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It's really cool. I like it. It's very unique and I think the only multiplayer game in this jam. One thing I have to say that the controls are finicky and it's hard to get into some places. Apart from that it's great :)

Omg that's fun. It's really good but not being able to actually cross the road infuriated me :D

I'm a little bit disappointed that there was no music and audio effects, but apart from that it's great.

Pygame isn't a good choice for a game jam. There are a lot of submitted games and if getting yours running takes more than 2 minutes the chances are not many people are going to play it.

Well it's more of a presentation than game, but it's still quite nice. It looks good, has nice audio and interprets the comic well enough.

Very nice game. I like the visuals, controls and that comic style you used in it. It's really really good. The only thing I'm sad about that it's so short and lacks ending.

I think you're overestimating players here with text only game written in python, executable in terminal.

I don't feel that xkcd vibe here and you didn't even list what you based the game on. 

The game itself is ok I guess and I appreciate the effort, because I see that you wanted to make a good puzzle out of it,  but honestly if I am supposed to write notes on paper to finish a game, it's a pass from me.

Well my bad. I was talking about moles.

oooooh! I get it now! But to be honest it was worded in a way that made it really hard to figure out what was going on. That extra level was easy though :) Nice game.

I agree completely with Naomi Norbez. I just have one question. What the hell is a wooden block that you hit to make music? Dude, I finished music school and I have no idea what are you talking about.

Sorry for being so harsh in that comment. I guess my problems could be related to macOS build because I was playing it on a macbook. And that was why I found using function keys cumbersome, because you can't hold a laptop like a guitar :p
Overall this game is not so bad. If it had better music and better aligned notes it could be fun.

Man this game is hard, but fun! The best of all of submitted in my opinion. Although I don't like controls. To me arrow up means jump for that sideways man.

Oh my god couldn't you make the man on a kite move slower? It's unplayable. You can't collect packages because they move too fast, you can't dodge those birds and upgrades are way too expensive. It's just mindless grind with bad graphics and repetitive and boring music.

You have to move the trash can on the button.

Wow that was fun. Obviously there is room for improvement but it's really fun to play.

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Pretty bad.
Using function keys as controls is never a good option. The game overall is poorly made. 

It's ugly

The notes don't align with music at all (if there was any music actually)

Hitting the notes is HARD. Like insanely hard. I've played guitar hero and many clones of that and never had such problems with those games.

I managed to finish it in 7 commands, but that last turn is wonky as hell so don't be surprised if it doesn't work out the first time.

a 5
r 4
w 6.5
l 6.3
r 5.4
a 7
l 8