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Bruh,  it is so weird that our games are the same, just different genre XDDDD. Cool game bro, its fun and the puzzles are good 

I saw your game on the server, I was hoping to play it and it was worth it, I liked it alot, excellent use of the theme

Really cool game, the art and the music is amazing, I really liked the movement system, really fits the theme of the jam 

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Really cool game bro, I love it

Amazing game, I loved the artstyle and the mechanic 

I really liked the game :D

Man... I don't know how much time I spend just clicking on the dice, really good game. I hope you like this meme  :)

This is a solid game, very well designed, easy to understand, I loved it :D

The game is fun and has very good graphics and sounds, the only feedback I would give is that the enemies move a lot compared to the player

funny game, I like it :)

This game is one of my favorites so far, the story, the music, the graphics, I really liked the game

At first I wasn't sure what to do but the graphics and music are beautiful and kept me in the game until I understood XD

it crashed :/ but I had fun, it's an interesting idea with really good graphics

Good idea, the game feels polished, I loved the arrows XD

Cool idea bro ;D

Gracias bro :)

I really liked the idea and your interpretation of the theme, good game, I like it :D

BRO, the graphics are beautiful, the idea is very funny and I really enjoyed playing

A relaxing game, I feel like it's more fun if you try to go fast, it would be great if there was an incentive for completing the maze. Good game :D

Really cute game, I enjoy it :)

Really good graphics, and the sound design is really good :D 

Really cool game bro, I liked the sound and the idea is reallt good 

I'm glad, in fact I have some clips from when I playetested the game that made me laugh, I am happy you find the game funny :)

Thank you very much for your comment, I am very glad that you enjoyed the game :D

Thank you very much for your feedback :D

This game is great, I loved the mechanics, it's easy to understand, the level design is good, I loved it

Really cool game, the animations are very nice, the presentation is clean, it is an interesting concept

I loved the animations, the idea is good, sometimes the audio bugs,  but it did not affect the experience

Excellent presentation, it's very scary, I lasted two rounds

Interesting way to use the theme, I loved the artstyle and the music was great

Really cool Idea, the art style is amazing 

Cool game, the music is really good :D

Cool art style :D

It was a cool game, but the color palette is too dark and is hard for me to see, Its a good concept but there is a way to cheat, you can jump on blocks that are been controlled by the mouse, it's not annoying but it defeats the challenge of the game. Something I really liked is that you put a level creator, really nice addition 

Cool game :D  my only complaint is that you cant give the sword to the dog, dog with sword  >:)

That was the plan, to have a bug collection, but due time we only have one bug :(     (but the game code does not have a lot of bugs haha )

Great game :D

It is such a cool game,  it reminds me of Dwarf Fortress hehe, great game, I really enjoy it  :D

The art Is amazing, but I feel the game needs to give a little bit more feedback to the player 

I loved the art of the game :D, and the idea is very good, it is well executed , it just needs a tutorial :)