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The game is really cool in every way, and you can't just close it before the cathedral is built :D

Things that felt off:
- Small collider of the squares where you summon dwarves, sometimes it's hard to click it and have to aim at very center of the box
- Can't understand when I can't build something and should always keep watching those numbers
- Sometimes it's hard to see what blocks are not builded yet (especially when boxes change color to red)
- I can't understand towers logics, probably they're shooting in random enemy, but those big-ass demons are much more dangerous than the small bat ones, so it would be cool if towers first shoot those who closer to them (for self protection at least :D)

You said in the video to leave you all the feedback so here it is :D Hope it will help to improve the game, can't vait for the update)

Cool idea and narrative)
The game overall feels finished and even polished, like OG flash games
Liked the dice mechanics which changes and become more complicated over time with new dice discovery) 

Like the idea) There were moments that looked unreal to overcome at first, but managed to get through) (years of playing platformers were put in a good use :D )
If you will be updating this game I would suggest to add some speed to the character, cause it feels like he don't want to go anywhere and you force him to :D But anyway it's cool that you finished your game and submitted the finiahed product - great job!

Really fun to play, like it!

Cool survival) And visually really satisfying) Gameplay is hard, but don't push you anywhere, liked that)
Turn-based, hard, but satisfying)

I guess this is the best economy game (reign-like) from this jam so far. Really liked both audio and visuals, as well as a overall gameplay. Awesome job!

Loved it so much! One of my favorites on this game jam, that design and sound, definitely feel OG painkiller vibes, so cool

Thank you for the feedback!

Complete hypercasual game) Liked  it, really addictive)

I rushed my music too, so I know that feel :D
Little lifehack, if you see, that you will not be able to make sound adjustment - make the sound play at 30% of its volume (I did so in my game) and then you'll be sure that it will at least not be loud) 
Liked it anyway, so don't be sorry, and congrats on finishing the game)

Nice animation and awesome idea, loved it) It could be pretty neat rogue-lite)

Thank you for kind words) Thanks for playing, also enjoied your game)

Yup, thought about similar things) Also there are variables that controls speed of floor falling, speed of each enemy sawned and the speed of spawn, but there is no difficulty control, so there is +- the same parameters for all game (they alter a little, but it's almost not noticable)
Thanks for playing)

Really satisfying game) Like the concept and visuals. Reminds me of Islanders, where you just chilling placing houses)
 I think I had a bug, when the die stuck mid rotation and could not connect anywhere

Cool effect of dissolving enemies, liked the idea of a twin stick shooter on the dice
BUT my ears went offline when the map rolled :D

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Thank you) I was thinking about losing HP if you didn't kill the enemy cube and it managed to trawel to the other side of the map)

It was fun to play, pretty graphics)  Even though we're dealing with dice in almost every game in this jam, still it was hard to predict what number will be on the side


Interesting game, liked it)
Visuals are especially good and overall atmosphere

Thanks for playing and for the feedback)

Pretty interesting and I might say complicated game, where you have to think) Good job

Thank you!
Also was comment about enemies travel from one side to another:
"It would be cool if cubes after reaching an opposite side will turn into stone, becoming walls, which cut the territory just like holes" so I will deffinitely think about it))

Looks cool, plays fun) Awesome game) Difficulty sometimes jumps to enormous monster cubes, but it's ok, kinda challenging :D

The idea is pretty cool) And how you LDesigned your game is really creative too)
But hard to understand what to do after the first level (side) and it's kinda frustrating at first.

Got 50, that was really fun to play)
It'll be cool to have some indication about what sides we can't see, but maybe it's even more interesting when you have to keep them in mind)

Like the gameplay and artstyle) It was fun to play)

Thank you! 
Yup, played it)

That is so cool! 
Boss in the end is such an ass :D 

Overall good game) 
Like the spacebar mechanic a lot) The only thing that was a bit off is understanding what am I supposed to do and why I'm falling. After a few tries figured it out, but all other aspects of game feels complete, good job!

Like the idea, visuals and camera animations, but

The game is hard to play, and not the right way hard
Most of my loses I was like "Why am I died?" because some hitboxes are really hard to understand 

Good presentation and nice puzzles) Liked it) In one of the levels there was unplayable area (squares outside the level) it didn't affect the puzzle, but I just noticed it) 

Pretty cool) 

At first I didn't realize that I have limited amount of turns, so was sad when suddenly died a few times, but finished the game and it was fun to play) Good puzzles and satisfying overall) The only painful thing - no saves :D 

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Good things:
- Really cool visuals, like that old style graphics
- Cool color coding (1 - player and things to interact, 2 - obstacles, 3 - bg details)
- Interesting narrative and overall interesting game)
- Really generates need to get to the 100-th floor

Bad things:
- Don't know if it was intended, but on lvl 40 I went off the level thrugh the no fence left area and end up walking behind the text :D

- On the level ~47 (I forgot what level was that but somewhere between 42 and 50 where there is a guy in a prison behind dice) I end up my journey because both enterance and exit dissappeared that was sad (I believe it happened because I first tried to save the guy and get small number, enterance dissappeared and exit became stairs down. And then I walked to the exit, rolled and got less than need, so game thought it should remove downstairs, so it removed it :D And I'm standing in the room with no enter and no exit :D)

Cool game and idea) Would like to play even more levels, so if you'll continue developing this game after jam - will be waiting for full ver :D 

Actually a really good sandbox! You perfectly replicated phisics from Noita which is by itself already pretty impressive

Thank you so much! For the feedback and playing)

Wow! It's a really finished game, I can say. Just add more levels and release it, because it's really fun to play. Like golf, but with more variations and interesting additions. Great job!

P.S. Thoose force fields are so painful sometimes :D

Beautiful and polished! And it's so much fun in mashing buttons to get the result you want and not to let enemy win) Love it)

Interesting approach to jam's theme, liked it) 

The only game where you are not afraid to throw a D20 :D

Got one die stuck on its rib and not spawning enemies, but then, when there was a horde against me this die suddenly unstuck and unleashed 6 more monsters on me :D That was a funny experience)

Looks great as usual, but the gameplay is really hard to understand at first (I read description on the page and in game tips but still was struggling to understand how to play) but it gets more clear after a few tries) Glad to see you here