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I remember playing this back in the day, possibly on the Intellivision? It's a super early childhood memory that just came back to me.

Spoilers galore! Just what I needed, actually.

The web version had a few glitches initially when it came to inputs, with keystrokes going to the page instead of the game (space would scroll down, etc), but when I got it to work, the game was pretty impressive for something made entirely from scratch. Who needs Unity, eh?

I know that most of these reports are false positives, just wanted to let you know. AV software seems to me to do more harm than good, but you just can't get people to stop using them (and Microsoft seems to re-enable theirs with every Windows update).

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Windows is up to its usual shenanigans, first complaining that the publisher is unknown, then deleting the EXE from under me becasue "the file contained a virus"

Or is the download actually a trojan?

Very good, well done! Finished all 8 levels, got 59 diamonds. You probably know where I missed the rest, that level wasn't deadly, but hard! Good level design, would love to see more.

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Simple and cute, the demo kept me hooked until I beat it!

Hah. I found it, missed the other cavern that you get to by jumping over the two pylons earlier. Now I see the lever you were talking about, and I found the spider, or it found me.

Then I guess I'm stuck. I have no idea what I missed, there's just not much to do here.

There is no icon, and pressing the up arrow only changes the angle of the flashlight, not the position of the lever. We're talking about the one that's on the floor just up the ladder after the screen with the dark tunnel, yes?

I'm also missing something, what is the input button to operate the switch?

That looks lovely, too. Thanks for the tip!

A Short Hike community · Created a new topic Sequel?
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My nephew and niece are visiting this week, and they played A Short Hike for the first time. They absolutely loved it! Though they needed help with translation, German not being an official language, and a lot of the English colloquialisms far beyond their early learner's ability.

Which reminded me that I wanted to ask whether you'd ever consider making a sequel in the same engine? It's gorgeous, and another wholesome little game like Short Hike would be an insta-buy from me.


From the Developer console:

Script terminated by timeout at: @[52... @[52... @[52... @[52... @[70... @[93... @[95... unityFramework/Module.dynCall_v@ invoke_v@ @[93... @[11... @[11... @[11... unityFramework/Module._main@ callMain@ doRun@ run@ runCaller@ removeRunDependency@ createUnityInstance/u/<!--<@

I really like the untextured low-poly art style of your games!

I found the keyboard controls to be too cramped, and the controller support needs explanation: I haven't been able to find the Interact button, instead B seems to be a dash that's not part of the keyboard controls?

The HTML5 version seems to hang forever with the progress bar at ~ 90%, is that a Firefox problem?

Wow! This has so many features,  and it takes me back to being a kid who loved Captain Comic. Great music, too!

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The screenshots give me Super Monkey Ball vibes! That was the game that sold me on getting a Gamecube :-)

Sorry to report that the Linux build crashed my computer. I get a window with the Godot logo, and then the entire Gnome Desktop freezes, with no way to end the game or recover other than a reboot. Might be a GPU issue, since this machine only has Intel HD Graphics?

Hi! Is there anything that can be done to make the fonts more readable? They look extremely small and washed-out, and it's hard to follow the story when I can't read it. Same goes for the menus and settings dialogs.

I think your downloads got mixed up. The windows zip contains only sfx, and the other contains the game for windows?

Does your font not have an å, or are those spelling mistakes in the Nrowegian translation I see? Also, are you looking for help with additional translations?

I was excited to try this tool - what can I do to get past this (besides force quitting)?

Still haven't managed to find an animal, or maybe I didn't see it because everything was getting extremely small by the time I had almost a dozen mountains?


You're right, that's exactly the error I see in the log. 

WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/BilateralBlur' - Pass '' has no vertex shader
ERROR: Shader Shader is not supported on this GPU (none of subshaders/fallbacks are suitable)WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/BilateralBlur' - Setting to default shader.

My Laptop's Intel HD 3000 graphics are a few years old, true, and it's by no means a gaming machine (below 1% in the Steam Hardware Survey), but so far, yours is the only game on itch that I've had problems with.

I'm on a slightly older laptop with Intel graphics, if that helps narrow it down? Is there a log file or some other debugging information I can help you with?

I'm not seeing any textures, everything is blue, black, or white. Since won't let me upload an image to this comment, here's a link: