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Thanks a lot for your feedback! You're right, it's exactly what I was going for, but some additional goals would've been nice either way. I had something in mind for this already (a second gameplay layer in which you can build stuff on revealed tiles), but there was way too little time to implement anything meaningful in that regard. So yeah, playground it is :)

Thanks, great to hear you enjoyed it!

Didn't care much for the gameplay parts and mostly just ran through (the hit effect was nice though).

What makes this game and makes it special are the atmosphere and the dialogue, both of which are great and I enjoyed those a lot!

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Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Great to hear that you enjoyed the game, making a Minesweeper with the edge taken off and encouraging unpunishing play was exactly my goal with this one.

As a jam game, naturally there's little in terms of performance optimization :) I actually didn't expect people to play all the way until the full map is cleared (didn't even get there myself during the jam because it takes so long), but super happy to hear that it was engaging enough for you to do so. I had actually planned to add some more "late game" mechanics to make the gameplay more diverse, like growing specials plants on cleared cells and attracting animals, to double down on the chill vibes. But y'know, time and such :)

I just played it and wow, this is incredible! The many things you added make the game much more interesting and into something more complete. I'm especially impressed that you managed to get a translation in there, super awesome!

I really love seeing people take the foundation of my tutorials to new heights and playing your game made me very happy :)

Thanks a lot for checking the game out and for your feedback, much appreciated!

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Super happy to announce that I just updated Recollection with 5 new languages, upping the version number to 1.1!

The new ones are:

  • Japanese
  • Turkish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Ukrainian
  • Italian

Huge thanks to all my community translators for their help and support, this wouldn't be possible without them! <3 

Cheers, Erkberg

A calm and atmospheric "walking'n'watching simulator" about nature 🌳

Use your gaze and attention in diverse playful experiences and rediscover a beautiful, forgotten world 🌺

My first full release as a solo developer, super excited to hear how you'll like the game 😊

Thank you so much, great to hear you're enjoying it more now!

I mainly did one bigger update on the game quite a while ago. If you're interested, you can check out what changed here:

Great to hear that you got it working!

May I ask where you found this solution? Still trying to figure out if this is a general issue with Unity Mac builds or if it's something more specific...

Thank you so much! <3

It's really unfortunate to hear that it doesn't run well for you though. What are your specs? I had a friend test the game on an older computer and they said it was still at 30 fps, so I hoped to be fine in that regard. But yeah, the game was created in just one day and is not optimized at all in terms of performance (and it's using some more demanding graphics than my other games).

Not sure yet if I'll get around to optimizing this one or add some option to adjust the graphics quality, but I'll let you know if I do!

Yeah, I think it's supposed to open the whole executable and not go into it and search for something to start there.

Well, not sure what else to try now, sorry about that. I'll let you know if I find something out and kindly ask you to please keep me updated if you come across a solution.

Oh, okay, didn't know that :)

I just think it sounds a bit strange that the operating system wants to open an app using the browser (but this could very well be perfectly normal, I'm not a Mac user). Is there something equivalent to the Windows "Right click -> Open with..." action on Mac? Maybe at some point something got mixed up and apps like this are supposed to be opened using a different program? Just shooting in the dark here, the most likely explanation is still a problem with the game engine Unity.

Hmm, this error message actually sounds a bit like there could be something wrong on your end (absolutely not sure though!). The game files come as a .zip archive, maybe for some reason you can't open them directly on your end (I always thought this would work on Mac...). Have you tried extracting the downloaded .zip (by double-clicking it in Finder, I think) and then run the extracted file?

Thank you so much, really great to hear that you like it! :)

My entry for the Ludum Dare 52 game jam (Theme: "Harvest"), created within just one day:

Help these lost souls travel on by focusing on them. Be aware of the devourers though! They are not just out for the souls, but also for you... Are you willing to do what must be done to get them off your tail?

I'm quite happy with how the game turned out, especially in terms of atmosphere, audio and visuals. Let me know what you think, here or in the comments of the game. Thanks for checking it out!

Sorry to hear that! I don't have a Mac myself, so unfortunately I can't test that version, I just depend on the game engine (Unity) to create a proper build...

I uploaded a version specific for Apple Silicon, can you try that one out and tell me if it works for you?

PS: I saw in your profile that you commented on some more games with this issue, so this is probably a problem with the Unity Mac builds. Have you ever solved this for any of the games where it occured? If so (now or in the future), I'd greatly appreciate it if you let me know, so I can apply the fix here too. (right now, I'm not sure if there's anything else I could try to solve this...)

Happy to hear that you enjoyed it, and thanks for leaving a nice comment! :)

Thanks, will do! :)

Hey, thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful comment! (and sorry for the late reply...)

