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I'm not seeing any textures, everything is blue, black, or white. Since won't let me upload an image to this comment, here's a link:

Sorry I have no idea what could cause that, since no one else reported the same problem. It seems there's no light but I don't know why. I'll fix it if I find out what's the problem, but I'm not very confident that I will find what is the problem.

I'm on a slightly older laptop with Intel graphics, if that helps narrow it down? Is there a log file or some other debugging information I can help you with?

@ Enno -- Older-generation Intel HD Graphics GPU doesn't appear to support the shader effects required by the game. This could be why there is no ambient light (except for the "glowing" ocean) in the game.

You can take a look at this \Bright Light_Data\output_log.txt file in the game folder, & see if contains any of the following lines:

  • D3D shader create error for vertex shader
  • D3D shader create error for pixel shader
  • ERROR: Shader Shader is not supported on this GPU (none of subshaders/fallbacks are suitable)"
  • WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/BilateralBlur' - Setting to default shader

You're right, that's exactly the error I see in the log. 

WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/BilateralBlur' - Pass '' has no vertex shader
ERROR: Shader Shader is not supported on this GPU (none of subshaders/fallbacks are suitable)WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/BilateralBlur' - Setting to default shader.

My Laptop's Intel HD 3000 graphics are a few years old, true, and it's by no means a gaming machine (below 1% in the Steam Hardware Survey), but so far, yours is the only game on itch that I've had problems with.

@ Enno -- My integrated GPU is Intel HD Graphics (ie. the 1st generation, older than your GPU), which doesn't work properly with the game. Luckily, I have a discrete AMD GPU that I could switch to in order for the game to render properly. But the GPU switching must be done before launching the game, because switching the GPU during gameplay has no effect.

That being said, like you, this game is the first & only one to date that my integrated Intel HD Graphics GPU (enabled by default) has problems with. Perhaps it's because unlike other Unity games that I'd played, the only 'Graphics Quality' options provided in the Unity settings panel upon first launch of this game are restricted to: Good, Beautiful, & Fantastic -- with no lower options such as: Fastest (which I prefer), Fast, & Simple.

Maybe the game developer @Fi Silva can consider making lower graphics quality options available, especially for players without a higher-end gaming GPU to switch to.