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Day 20:

Today I was finalizing the main menu, so at least this part is ready for submission. At some point I will work on it again because at the moment it's a really basic one, but this sometime after devtober. In addition to that I worked on the options menu & the credits today, really like how both turned out. I really like this little gimmick in the credits screen.

Remember: "PixelBall" is only the internal name and not the final one

Here again a GIF from todays work:

Day 21 ToDo:

  • day off (breaks are a MUST!)

Day 19:

Today I was also working on my menu again, this time I was thinking how I could design it best, without sticking to a tutorial. I also decided to stick to a really simple menu to have this part ready for the submission. After devtober the work on the menu will continue to have something "better".

Day 20 ToDo:

  • Main menu
  • Options menu

It's also time for a GIF again, tomorrow :-)

Day 18:

Today I just worked on a really simple menu, in which you can switch between scenes. So sadly nothing to show off. I also noticed it takes longer than expected, because you can do so much more to it, e.g. Themes in Godot. Because of this I'm going to give this task some more days.

Day 19 ToDo:

  • Main menu (Day 2/3)

Day 17:

Today I added some nice features to the game. I introduce: plunger lane ballgate & ballsaver.

Now, when the ball leaves the plunger lane the ballgate closes, so it doesn't return back into the plunger lane, this happened in the past occasionally. It opens again when the ball is lost.

The ballsaver will be activated when the ball leaves the ballgate and with be deactivated again after a set amount of time.

With some coding related parts of these two new features I had my difficulties, but solved them really well because of that it took me longer than expected. I'm happy how today's work turn out.

Here again a GIF from todays work:

Day 18 ToDo:

Since I have not this much time to work on the game in the next two days, I'll just concentrate on something small of my HacknPlan board.

  • Main menu
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Day 16:

Since my first sprint on HacknPlan ended yesterday. I was just planning new tasks for the coming week(s), so far I found 14.

I know these are not enough tasks for the second half of devtober, because of this I'm going to think about more once the sprint becomes more emptier.

And a screenshot of the new tasks on HacknPlan of what currently is planned:

Day 17 ToDo:

Let's work on two new table elements:

  • Ballgate
  • Ballsaver

Day 15:

Today I had a really productive day again in Godot and Aseprite. I worked on two new table elements for the game and I'm really happy how everything turned out. Sure, here and there I'd change something, but this for another day.

So here they are: Spinner & Eject Hole

Here again a GIF from todays work:

Day 16 ToDo:

Tomorrow it will be quiet again round my project in Godot, since my "First Sprint" ends on HacknPlan today. Because of that I'm going the reflect the past weeks and get a new sprint up and running, so I can work on new stuff for the game.

Day 14:

This is not the devlog you're looking for.
Move along...
Move along...

Today I took the day off, because every good developer needs a break :-) Since I already knew what to work on the next day I didn't have think about something.

Day 15 ToDo:

  • work on Spinner & eject hole

Day 13:

Today I fixed some bugs, including one weird one where the ball got stuck when holding the flippers up for some time. I also adjusted the collisions so they are more "pixel perfect". I'm quite happy with my work today, I also know what I'll work on the day after tomorrow.

Day 14 ToDo:

  • day off (breaks are a MUST!)

Day 12:

Today I was creating some simple sound effects for bumpers, drop targets, slingshots & flippers and implemented them into the game. Maybe I'll work on them more in the future, for now the are okey I think. At least I learned something about audio in Godot. I'm not sure about the sound of the ball (which hasn't been created so far), but I think I'll figure something out.

Today a small video so you can hear the sounds, you can find it on my Twitter-Account:

Day 13 ToDo:

  • Fixing Bugs
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Day 11:

Not much to show today, sadly. Wanted to work on the ball camera, but instead I encountered so many problems with it which I have to think about first. Going to move the implementation of the ball camera to a later date after devtober, because I noticed this isn't really a task which fits into my idea of devtober and what I want to achieve.
Nevertheless I learned really much today, be it signals which have to be reconnected or that Godot can't tell the difference between "Left & Right Shift".

