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I like the art-style and music that you all shot for with this! I do feel a short tutorial, or at least a screen detailing your goals/objectives could be helpful when starting out to orient the player. I also felt the timer could be very unforgiving depending on the playthrough. I liked the creativity with the implementation of the dice though, and overall had fun with this!

This was great! Has very simple but rewarding gameplay, and a lot of good polish to boot. My highscore was 848!

Very chill, I had a good time with this one. I do feel the difficulty spikes a bit at the end, I would have enjoyed another level or two to help ease into that harder difficulty a little better, but otherwise I have no complaints! Could definitely see this being fleshed out into a full fledged game.

Fun concept and challenging puzzles! I do feel UI was a bit confusing to get used to, but it never really impeded me from enjoying the game. Good stuff!

Really cute and really like the concept! 25/25 words but only 76% correct, it's a tough puzzle but fun to figure out!

Loved this! Short and sweet - the art style is super cozy and fits the vibe perfectly!

Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it!

This is great, I love the concept! I feel the judging takes a little bit long to complete, it'd be nice to have the option to speed through the judging of the work at the end. But I love how you add new challenges as the game goes on, such as the dog being an obstacle! Awesome stuff all around!

This is an awesome concept, there's so many layers of strategy that come with this mechanic! I think adding some invincibility frames for the Player would be good, I got wiped pretty quickly when surrounded by enemies. But otherwise this is super great, nice job!

Thank you! Yeah, that's just another unfortunate bug we didn't get to fix before the deadline. Thanks for the feedback!

This is cool, I like the sprite work for this! I had a hard time knocking out cops, I felt it was hard to gain enough speed with everything in the environment being so close together. Overall though this was really solid, nice work!

Thank you, and yeah that is definitely a common theme throughout the Jam I'm noticing, ha ha

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

I feel that, lol

This was super fun! It felt a little weird sometimes having the terrain fall off the side of the screen, but regardless all of the puzzles were challenging and engaging I felt. This is a super cool concept that I feel you could flesh out way more if you wanted to!

This is gorgeous, I love the atmosphere of this game! Great stuff!

This is a really interesting concept, sort of like Tetris meets PvZ! I think this could have potential to really be fleshed out into something larger, nice job!

Oh, I see that now! Yeah, it kind of went over my head for me the first time, but live and learn.

This is super well made, nice job! I love having the story progress by you reaching further and further into the box. The image editing was very impressively made too I thought , (had a lot of fun drawing mustaches on everyone ha ha). Great stuff!

This was great, I really liked the artstyle for this! I was a little unclear if there were different effects for the differently tiled spaces, was there different behavior on them that I missed? Loved the death sounds, and the all around feel of the game! Good stuff!

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I call him "Edward Tuna-Hands"! Nice job, this was super nice to play! The art was super charming I thought, and I love that you can take a screenshot and it will automatically download it too

Yeah, we missed that white out glitch before exporting unfortunately. Thank you for the kind words though, we're glad you enjoyed it!

This is nice, I like having a game with a little more of a chill pace after playing all these hard platformers lol. I was a little confused I couldn't breed together the two dog-like bosses, I wasn't sure if that was the highest threshold or not. The artwork is very cute though, I liked the presentation of this game a lot!

This is great, I love having the music change based on the dwarves in your party! I felt a couple of mechanics weren't communicated super well, such as having a lower jump height on springs if you have more dwarves, but otherwise the game was charming and fun to play I thought! Nice work!

Thank you! Jan was a great musician to work with, you can find more of his work here if you're interested!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!

This is cool, I really like that you made each body part serve a purpose! One thing I might suggest is highlighting the segments of the robot you're moused over, so it's a little easier to tell which part you're removing. The artwork and everything was great though, awesome stuff!

This is phenomenal, the art and gameplay are super well done! The upgrades add a lot of depth to the gameplay too I thought. Are you planning to make this a full release later?

I love the premise and the artwork for this! I like the puzzles for the game, but the collisions for some of the items were too large I felt and made it harder to gauge what could actually fit. Maybe something like showing a small grid inside the suitcases might help with picturing how things would fit? This was great though, nice work!

This was super good, none of the puzzles felt unfair or too confusing, but they weren't too easy either! Awesome job!

Neat idea, I like that the dashing depletes you hunger meter faster! It is very tough though, I had a hard time dashing into other bees without also losing health, that might be something I'd tweak. Nice job though overall!

I thought this was really interesting! I got stuck on level 4, I think maybe limiting the player's number options at first and gradually expanding would be good to help the player get more familiar with each concept first. This is really unique though, nice job!

Thank you! Yeah, if we had more time I think we probably could have come up with a more elegant solution for showing each robot's controls

Thank you, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

This is awesome, It's so satisfying to play, and everything is so well polished! I like the addition of farmers shooting you to add some risk/reward to the game as well. Great stuff!

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Thank you, and yeah those would be great additions! We had a lot of other ideas for this, but only had so much we could add in the timeframe for the Jam unfortunately

Love how this controls, the physics feels very satisfying and are also fairly forgiving I felt! Catching the orb in the air and tossing it again is tough, but it feels so great when you get it!

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This is phenomenal! I love the artstyle and the concept so much, and the game plays very well I thought!

Really love the artwork for this! Great stuff

This is an awesome idea, I can't believe I've never seen this before! I like the choice of having both sides affect each other, so you're constantly pressured to do well in both games