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Great game, adorable art. This fits in the theme in a way I would have never imagined.
For the negatives, I found that being "aligned" with some objects can be quite tricky. Not a lot though. It may also be just my own experience with it, but it feels like sometimes a grid based movement would have been better, for pulling rocks etc.. I also managed to get stuck into walls because the rock pulled, pushed me into it.
The visuals and the audio feels very well combined together, it makes such a unique atmosphere.
Puzzles designs are quite simple, though I enjoyed them a lot!
Overall a quite impressive amount of work, good job!

What a nice idea! This makes me want to see a version with more content, and maybe, adjusted/improved physics. It felt a little bit odd to play in some places, especially when using the "crouch dash jump", for me, otherwise it's great.
The level design is fantastic, it feels like each room has been playtested a lot too. Also it's a quite "open" design, so that each can make their own route to complete the game (and I did!), it's just so cool to realize that doing the game in any ways you pick up the stones, is possible and not causing softlocks.
I also found that the velocity gained from a wall jump is pretty OP, I managed to skip a good chunk of the game with it lol. I think with improvements, this can genuinely be a good speedrun game as well.
Good job for the submission!

Very polished game to me. It fits super well in the theme, also I like the idea of showing panels with holding a touch. It reminds me of games like fnaf or even 60 parsecs (for the "emergency management" kinda).. great atmosphere!
Although I'd say it's a bit hard to get how to play the proper way at first, texts are a bit overwhelming. But once you're comfy with it it's fun.
As for the art, I think it's original and cool. I love the buttons and font style

Art is so cute and unique! The game has some good vibes
If I can suggest a little change, maybe the transition screen when you reset or get caught in a level is a bit long I think. Otherwise, awesome game

Pretty good concept and the character animation/art is cool. Unfortunately level 5 is not finishable so I can't see what's next.

As a fan of Stanley Parable/Beginner's Guide myself, I can only express my joy playing this. Neat concept, and I enjoyed the meta jokes about the theme.
Congrats for also making voice lines, it's quite a lot of work!

Great visuals! The intro and animations are very attractive. Although I think it feels a bit weird to rotate. Still a neat experience, the music is catchy.

I can see this concept being developped into something crazy.

Great game! I think the only thing that bothered me was the "Strike" panel, it's a bit too much intrusive on the screen. Otherwise, nice graphics, nice atmosphere, and also I love the camera angle swap, it's a nice touch.

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Oh well the dialogue shown up is picked in a random pool of a few "possible" ones for each command (automated or manual). You might just have not be lucky

Edit: Sorry I misunderstood. Did you mean the dialogues aren't showing up at all? That's weird. I guess it's due to WebGL behavior... I'm sorry for that. The dialogues are definitely supposed to be here.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I understand completely your point, the "yelling at the screen to a 4 years-old" isn't that far away of the desired feeling, but I wasn't able to develop this idea as much as I wanted to.

And yeah it was pretty fun to develop, especially the spin command, it was an early bug that was kept later as a feature.

Thanks! I planned to make the player behave in a "smart" way, and also the 4 options were meant to be picked in a more logical way, depending on the Player situation. Mostly lack of time and experience unfortunately. Thanks for the feedback

Incredible, we had so much fun playing this with friends. I think this is in my personal favourites of the Jam.

Great idea, I like that you actually put a tutorial. It's really appreciated! Seems complicated at first but It took me about 4 minutes to understand.

Ahah yeah I can see why it feels more like "Out of control", though I had to cut out a lot of things and I'm still quite a beginner so maybe with more time it would feel more in the theme. Thanks for playing!

Very polished, the amount of levels designed is impressive!

Lmao nice

Very cool !

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Nice game! I like how the monsters move around in the dark area, very clever design. Cavern of Flight has a strange and monotone (in a good way) atmosphere.

I inspected the code.lua and find out that doing Game is Win isn't the same as Game is Defeat. I believe Game is Win triggers the 'hidden ending' in some ways because it calls a function called MF_wingame(), Defeat and Sink calls MF_endgame().
So the game actually closes either way, difference is that after Game is Win when you launch the game there is a "Thanks you for playing" at the top right corner, I think.

Clever idea, it works really well !

I've been playing this for some hours and this gave me huge feeling of nostalgia. I mean, since 31 of December where adobe flash is no longer supported, this just remind me how good those games were when I was younger.

I also love how they managed to make a crossover with Pico for example (I liked pico's games back in the days) and somehow it fits pretty well. So, in week 5 we can see some characters in the background and oh god, I recognized a lot of them, the nostalgia hits hard lol