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Thanks for playing and the report <3 Development on this game has stopped since the GameJam. But maybe someday I'll come back to it, then I'll take it into consideration. About the One-Life-Thing: The game should be hard :D and I know it's extremely difficult with just one life :D

Really like the "game", it's neat <3. What I like most about it are the menu effects, they are done awesome :-) Controls are very intuitive and easy to understand

All in all: Great work 

PS: Can't wait for Part 2 :P

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Thanks for playing <3 Yeah I know the game is very difficult, took myself many times to beat him once. If you can't make it past the enemy, you don't miss anything it's the only one. After him there are only the credits, which you can also access from the menu :-)

GM Project Files are plain text. Others don't need to have GMS2 installed, so just push your code to your repository on GitHub and you'll have it open source. Others can easily view your code from there.

Already mentioned in another topic, you can use whatever engine you want, but open source are preferably seen.

I think he is asking because of this: "And of course, the use of open source software is encouraged." I was wondering myself of GMS2 because of this too. I'm not native speaking English so when I translate it correctly, I think it's not needed to use open source but it's welcome.