kinda fun at the same time , the physics rolls :"D