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Entropy Maximizer

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Thanks for playing! It is possible to see energy, as well some other info. Admittedly the commands are kinda inconsistent in general, and missing some pretty standard things, but it was my first time ever using input fields and parsing text, and I could've spent more time on fleshing it out. There are a handful of easter eggs, though! Gets interesting when you piss off the computer...

Yeah I love the flexibility of being able to switch between the two. I think if the cursor position is set to the current vehicle position as soon as there is mouse input, it would be seamless. 

Fun game! Difficulty felt right on, looks cool, and the upgrades seem pretty balanced. As others pointed out, I also had control issues where it seemed to snap back towards the mouse position when using keyboard, but otherwise great job!

Definitely unique! Mouse sensitivity was a bit high, I had to jump to get up stairs, and movement was a bit sluggish, but the level design was sweet. I concur with ProPuke's comment. 

Made it to level 18! 
Very well done. The color change could perhaps be a little less subtle, but I think most people can detect it. Sensitivity, visuals, music, and difficulty are excellent.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I didn't want to drop all the commands right off the bat (gotta "hack the planet"), but once you figure out how to get hints, you can glean enough info to poke around, and then start having fun with the physics. Also, the real challenge is to do it all while keeping the population from being wiped out... Glad you enjoyed it!

This game is fun and a proper challenge by the last level! The difficulty and level-ups seem well balanced, and the game looks finished (although more levels would be cool if there was time!). A couple improvements would be to add a volume/mute controls, and the last upgrade selection is unnecessary since you've already beaten the last level. Great job!

I like the literal take on "hack the planet," and the Star Trek reference..

Thanks! And yep, you're not alone! 

Nice idea, the gameplay was pretty easy but I liked the mechanic. It would have cool to fight both bosses together and need to carefully alternate between light and dark, with negative consequences for mistakes (light player firing at the giant rooster heals it and vice versa). Good job!

Nice, this one is fun and pretty full. It took me a minute to realize I had to scroll to change tools, and the bow seems kinda useless if I can't use the torch at the same time; I ended up just running around dodging the enemies instead of shooting at them. Feels pretty balanced though, good job!

I like the premise and pacing, although the fires/lights didn't seem to do anything but attract the enemies, which didn't hurt me much..? I never got to the ending because the game randomly froze each playthrough attempt, where I could look around but nothing moved and time stopped. It seemed like I could win by just running around and waiting it out. Maybe the issues were on my end, since no one else mentioned them, but otherwise cool game!

Fun idea, although once you get cornered by a bat, you're pretty much toast!

Nice little maze/adventure! Took me a while to figure out where to go, and I wasn't sure what the rain was for, as I only saw it in one spot and it was easy to bypass. Also the text-to-speech was a bit jarring. Despite feeling a little empty, the atmosphere was effective, the game had a sense of progression, and the ending was satisfying. Nice work, keep it up!

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It could use some balancing; enemies spawned faster than they could be killed, which caused me to just camp by the light and spam the swarm of enemies crowding around me. A suggestion might be to motivate the player to keep moving (maybe change the light location from time to time). I like the random level generation, keeps each round fresh and interesting. Using LMB instead of spacebar for firing would feel more natural (RIP my left thumb). The art, sounds, and music added to the fun feel. The underwater melee attack was also a cool surprise. It's a good game, just needs a couple minor tweaks. Nice job, I enjoyed it!


Cool to see a rhythm game. I didn't realize at first that Burst enabled the multiplier, and had a double take with the controls, but the game has good flow once I figured it out. One suggestion might be to make the Burst bar fill and deplete faster to encourage players to play more precisely (Burst fills faster if you hit wood blocks perfectly on beat, and metal blocks deplete a lot), allowing players to get more Burst time if they're playing well. This game is fun, good job!

Ah sorry, it was more of a nitpick! Creating good experiential learning experience is certainly an art, and not something I'd expect to have nailed in a 48hr jam. My point was more that the popups detract from the cool atmosphere (although the popup ending text in my game is pretty rough haha). 

