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Nicely put together.  I'm very impressed at the quality of work you've been able to put into this! A lot of time has clearly been put into this game. Enemy designs, art assets, systems running behind the scenes. Good work!

As a fellow dev, I want to point out some critiques as we are all in this to make our games the best we can!

- I noticed you could hold charge then go into water, then have the charge bug out for a bit. Nothing major just pointing it out. You might already know.

- Consider moving stamina meter near the player character in a non-intrusive way. It's a bit hard to see on the edge of the screen for me personally. 

- After I defeated all the enemies and walked into the cave (the one where the black thorns are blocking entrance). I was a bit disoriented after entering the cave and being on the top side of the map, even though I entered from the bottom. I decided to walk up and found myself back in the previous scene, doing the fight again to remove the black thorns. This may or may not be intentional. Just wanted to point it out.

- I eventually ended up with a black screen and I was unsure if that was intentional or my game bugged. I was able to see the light from my projectiles but nothing else. I was in the cave with the 3 symbols and the jelly fish. I cleared the second room where you fight a wave of enemies then proceeded. The next room for some reason when completely black. Sorry idk what caused it.

Overall I think this is a great demo. Keep up the good work! I'm always down to try updated builds!

Oh noooo you missed the best part haha. I'm surprised that happened. Might have been a loading bug. I worked fine when I tested it a few time. Thanks for playing :)

A very interesting idea here. I like the purgatory office worker set up. I'm also impressed by how clean the UI is (I'm very bad at making interesting UI).

The art as well was simplistic, yet effective especially considering a 2 day jam. I think there is something that can be built upon here if one chooses. 

Great job!

Thank you for the kind words! I spent the entire weekend beating the game down calling it "trash". I appreciate someone finding enjoyment out of it!

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to play it! I really appreciate it!

Your sense of color selection always amazes me. It's a gift. Good job over all. No one would think you made this in a weekend

Game has a really good feel to it. The kick feels nice haha. Good sense of ambience as well. I like how the enemies return to you what you do to them. This can totally be expanded on with more options. For example if you hit the enemy with a flame thrower, they themselves will return fire.

Nice Job!

This is a great take on the theme. It's really nice that you're not "harming" the enemies but instead doing something to them, that they return back to you. Very nice.

I love your scene of humor as well "YEET". It's a good foundation

Nice job

Nice use of the theme. Great looking visual and ambience. Good understanding of what kind of puzzles this could potentially have. I think it's a decent base. 

You could spend a month or two on this project really coming up with features and puzzles. Different ways to utilize this core mechanic of dual control. In the end you'd have something meaningful and fun. 

Good job!

Took me a few minutes to realize what I was doing but once you set up the money makers it clicks. 

Overall cool interpretation of the theme. Thinking outside the box

The music and idea of kindness was very nice!

A nice game overall. It was a little bit challenging to track both sides of the screen and took some time to get used to but over all decent. I can see this being expanded upon if you chose to. Nice job!

Great concept, art and story. Very atmospheric.  I was playing this at 1AM thinking, this game is kinda creepy lol. That's a good thing!  Nice work

Great concept, art and story. Very atmospheric.  I was playing this at 1AM thinking, this game is kinda creepy lol. That's a good thing!  Nice work

I like the idea for the theme. It almost feels like SuperHot, that game where time is frozen until you do an action. If you chose to expand on this idea, I can see this working out

Nice job!

Ahhhhhhh, see I was playing on my laptop, I don't have  a mouse plugged in so didn't try. Will try again, thanks!

Cool concept, nice use of assets for prototyping. Also I like the attempt towards the theme, using zombies haha.

I like the idea as it's basically a similar idea to what I wanted to do. My only real issue is it's very difficult to see what is happening. Perhaps try creating contrast between the player/enemies and the background

Overall nice attempt

Your use of color, camera, and post processing is very good. You paid attention to the polish of the game which helps hook people in. The opening dialogue helped set the tone and atmosphere along with the music.

However I must say, I could not get past the very first puzzle with the robot running into the spike. I'm instructed to grab the robot before it kills itself. But I did not see an instruction on how to grab (perhaps I missed it). I tried jumping in front of the robot but he just moved too quick lol. Maybe I'm just bad. I'll give it another shot it seems overall well done. Good job!

This was very funny and creative, nice

Hey, this is my first "long-term" project. It is a 2D defense game about penguins! Please provide any feedback!!

This is reallyyyyy fun I'm impressed great job. The music is very catchy. The art is adorable, and the design itself is fun and progressive