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loved this! i was just at the library a few weeks ago and visited the room full of ancient texts, drawings, etc. i never knew that just up the stairs was a giant cube of bookshelf at the heart of the library that looks like it came straight out of science fiction. there's something about a HUGE institution committed to knowledge that seems so commanding, so domineering, like a big sepulchre of written words. i get a little intimidated, so i dont spend long there.

you rendered the library in a very cozy, beautiful way. still, i paced myself exploring, because I want to come back and see everything.

... maybe one day i'll pluck up the courage to visit the basement.

can't wait to come back <3


I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) And I'm very happy to hear I somewhat managed to make the library less intimidating. I absolutely understand the feeling (sometimes I have it too!) but if this game made you feel like giving the library another chance and exploring it some more, hooray! <3

See you around the corridors :)