And that's up to you!  So fundamentally, a simple player action (jumping) is changing the player's relevant environment in a predictable manner (assuming situational awareness). Building on that with more complex environments that require the player to carefully consider when and where to jump could result in a solid puzzle game. If that's something you think you'd enjoy making, what you've built is a good foundation for it!

This one is sick! The art, music, and premise make for a fun and competitive party. Cramming 4 people on one keyboard is a bit tough, but setting it up for controllers would be perfect. Good job!

Ah I had the same problem! It's a bummer because otherwise the game looks and feels really good, I just can't get past the first few levels due to the constant leftward input. It's happened on a couple other games too, so it might be something on my end. 

This use of a vampire is a perfect fit for the theme, and the music and audio certainly add to the hilarity of the whole predicament. I noticed that the shadows aren't very visible when display settings are less than High (I had to experiment when full-screen resulted in phantom inputs). 

Great job!

Ah interesting! I'm curious to know how you have it set up. Making online multiplayer with force-based interactions is actually something I want to learn, and creating good netcode isn't exactly straightforward (at least to me). Looking forward to the updates!

Fun! The weapons are cool but I never found that I needed them, perhaps future levels could force the player to utilize specific weapons to proceed. The jump and glide mechanics were much more instrumental in finishing, as various sections of the levels were obviously designed for each one specifically. Good stuff!

This one is quite a gem. Great artwork and fluid player movement, just needs some music/sound. 

Excellent work!

Mega Man!

Really cool concept and use of the theme. Could use some refinement, 3D camera is too sensitive, and the controls froze at one point and I had to escape to the menu then jump back in. Otherwise, this is a sweet mechanic and I'd love to see longer and more complex levels!

That ending. 

I enjoyed this one, the roll maneuver was hard to use, but I think it would feel great with a controller instead of keyboard & mouse. A few spots were pretty tough; thank you for those checkpoints. 

Good job!

Really neat visuals and effects! The popup/UI doesn't really match though, and I'm not sure it's really necessary. It would be great to see the concept expanded upon with larger maps and more variability. Cool stuff!


This is hilarious. Looks like it was as fun to make as it was to play/watch. Application of the theme could perhaps have been... different. 

It'd be cool to have a replay at the end to show the actual video you "recorded."

Took me a moment to figure it out, but it's basically a Twitch Plays multiplayer game. This would certainly be a cool app for streamers!

Cool idea, excellent take on the theme. The music and sound set a fitting mood for the game. As already mentioned, the transition could be faster. Nice job!

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Took me a while to figure out what was going on. The description wasn't clear that shift/LMB switches the direction of gravity, so I couldn't form any intuition of the block's behavior for the first 20 attempts or so. After that, there are a few spots where you seemingly can't avoid falling off the screen, thus requiring careful planning planning of the route, which (to me) somewhat defeats the purpose of making this a speed running game. There is no forgiveness for getting your route wrong, and no visual cues to let you know you should be approaching high or low. Maybe I'm just missing something.

The mechanic is really cool once you figure it out! I just wish it was more intuitive.

EDIT: So I realized there is a constant unintended Left-move input, making it harder than it should be. At the time I thought that was part of the gameplay, but I've since seen it in a few other games. It might be a Win10 thing, but it's a bummer because I want to finish the level!

Cool idea, took a minute to figure out where to go and how to read the map. Nice take on the theme, good job!

Yeah yeah, I know, wash your hands for 20 seconds, don't touch your face... I get it, dude

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Fun and challenging, got 2:48! There should be some motivation to keep the player moving, as I found it best to just camp in a corner. The artwork is great, though there could perhaps be some better cues (visual or audio) for damage dealt and weapon status. I actually like the slow reload speed of the gun, but I struggled to cancel out of reloading, and got caught unable to fire a few times. This could just be due to a delay to fire after ANY reloading, but this isn't made clear. Sick game!


I like where it's going, would be cool to see where you take it!