Because of that I only fixed some bugs today which floating points not being shown and gave the game some proper controls (even though not the ones which I wanted to have for the keyboard, see sentence above).

Day 12 ToDo:

  • create sound effects in Cubase

Day 10:

What's a game without a goal, without a score you may ask. So it's time! I present a really simple UI with a score system. \o/
I even found time to implement floating scores onto the table, for now they are in the center of the table until I know where to place them, but maybe they are also fine where they are.

You can even see how many balls you have used to far. :-) 

Here again a GIF from todays work:

Day 11 ToDo:

  • implement ball camera
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Day 9:

Today I was working on the drop targets. I'm again really happy how todays work turned out, that you can just hit the drop targets from the front and that they also have again a visual feedback like bumpers & slingshots.

Because of all the work in the last days my HacknPlan Board has become emptier and more empty with time. That's why I also thought about new task today which can be done in the next days.

Here again a GIF from todays work:

And a screenshot of the new tasks on HacknPlan:

Day 10 ToDo:

  • Point/Score System on game element hit
  • Really simple UI

(just something really small this time)

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Day 8:

Today I worked on adding functionality to bumpers & slingshot. I'm really happy how they turned out. I even added a visual 'effect' to the sprites so you have some kind of feedback.

Maybe at some point I also have to think about reworking the table again, but for this I wait until I've every element of the table implemented.

There have been also really funny moments, for example this GIF (infinite slingshots):

Here a GIF from the working bumpers & slingshots:

Day 9 ToDo:

  • work on the drop targets

Day 7:

This is not the devlog you're looking for.
Move along...
Move along...

Today I took the day off, because every good developer needs a break :-) So I just played some Pinball FX3 & Zaccaria Pinball. Maybe I also got some new ideas for the game. :-)

Day 8 ToDo:

  • work on the bumpers & slingshots
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Day 6:

Today I not just reworked the table a bit but also the flippers. I also changed some properties of the flippers and the plunger. Today's work is really something to behold. The table plays now much smoother and isn't this sluggish anymore. It's also much, much, much common now to hit the circular lane. I haven't touched the plunger lane so far, let's see whether I'll do it. Also the space between the flippers will become wider again.

But sadly from time to time there's a weird bug happening where collisions are not working correctly when the speed of the ball is too high, I have to take a look at this one day/ some days.

Here the current game play GIF:

Day 7 ToDo:

  • work on the bumpers & slingshots
  • day off (breaks are a MUST!)

Day 5:

Since I wanted to rework the table I thought about different things:

  • Flipper: extend them more, so you have a larger area to interact with the ball.
  • plunger lane: change this one, because from time to time the ball goes directly into the left out lane
  • top circle lane: needs also a change especially the entrance/exit, so it's much easier to to use this lane

Day 6 ToDo:

- change the table with the above points (Day 5)

There's not just a prize for the "winner" but also for everyone else. The prize is: The experience you gained in this "jam", it's more valuable than anything else.

Thank you for your offer. <3 I'm going to think about whether I need playtesters, but still it would be nice to have someone who is much better playing pinball than me. :D

Thank you really much <3 I'm also really happy how the style/graphics turned out.

Day 4:

I'm very happy with the work today since the game play isn't this sluggish anymore. When I tested the table today after changing some things, it was much more common to get the ball in the upper half of the table. Nevertheless the table needs some rework, since there are problems/bugs.

Below you find a new game play gif with the latest changes:

Day 5 ToDo:

  • Since I don't have this much time, I'm just going to think about a reworked table, because here and there are problems with hitting lanes

Sorry currently not looking for a team or second person to work on a project with.

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Day 3:

So far the table has collisions now with exception of the drop targets, bumpers & slingshots. I'll these do at a later date, when the game play is not this sluggish anymore. At the moment it's really difficult to get the ball into the upper half of the table, so I've to take a look the the ball and the flippers more.

