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Blindspot from Love, Death + Robots

This is a work in progress log for my entry: "Rookies".

A Rookie is a wannabe CBR+PNK Runner. This is going to be an alternative "playbook", with a few aspects:

  • Only one per crew.
  • Repeat the character across various /runs, regardless of the cast.
  • After each /run they’ll make an Advance Roll instead of an Angle Roll, getting better at running until they Graduate — that should take about 6 /runs to achieve.

My goal is to have a more challenging character type to play with that can easily be thrown in a series of /runs and mix and match with various other Runners. I'll also try to provide some guidance on having them as a 'shared character,' from whose point of view the players can experience some sort of story arc.

Hey, I'm just finding out about this. It's a really neat concept, please feel free to submit it to the upcoming Jam!

CBR+PNK Jam 2024 community · Created a new topic Resources

Let's use this thread to gather links for other cool resources! 

Trifold templates by Guilherme Gontijo by Zach Hazard Vaupen // Emo Sludge by Brian Stauffer by Matthew Gravelyn by Axolotl

Free sci-fi fonts

Hi there! We gather at Mythworks' server, here is an invite:

Check the #roles channel so you can access the CBR+PNK category when you get there!

Other than the font with the icons included in the Toolkit, the core rules use a slightly modified Monorama. I advise you don't worry about it, the fun part of the license is having each new material to add something different to the pool! Anyway, I look forward to your plug-in!

Good chances you'll find an artisanal dice like that.

I found a cool sharp edged neon green set from a local dice maker! The numbers are white but I'm going to paint them blue when I find the right paint.

Hey, thanks I'm glad you like it!
You can download in PDF format under "Download Demo"

Hello, I've just release the plain text version.

Check it out on the web at

Or download the PDFs under "Download Demo" from

Correct, the GLITCH die counts towards the overall outcome of the roll. 

Another example: If you roll 2 regular dice and 1 Glitched die, the heighest being a 4 on the Glitched, you get a Consequence for the Partial (4) and an additional Consequence from the Glitched.

I truly appreciate and hope you have a blast with it!

Try out this link:
But honestly, it is not a massive change. Version 1.5 mostly conveys some stuff better and adds some quality of life techs like skilled/elite obstacles.

It's still downloadable through your Library (if you had it bought or claimed), it just doesn't show up on the front page or public search.

opa, não foi editora, fui eu mesmo! E não, essa não é a versão que estava no Dungeonist. Esta é a versão 1.5 lançada no ano passado.

It's a one time use. If you're playing Long-shot mode, you can refresh it during downtime phase (panel 7)

HP+NY, runner!

Edge means advantage, it is something either the PC or the opposing side might have in a given situation.

Threat Level is how you measure the impact of the opposing side in case of a Failure or Partial. Effect is the measure of the PC's success when they roll a Success or a Partial.

When you are fightning an NPC you can use a Progress Track to "count life" but only if that NPC is particularly special. Otherwise a simple roll can determine their fate. You can also use Progress Tracks to count multiple things for the same NPC, for example if the NPC is a robot it would have a track for a PC hacking into their system and another track for a PC trying to shoot them down.

Hope that clarifies!

If only we knew! I had to hunt down a copy of an old edition of Citadel of Chaos, it is pretty worn but will do

thanks I'll, but I appreciate any insights about this matter.

I'm sure many other have had customers reporting this error:

Stripe doesn't currently support application fees for platforms in US with connected accounts in **.

This seem to happen if you are opting for Direct Payment and are from certain countries (Brazil in my case).

My Stripe account is already configured to receive international payments, so I don't know what else can I do on my side. For what I've read elsewhere this is a problem with transaction fees being charged by the platform, so perhaps someone from's support can help me out? Thanks!

(1 edit)

Unfortunately this is a common issue with Stripe. Please send me an email through the form here:

I don't have that in text, for now, but I always like to point to this actual play GMed by Ray. In the video description you'll also find timestamps with key mechanics in play.

We have many play examples on this playlist, but keep in mind that not all of them get the rules 100% "right" for multiple reasons and some were using an earlier version of the game.

The Catalyst works somewhat like a Focus on other games. It come in handy when the are trying to keep their powers under stricter control, perhaps granting an Edge on an Action Roll or being depleted for +1 when Resisting Consequences coming from a failed action while using these powers.

Juice is a more open idea of concoctions that you can drink and gain momentary powers, like a magic potion. How it presents itself is to be decided in fiction, depending on your game's tone and premises. For example, it can have a variety of previously set powers (and flavors) to choose from, or it's tailor-made according to the needs of the customer, or even grant a random power based off the user's genes.

Hey Bruno, I had this happening to me in the past and the solution was to make an enterprise account and link the payments to that.

I guess I was too committed to the idea Haha
I'm glad you enjoyed sculpting it, I certainly did as well!

WOW these turned out metal af!

CBR+PNK Jam community · Created a new topic [ANGLE ROLL]

It's a 6,6!

Jam is over and as I dig through the entries I wanted to take some time to thank everyone who joined! We ended up with very unique and exciting perspectives on the cyberpunk genre and the game itself. And if you had an idea but couldn't finish in time (just like me haha), I hope you manage to do it later and share it with us over Discord or social media.

I'm already working on a plain text version of the core rules, runner file and Framework.

Good stuff! I love that you found room to incorporate Hunters and Weird stuff

Yeah, those tracks are to be used to track the Hounds' endurance and/or integrity. Once filled up, that batch of operatives is defeated.

That sounds rad, I'd love to see that even if not in time for the jam!

Submissions are now open until September 7th 2023 (11:59 PM).

Hack on!

Hey Mosska,

Yep, they don't have to mark Stress in that case, since marking Special is already a fair enough price to pay for its benefits!

Send me an email through the form here:

Still a lot to do, but we've got time!

Hola, Lionel!

1) On an Action Roll, the GM evaluates all the most significant factors that would grant EDGES for either or both sides.

2) Once an EDGE comes into play, it is determined if that means an increase or decrease of either Threat Level or Effect. There are suggestions on which one depending on the situation on the second internal panel of the GM's guide.

3 A) Once gear or special resistance are depleted, the Runner must find ways to recover it in fiction if they wish to use them again. For example: you deplete your armor when resisting a huge blast and that armor is gone. Later in the run you take the bullet proof vest you find in the trunk of a police vehicle. Now you can mark armor again to resist.

3 B) Following up with the answer above, it's perfectly acceptable to use Flashbacks to produce Gear or other assets that you wouldn't have access otherwise!

4) The penalty incur once you fill in a square for the level. Marking a second Harm on the same level doesn't build up the penalty (a -1D remains at -1D). If you have to mark Harm of a certain level but that level has no spaces left, you must mark the next free level. So yes, if you receive a Level 1 Harm while both Level 1 and 2 are already filled, you suffer a Level 3 Harm instead!

Hopefully I have cleared your doubts, but don't hesitate to ask again if otherwise :)

I explain Augmentations in the FAQ but about your specific question: after the player marks 1 Stress to activate it, the Augmentation should grant an EDGE whenever applicable. Some may require an activation more often than the others, e.g. a shape-shifting dermal plates (once  for each transformation) versus a retractable blade (when it sticks out)—but generally speaking their benefits justify the Stress cost. Also, keep in mind that the GM can "deactivate" or Glitch them as a Consequence!

Your interpretation of Blades in the Dark's "vice-versa" is correct: the Player can choose to raise both T and E to improve the potential effect with the trade-off of facing a worse consequence if they fail. Conversely, they can choose to lower both T and E, which would reduce the consequence severity on a failure, but with the cost of a reduced effect even if they succeed.

Hey Mosska!

An Expertise is an additional thing to the parent Skill, like a special ability that makes the Skill more versatile in narrower circumstances.

1) So, your example is correct, if you are using Coding to hack, you can trade one of the dice for an EDGE. This is specially useful if the Runner is rolling 4 dice against a high level Threat, so that they can still get a good chance of success with 3 dice while being more effective or risking lesser consequences!

2) Correct, if the Expertise is applicable in the given situation they can trade their EDGE for a die to their roll.

Indeed! I do like the "character", so I've dropped the name a couple of times in the new edition.

Hi, of course you can still use it, but the new Assets/Upgrades and Debt mechanics already cover it.

I'm adding this one to a collection so I can keep an eye on it, hoping some day it is ported to PC!