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Oooohhhhhh okay, that makes sense, thank you so much!

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It's been two days since I officially released my game to the public, but it doesn't show up anywhere I look. I've searched the tags I applied to the game as well as its title, and I've scoured the Recent tab, but it seems like my game just doesn't exist in the storefront. I've gotten the email confirmation that it's been published, too. How do I get it to show up? Is this a bug?

Edit: The "Unlisted..." Checkbox is unchecked

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Think inside the box...

BOX is a logic puzzle-platformer where you must navigate small mazes and symmetrical obstacles to collect every object. Rotate the stage itself to change the layout of the maze, as well as your own position, to reach impossible places. Use logic, spatial reasoning, and forethought to complete all 47 puzzles.

Buy it now for $4.99, or play the available demo!

It's the little things that make a game really fun, and for this one, it's the fact that you can't tell the driver what to do unless you're looking at him, and that one little detail MADE this game. It is so much fun with that creeping panic as you have to multitask and plan your actions ahead of time. At first it was really hard, but I ended up getting into a certain rhythm, typing before looking at him and then looking at just the right time, and I managed to do pretty well! (Though I'm American, so the fact that you had to be in the left lane tripped me up at first XD) Overall, this was pretty clever, and I loved it :)

This one was really fun :D The core mechanic sets up this really interesting relationship between you and the bullets, wanting to get close to them but not too close, almost like a dance. The butterfly net does render the glove pretty much obsolete, though, especially when the later stage gets so hectic, and I liked how the glove made you really think about which bullet you wanted to catch and which ones to abandon. Overall a really neat and intrinsically fun concept :)

Super simple, super easy to understand, and oddly satisfying to solve! Good job :)