I also have to take a look at the blank spaces to the left and the right of the table at some point. But I think I already have an idea for this. First I could zoom in more and focus on the ball, second I could put the DMD on these sides, so the game doesn't look like a mobile game anymore.

But so far I'm happy what I achieved so far today: working collisions, plunger, flippers and the ball.


Day 4 ToDo:

  • take a look at the ball & flippers so the game play isn't this sluggish
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Day 2:

Today I created all the sprites for the game in Aseprite, set up a git repository to commit my changes and an HacknPlan board to keep track of everything which needs to be done, have been done and to keep track of bugs. Last I imported every sprite into Godot and created the scene for the first table.
I also noticed in windowed mode there's a bug with the size of the pixel, at some point I need see what went wrong here.

Game screen:


Day 3 ToDo:

  • Collisions
  • PixelArt Plunger + Ball
  • Coding: Flippers, Plunger & Ball
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Day 1:

Today I continued working on the first table of my flipper game. So far I think it looks pretty good.

Nevertheless I also think the outer circle needs some more work so the ball can use this one, but I'll think about it when the basic game play mechanic is working and I can test it.

50% scaled:

Day 2 ToDo:

  • Table Aseprite (day 1/2) create sprites
  • setup hacknplan
  • setup git
  • setup project in godot

The best platform would be Twitter for this :-) But I also saw someone last year who did his devlog at YouTube via a video and just linked from Twitter there.

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Latest Devlog post over here: Day 20

Hey all,

it's my third #devtober this time. Since I moved from GameMaker Studio 2 to Godot one month ago, I thought devtober is the perfect time to see what I've learnt so far, but also to practice it a bit more. Thus I'll start a new project here. It should be something simple this time, which can be done in one month. My goal is to get a playable demo/stable release running at the end of devtober, even though I'm a perfectionist when it comes to the development of games and I don't want to limit myself because of this special month. Thus the game will be as polished as possible and the work will continue after devtober. I also have an idea and a bit more for the game, now it just needs to be realized.

About me:

  • I'm from Germany
  • Studied computer science at university until I abandoned it
  • started with game development in 2017, before: mapping and modding stuff for some games
  • Solo dev over here doing coding, art and sound
  • Took part in 1 game jam and 2 devtober so far 

Please follow my twitter for latest updates:

Other useful links: 

So now a bit about the game:

  • standard Pinball game
  • PixelArt, since I lack skills, it will be 1bit

Day 0:

You may ask now what I've so far:

  • was already working on the first table, so I can concentrate more on the coding part

50% scaled:

Day 1 ToDo:

  • finish the table in Aseprite (day 1/2)

It's a document where you reflect the devtober :-)
Here are my examples from past devtobers:

I'm glad you like it :-)

Thank you for the clarification and also for the one with /// @func inside constructors with GMS2.3, I didn't know that. But still, I need it for the automatic generation of the documentation for the project I'm working on.

(2 edits)

I'm sorry, I think we had talked past each other. I think you where talking about placing the text cursor somewhere in the code by yourself. But I where talking about how the outline view places the cursor in your code after selecting the function.

So you mean the outline view has two different functions where to place the cursor?

  • Case 1: JSDoc present: cursor is placed in the JSDoc comment func
  • Case 2: JSDoc not present: cursor is placed at the static method variable definition

Then all this makes sense now! Also this underline works now. In the second picture which I posted, foo1() is now underlined instead to foo().

Thank you for the work!

I could reproduce the bug, just wrote a sample script. It's because of how JSDoc comments are handled.

This works, bug not present: cursor is before foo1 of static foo1 = function() {

This doesn't work, bug present: cursor is before foo1 of /// @func foo1()

Conclusion: When you use the real name of the static method variable in the JSDoc comment func the bug is present.

(2 edits)

Thank you so much <3 It works great :-)

But still, I don't know what this underlining is about, it has always a weird behavior. Normally the method variable above the selected one is underlined, but sometimes like in this example: I selected "mirror(_normal)" but "negate(_vector)" is underlined.

So what is it about? Is it maybe just a minor bug?

First of all I want to thank you for this great editor \o/

But something I miss in the Outline View is that currently only the overall constructor is shown in this view, without a list of the static method variables.

So what do you think about implementing this into the outline view? I think it would be a nice way to quickly jump to these ones especially when you have large constructors with many static method variables.

Day 30 2/2: (last day)

Devtober ‘20 – Post Mortem

This year I really forced myself to do something from time to time due to the current situation we are all in and my stressful job.

State of the project:

During the past months the project hasn’t changed this much. Nevertheless some things have already existed: one enemy, spawner, goal, pathing and a tower. You think that’s all you need for a tower defence game? You may be right, but there are much more things which need to be added since in the project no music & no real sprites were found. Also the gameplay was really simple at the moment.

What went wrong?

Like last years devtober not this much, but somehow I made the same “mistakes” in this year too. Yeah you see right: I set mistakes in quotation marks. Because I was using again new programs which I have not used before, be it in composing, when creating the tile sheets or something else. Sure, it’s a good move because you learn something, but I also think: I could have done more by doing things which I already know.

What went right?

Already anticipated: In this one month I had achieved much more than in the many months before all together.

About the project:

I’ve now designed the first tower, sprites & textures exist. I also was working on the first two tracks. I also have an idea how the first set of towers should look like, but also a system how the player places these ones on the map, including a tower GUI & upgrade GUI.

In general:

I learnt a lot of stuff by using new programs which I have not used before. All in all I think everything went quite well.

What’s next?

I will continue to work on the project, maybe not every day due to my stressful job I have which became more stressful due to the current situation we are all in.

Anyway the project must grow! Grow much further! I will again plan structured days and small tasks which need to be done. Things have to be reworked, many new levels have to be created but also I still have to study a bit of history, since the game is epoch based.

At this time and year I won’t give an estimate since I know I will not stick to this one. But also because the work which has to be done is much.

In case you want to be up-to-date about the project you can follow me on twitter.

The End!

Day 30 1/2: (last day)

Today I continued to work on yesterdays task:

I added nothing special to the menu but a little gimmick which is a little guy taking a look at your menu selection and is commenting this one.

I think it's really fitting the game since you'll also find many more during the game.

Day 29:

Today I continued a bit the work on the menu in the early morning. Sadly I couldn't continue the work in the evening due to the current situation we are all in and an unexpected incident tomorrow in the morning. That's why I've to call it a day.

Day 30 ToDo (last day):

  • Continue the tasks which I wanted to do today
  • write the post mortem
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Day 28:

Not this much to show today since I have not planned anything beforehand. Was thinking about tasks I could do, but took then the one from day 23 which was planned: The Menu!

So I thought about a data structure how to store all the data, how it should look like and which fonts to use. When it comes to the fonts I went with the Pixel Font ones by Chevy Ray, which are awesome! For the other two things? Be surprised! ;-)

So here the really basic menu as sneak peek:

Day 29 ToDo:

Sadly have to work again, so not THIS much time, but let's see how far I'll come with the menu.

(1 edit)

Day 27:

This is not the devlog you're looking for.
Move along...
Move along...

Today at my day off I was really lazy, I have not even thought about my tomorrows task.

Day 28 ToDo:

Let it be be a surprise for you and me what this day will bring. Usually I don't like working without a task and no plans, but yeah let's see.

Thanks for your interest! I really try to get the best out of the game.

Day 26:

Since I was really annoyed yesterday evening because of all the things with the timer and other stuff, I was debugging the spawner & timers a lot today in the morning to see what is triggering at which time and which variables are changing. And voila... things became more obvious in the morning.

Because of that I successfully implemented in the evening the timer & time values but also the feature to call waves early which wasn't really on my list for today, but it was really easy :O

Thus I am more than enthusiastic about what I have achieved today:

Maybe at some point I have to work on both things again, but this is another task on another day far, far away...

Day 27 ToDo:

After this really successful day 26, I'll take day 27 off to gain more power and strength :O