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previous versions are there to enjoy :) I didnt know anyone could access them honestly. 

I have been meaning to publish a retrospective update that contains content from the previous versions.

on my end I cant get the game to 'break' when taking a bath and clicking. from what i remember, leaving the bath should just reset the game back to the start. maybe you had also pressed the escape button,  so the game is actually paused on reset. but I'll look into this issue when I get home if you want to give some more details.

thank you so much for playing & exploring. :)

you might need to use axis lock 🔐  to stay in-line when travelling long distances...

i loved watching your playthrough, even with all the confusion and frustration. thank you 

don't worry, the words aren't too important. however there are a few in-game tools and buttons so that you can sharpen the graphics (if you can find them). thank you for playing

hey thanks, try arcade mode- its the exact same game, just more fun & easier to play, and the grapple is bound to LMB :)

absolutely incredible. perfect in my eyes. thank you for this

thank you for the feedback! i fixed a few things with arcade mode but i'm planning on making another grappling puzzle-platformer soon so i'll keep this stuff in mind! 

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when designing, i was inspired by speedrunners finding weird unintentional pathways to skip the slow & tiresome areas. all i can say is try and get out! think outside the box- thats the game ;) (or just try arcade mode)

i released an alternate version called MOONWORLD: arcade mode!

get straight into the world, sprint, run faster & jump higher

oh  my mistake, fixed now :) although looking back i feel like the original v1 actually looks better :0

 it is surprisingly punishing :( but thanks! yeah you are right. the grapple rope is (partly) a physical object, and it 'breaks' when it starts touching & wrapping around an object with too many edges. it can wrap around one or two edges, but anything more complex will cause it to snap. this is because otherwise, the rope would get tangled up in the objects and cause big problems. so you want to make sure your rope doesnt get snagged on stuff as you go . hope this helps

big update! lot of changes and it comes with a free toy. a neat little unity package, a functional magazine model. make comics! make a journal! make a portfolio, or a menu. put a load of leaves or bugs in it. the possibilities are endless, the pages are infinite.

its now been 3 years since i first visited loutra. it has continued to provide me with purpose and inspiration. i have enjoyed the creative freedom of delivering updates, adding / removing content, manifesting things and having them fade away. its a novel method, quite niche. 

i like to think that this project can continue to provide you with a little something every now and then. 

read the full devlog HERE

buy the game and make your own zines!

i just added v2 which has some graphics changes. you can still download v1 so you can see which you prefer

  • WASD to nudge
  • mouse to rotate camera
  • hold down space or left click to hop


loutra uses the system time of your computer to determine what time it is when you start the game. in this way you play the 'episode' or window of time that you are currently in. the times are as follows:

before 7am- dawn

after 7am- daytime

after 7pm- dusk

after 9pm- night time, till 3am

each time has a different appearance and atmosphere, as well as different characters and things happening / not happening.

each play experience doesn't take long, but things are changing all the time, and its fun to see new stuff.

what to do:

walk around, sit down, close the game. open it later. walk around. listen to an old guy. look at a thing. close game. 

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Left Click to begin game 

E to interact 

WASD & Mouse to move and look around, spacebar to jump

Q to zoom in view

Home to restart game

Esc to bring up pause menu

<3 <3 <3 glad you enjoyed!!

loved this! i was just at the library a few weeks ago and visited the room full of ancient texts, drawings, etc. i never knew that just up the stairs was a giant cube of bookshelf at the heart of the library that looks like it came straight out of science fiction. there's something about a HUGE institution committed to knowledge that seems so commanding, so domineering, like a big sepulchre of written words. i get a little intimidated, so i dont spend long there.

you rendered the library in a very cozy, beautiful way. still, i paced myself exploring, because I want to come back and see everything.

... maybe one day i'll pluck up the courage to visit the basement.

can't wait to come back <3

moonworld is a free platformer. deliver the letter through some boring tubes, or do your own thing maybe?

go anywhere you like. use the grappling hook to swing around. meet some characters. if you're really good, you can get all the way to the top and talk to the stars!

this game was made in collaboration with tour de moon for UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, and is one of a series of four games made by early-career artist game developers. its fun and chill! hope you like it



i like the part when the voice said auughhh auauhh

its an art gallery!


i dont know bro

haha it wasnt the intention but you are right, that it looks off/creepy! i think because these plants are hanging, and they are at the top half of the composition, they should be used to imply some wind direction right? ill give it a try changing those plants into something else, maybe having the trees move in other ways, +falling leaves or something. 

 thanks for the feedback- nice to hear you like the water. its actually just an animated png on the surface and particle systems for the rain/splashes


<33 thank u

these graphics are great!!

i really enjoyed making teenage fantasy, and this one too. I come to this headspace when i'm trying to avoid my other projects. I take photos and videos all the time, so this Spiritech software is a way for me to publish them in a stylised context. functionally, it's a mixed-media webcomic, like a digital journal entry or collage. 

in contrast to teen fantasy this project lets the user move the camera, which provides a form of agency and a different kind of engagement. however, i dont know if this is beneficial to the overall experience, i'd like to know your thoughts. my instincts tell me its not as enjoyable, but im not using it to its full potential. maybe its this unfamiliarity that inhibits the experience.

i didn't use spotify codes in this project. i think it's an exciting way to curate music while still facilitating recognition of the artists, and the experience of the user is quite unique. however, curating and recognising artists solely through the spotify application has significant limitations. although it can be used creatively, the objective function of the codes is to funnel attention through spotify,  which is weird considering I dont work for them. 

since ive been inside so much, relying on my social media systems, it freaked me out that all our digital information is accessed through ordered lists and grids. so this visualiser is an example of how an unordered experience might feel. to me, there is an  opportunity to depict alternate kinds of atmosphere / experiences for the viewer in a nonstandard environment. 

 I would hope that this kind of thing would  help us feel 'plugged in' or connected to a hidden world.  i find it hard to connect to an ordered list, it really doesnt leave much room for reflection or contemplation, i can only speculate that nonlinear experiences are not common because they are more of a liability- they don't guarantee clicks, they might not resonate with people. 

when im making these, i want a non-intrusive atmosphere. i dont want to tell you what to do, or what to care about. i just want to share things. my ego tells me to tackle the big topics, my heart tells me to stay candid.

these projects are headspaces, and ive got a few ideas on what to talk about next:

fentanyl/synthetic drugs, curating playlists in 2021,  non-fungible tokens (trading art for bitcoins), cyberpunk 2077 "braindance" criticism, prospective atmospheres in virtual art.

if you like the sound of any of these, id love to discuss them. im free to talk at eyes8#6864 on Discord.

a lack of music is a missed opportunity, and i will work on adding some for this project. if you have any ideas, comment!

these graphics look great! i cant wait to play it

so small yet so strong. its wonderful to be human

thanks so much! i love your work by the way :)

i dream of this art style. i need more

Perfect in every possible way.

you are hired

Yeah &  u got to see all the secret info the windows players don't see ;) thank you so much for the feedback !