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Oh, thanks!

What’s the difference between

py -m pip install tcod


pip install tcod

? The link you shared said to install it using the py -m command (which worked for me), but I’m not sure what that command does.

Oh, no, I did not create a virtual environment. I didn’t see any venv in the rogue-dash folder, so I thought it was missing for some reason and skipped those steps; I didn’t realize the command would create it.

But now I’m not sure what to do with this command:

source venv/bin/activate

“source” isn’t a valid command as far as I can tell; do I need to download it from somewhere?

I’m trying to play this game, but even after installing all the required Python packages, I get an error saying that tcod can’t be found. I’m not too familiar with Python; do you have any ideas as to why this might be happening?

Awesome! Glad you got it working! 🙂

The light spell can be cast at yourself to restore health. (If you cast it at a monster, it will restore health, but also temporarily stun/pacify it.)

Maybe I should have given the player access to all the spells starting out, after all… When I playtested the game, I did find it rather difficult, but I just chalked this up to being a bad player! 😛 So I left it alone so that other folks wouldn’t find it too easy…

Oh yeah, that would be important! I forgot to mention in the manual that you can regain 1 MP via melee attacks. Monsters will also steal 1 MP from you by meleeing you, though! Sorry about that!

Also, the water element spell will drain a larger amount of MP from an enemy, but you may or may not start with that spell; if not, you can learn it by fighting lots of slimes, because slimes have water attunement.

I didn’t change anything in the standalone version, apart from changing the build process to “bake in” the .NET libraries that I was using.

Oh, OK, that’s what I have too. I have an idea though - .NET now lets me build a standalone version of an app that doesn’t require you to install anything. I’ve added some standalone builds to the game page; can you please try the appropriate one for your system (x86 for 32 bit OS, x64 for 64 bit)? Thanks! 🙂

Hmm, that is weird. What version of Windows are you running, by chance?

Hmm, that’s odd. You did install .NET version 5, right? That’s the latest version.

I like the pixel art! Even though everything is tiny, it’s usually immediately obvious what it is. One question though - how do you recover your health? The player character has a lot of health, which leads me to tank hits, but if there’s no method of healing…

Right now there are four options - web, Windows, Linux, and Mac. It would be nice if mobile operating systems were added as well; mobile games are rather popular! I suppose you’d want to add at the very least iOS and Android; maybe also Blackberry? Any others I’m forgetting?

Ooh, that is really cool! I’m looking forward to trying out this game! 😁

Remember, just because you have a “complete” game at the end of your 7 days, doesn’t mean you can’t add further enhancements later! Heck, wasn’t Hoplite originally a 7DRL? 😉

Oh, that’s cool. So something a bit like Advance Wars, but more tactical than strategic?

“Text Rogue” as in a roguelike text adventure akin to Colossal Cave Adventure or Zork, but randomly generated because it’s a roguelike? That’s really cool! I actually wanted to do something like this (and it was going to be called TextRogue) but never got around to it… I’d like to see what you come up with! 😁

Oh wow, this is pretty cool! I like the idea of combining spell parts together using slots, and gradually gaining more and more slots. I think the game is a bit easy though; there are plenty of powerups and not all that many enemies. Maybe take some time to flesh it out some more, or do a redesign next year? 🙂

Also, my game jams list is empty even though I joined the 7DRL Challenge 2021. Makes it kind of hard to get back to the jam page! I guess it will appear when I submit my game?

Indie games these days are really innovative and often cross genre boundaries. It would be nice if I could choose more than one genre for my game. I know I can pick one and use tags for the other, but that seems like it will arbitrarily segregate my game into one category or the other, rather than allowing it to be discovered through either. Of course, folks could game the system by assigning all the genres to their game so that no matter what you search for, it pops up - so maybe limit it to three genres per game? That should be enough for even the most innovative developer!

Seems like no one else is doing it, there must be a reason? I’d expect devs would do that, so folks can track the progress of the games in the jam while they’re in development, but instead people are just posting in the community forums and on Discord and whatnot… makes it a bit harder to follow the games throughout the jam!

Yep! Whatever engine you want! I’m using RogueSharp, which isn’t so much an engine as a library with some common roguelike algorithms, such as room generation, pathfinding, and that sort of thing.

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Yes, you can use any engine you want, or no engine at all. Some people even go so far as to write their own “engine” prior to the challenge, but I’d personally call that cheating… 😛

I want to say it has to be 168 consecutive hours, unfortunately - you can’t do two weekends and skip the week in between, I wish that were possible! I’m sure one of the organizers could clarify…

Oh cool! That sounds really similar to what I’m doing. It will be fun to see how similar and different our games are!

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I fondly remember a Nintendo DS game called Lost Magic, in which you draw runes on the screen to cast magic spells. I wanted to bring that experience to the roguelike genre, so I’m creating Found Magic, a game in which you type magic words to cast spells! Typing them quicker will reduce the mana cost, and typing them more accurately will increase their power.

I have some plans written up for what I hope to accomplish each day, and I’ll be using the RogueSharp library. Hopefully I’ll be able to find time after work to make this game… 🙂

edit: oh, here’s the link to my game, so you can follow it and discuss, in case anyone cares to do that!

I would agree that “no one” is more correct than “none”, but I wouldn’t say that “none” is entirely wrong. After all, on Star Trek: Discovery there was a Klingon character named “Voq, son of none”…

There’s a roguelikes discord with a 7DRL channel: