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The CBR+PNK Creator Toolkit is up!

In there you'll find the "Compatible with CBR+PNK" logo, graphic assets and a simple license to wrap everything up. Hopefully this will make it much easier for creators to develop for the CBR+PNK Jam!

CBR+PNK Jam community · Created a new topic WIPs

Use this topic to show off your work in progress!

While I appreciate the efforts, can I suggest that the outbound links have a tooltip style pop-up instead of the frame + text? Something like this one from Wikipedia

I do think about making a form-fillable runner file. However, while I'm too short on time to do that, we have character sheets on Role App and soon on Alchemist and Fari App.

Thanks for your patience!

"We take off into the cosmos, ready for anything: for solitude, for hardship, for exhaustion, death" — Stanisław Lem, Solaris

I think this quote sums up the feeling I got from reading the Partial Trasmission of In the Blind. I look forward to play it and have fun being a miserable freelancer among the stars!

Any chance of porting the Zelda G&W? This is an outstanding collection nevertheless!!

I appreciate your concern, but the voices here were created using speech synthesizers tools and lots of sound editing. Marketing it as "AI" just seemed cool back then.

Note that this was made in 2021, the term "AI generated" didn't represent something as hurtful as it does today.


Actual play from the Fiction First Network

It's exclusive for the PoD edition

I appreciate! I'll see how it would work with Ludens, thanks for the heads up!

Unfortunately there is no print on demand service that I know of that would cost a fair price...

Hey there!

I'm working on a solution to make it easier to print extra Runner Files, coming out right after we approve the files for printing, around the first week of february. But keep in mind the ones in the Augmented box will be dry eraseable! 

About an official place for sharing translations, I'll need to see that possibility with the publishers.

Hands down the best Koi-koi digital port!


Vem aí

It seems to be working fine on my end, please relaunch your browser and try again

Your second guess is right (" I can also use another 2 stress to Push, in addition to whatever we agree the Augmentation does").

It is indeed different from the old version.

Ainda não, mas se mais uma pessoa perguntar é capaz de eu agilizar kkkk

Hi there! I believe you are having some incompatibility issue with the PDF and the question mark is showing instead of something else. Please try to download again and open the file on another reader or browser and let me know if it works.

Latest update on this

I talk about it here!


Thanks for the interest! I'll see about that. Meanwhile, try one of these other marketplaces:

PnP Arcade:

Randomskill Games Pnp:

DrivethruRPG: h


Yes, with two additional panels as well :)

My game is CBR+PNK (, a minimalist Forged in the Dark game in a cyberpunk setting. It was designed for one-shots - the characters are veterans making their LAST run. 

Here are a few ideas for what could be done with the game, other than hacking of course:

  • Runs: think starting situations, fill it with adjacent events, clocks and one or more possible twists!
  • Locations: ideas for places where the Runs might happen
  • Plugins: supplements with modular rules, possibly converting whatever set I left out to the one-shot constraints or even rules for playing it in campaign mode?
  • Lists or tables filled with gear and cyberware
  • Factions: corps, gangs, individuals with their own agenda to cross paths with

Should each author reply with content ideas for their games like we did last year?

No prob! I'll try to do another this year and make sure to invite you again :)

Amazing, I wish you get excited enough to make a fully fledge game from it! Lovely character designs as well :)