I really hope to get around to continue working on this game someday, especially to deliver the message of the game in a more elegant way. I can also understand the interpretation of the graveyard theme, that's actually something one of my playtesters also felt strongly, and the visuals clearly point in that direction. I actually like this as a metaphor, but should probably try to avoid evoking such mixed feelings between the perceived gameplay and ending, like you described. Will have to think about that :)

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Recollection is a calm and atmospheric walking'n'watching simulator about the beauty of nature. Remember the wonders surrounding us each day in magical experiences. Connect the stars, watch the grass grow and fly with the birds. Bring them back into your world, but be aware: They could be fragile.

Coming to and Steam in early 2023, free demo available now!

Link to the game:

Thank you so much for playing and especially for sharing it on Reddit, really appreciate it! <3

Thanks for playing the game all the way through! And sorry to hear that you didn't like the ending. Personally, I'm a fan of only really realizing the damage done when it's already too late in some games, but I can understand your point. It would be much better if there was some alternate way to play the game, and that is actually still on my todo list for future updates.

Thanks for checking out the game! And sorry to hear about the problem. I'll investigate this bug and make fixing it a top priority for the next update.

Thank you so much for playing all the way through to the end! <3

Hey Michel, thanks a lot for your feedback! Super happy to hear that you enjoyed the game! <3

Post-jam version 1.1 is coming out early next week and includes (among other improvements and two new upgrades) some performance optimization (would love to hear if that improves things for you!), a tiny help at the start and some balancing changes making especially the helpers a bit more powerful (but still very much chill to watch ^^)

Well, within 10-15 minutes you have probably already played most of what the game has to offer at the moment (except for the ending screen), so no need to worry about the rest of the game (for now). I still believe that a performance optimization could help, even for your old CPU, as the game is pretty much completely unoptimized now and there's a lot of potential there. And I have yet to decide on whether to add a save system or not. Ungrow is not one of those endless idle games. It might become longer with updates and then a save system would make more sense, but that is all still some time in the future :)

The game is pretty similar to Peter Talisman and partially inspired by that one, you're totally right about that. But I don't think that's a bad thing, I really liked that game :) And I think they're different enough already and I'll try to make this one even more special with the planned updates.

Thank you so much and big hugs to you too! <3

Thank you so much for your nice words! <3

I actually love the music too, but usually I compose it myself, just didn't have enough time this jam as I wanted to concentrate on the gameplay. I hope to get around to write a special song for this one someday :)

Thank you so, so much! <3

I'm currently working on a small update for the game that includes two more upgrades to speed things up a bit in the later game (including your mentioned area :)) and also tip the balance a bit more towards faster progress, will probably release this one next week!

Awesome game, I had a lot of fun playing it! Your dad was on stream yesterday and recommended to play it and I sure am happy he did! Here's the VOD if you want to check that out: (yours starts at 1:23:28)

Great and beautiful game, would love to see this developed further with more levels and mechanics, really enjoyed it! And it was awesome having you on stream! Here's the VOD if you want to check that out again: (yours starts at 1:10:18)

Great game, very interesting mechanics and flow, really enjoyed it! And it was awesome having you on stream! Here's the VOD if you want to check that out again: (yours starts at 47:39)

Good game covering an important topic, looks great and plays well with a lot of potential for further development, really enjoyed it! And it was awesome having you on stream! Here's the VOD if you want to check that out again: (yours starts at 36:40)

Good and beautiful game with a lot of potential, really enjoyed it! And it was awesome having you on stream! Here's the VOD if you want to check that out again: (yours starts at 21:34)

Great, awesome looking game, very interesting core mechanic that could be more realized, really enjoyed it! And it was awesome having you on stream! Here's the VOD if you want to check that out again: (yours starts at 11:49)

Good game, and a solid foundation to build something more interesting upon, really enjoyed it! And it was awesome having you on stream! Here's the VOD if you want to check that out again: (yours starts at 2:34)

Thank you so much! Super happy to hear that you enjoyed the game that much.

I really was trying to create something new and interesting in this jam, but actually didn't get all that far according to my plans. This interplay between getting some of the skulls and having to wait for more upgrades to make it easier is something I really like too, and want to double down on in possible updates to the game :)

Thanks for trying the game and leaving feedback!

Sorry to hear that it doesn't run well for you. May I ask what CPU you are using and for how long you can play?

I'm planning to update the game every now and then to add new features and fix problems. But since this is currently just a hobby project, things might take a while. Not sure yet if a save system is the best solution for the game (as implementing this will take quite some time and the game is only 30 mins long), but I will definitely look into optimizing the game concerning performance, which might lead to it being playable by a wider range of people (and CPUs ^^).

Awesome game, super chill and beautiful, really enjoyed it! And it was awesome having you on stream! Here's the VOD if you want to check that out again: (yours starts at 1:11:05)