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Nice game! I like how the monsters move around in the dark area, very clever design. Cavern of Flight has a strange and monotone (in a good way) atmosphere.

I inspected the code.lua and find out that doing Game is Win isn't the same as Game is Defeat. I believe Game is Win triggers the 'hidden ending' in some ways because it calls a function called MF_wingame(), Defeat and Sink calls MF_endgame().
So the game actually closes either way, difference is that after Game is Win when you launch the game there is a "Thanks you for playing" at the top right corner, I think.

Clever idea, it works really well !

I've been playing this for some hours and this gave me huge feeling of nostalgia. I mean, since 31 of December where adobe flash is no longer supported, this just remind me how good those games were when I was younger.

I also love how they managed to make a crossover with Pico for example (I liked pico's games back in the days) and somehow it fits pretty well. So, in week 5 we can see some characters in the background and oh god, I recognized a lot of them, the nostalgia hits hard lol