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I'm liking the info displayed on the hud view more than the clutter on the external view. The HUD display is good for cockpit view but is too small (looks weirdly small) in HUD view, my screen resolution is 1600x900.

Another speed issue. At no power the plane don't gain speed even at 80 degrees dive. I think it should be able to glide at 20-30 degrees but at below 40 degrees it should gain speed even with air brake. What does everyone think?

I also had the control unbound issue, but only once, and it was only for joystick x-axis.

Weapon cycle problem still present. Otherwise it's pretty good.

MLAA seems only reliable against IA-52.

Stall negative speed and climb happens when stall is not recovered quickly before speed reach 0. I tested this by lowering throttle. In dogfight I didn't pay enough attention to note specifics, it just happens suddenly and I couldn't recover in time.

QF-18 is a lot better, but there's very short reaction time between warning and missile hit. This might just be because the range is short, I'll look at it more.

Played the mission 5 times but haven't managed to beat the QF-18 yet.

Difficulty is a lot easier with flares and for me it is just right level of easy. If the enemy maneuver more it'll be more difficult, they feel kind of tame SOMETIMES. Last version first flight of F-14 were pretty difficult to shoot because they maneuver at lower speed?

QF-18, I'll wait for others opinion but in my 3 times facing them they have a ghost missile behavior. Twice I had the last QF-18 in front of me and I'm pretty sure he wasn't facing me but I still get missile warning. Missile warning start after I just decoyed one with flare and got him on my screen and in his rear aspect, the missile hit me just about when my crosshair was trailing him and he's almost facing me. I'll have to watch for that next time to get more detailed report, It felt like the missile was launched on me on the merge by 2nd plane but there's only 1 left, unless QF-18 had off-bore locking capability.

There's a bug, with weapon selection as 1. STD 2.MLAA 3.SAA when 2 ran out and I still have 3 I wasn't able to cycle to 3 but cycling back to 1 is fine. Switching using keyboard still works.

Personal preferences

Flares I think are a little slow especially when facing QF-18.

Pre stall shake still isn't very noticeable, I like the level of shaking when plane fly through an explosion.

I found it hard to tell when STD or MLAA is selected there's isn't a HUD cue unlike SAA.

Maybe have the selected weapon ring in red? But I'd be happier if weapons selected
is displayed at the corner of the altitude bar somewhere closer to center of screen. The whole bottom right of the screen is pretty cluttered.  Some icons doesn't need to be as big and better spacing might help differentiate between info.

Still having a little issue with next target when current is destroyed. Same as before, targeting enemy further away and even more often not targeting anything despite having an enemy nearby.

What does everyone else think of having the camera tile a little towards the selected target when it's off screen? Would it cause motion sickness or should ti be a camera option is gameplay?

Aircraft speed feedback

Shaking at high speed could be a little higher, I barely noticed it until I started looking for it. Also pre-stall buffeting would also be nice, maybe make the whole screen shake, stalling feels a little empty.

Yeah, its a tough situation.

Balancing them will make SAA much better weapons than it was IRL. But making the weapons realistic means that there isn't a reason to take SAA. Maybe Adjust ammo so that there are more SAA ammo than MLAA?

Not sure if that'll make a difference but for me at least I'll use it more since right now ammo conservation is more important with SAA.

More feedback

Target locking for me was weird, a lot of times I have to press the buttons a few times to lock onto an enemy close by if they're not in front of me. Most times when I destroy a target it'll auto lock onto the next flight instead of closer targets.

Mainly this was during the Su-27 flight (2nd flight), it'll always lock onto the F-15s (still far away) when I destroy a target. I think making enemies farther apart or come from different direction might solve this.

MLAA is a better than SAA.

With SAA at best I can get 2 shots out with the second shot I have to take a hit in return. MLAA doesn't have a high hit chance but I feel like it's slightly better each merge (also can fire 6 missiles at a time). In the long run I was able to get to the QF-18 with MLAA and not SAA.

Personal preference not sure about other players.

Hull damage number is too far in the corner, being closer to HULL will help. I only spotted the number during this gameplay.

Similarly speed and altitude floats above the wingtip and was very easy to miss, not that the numbers matters much.

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Using a joystick this time. Control is much better.

I can't tell if there's a slight delay or it's the Su-27.

Difficulty is a little high without decoy but flying against F-15 is a little difficult not sure if it's because of how maneuverability of F-15 or the control.

No decoy is a problem.

Might be just me but I think radar circle for SAA is a little big, at long range it's very easy to keep targets inside. At close range the missile doesn't track maneuvering targets anyway

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Just downloaded the 0.2.9 version and I can't seem to change aircraft, maybe it's Su-27a only?

My game controller doesn't work as default so I went to customize the controls. Once clicked to configure the control there isn't a way to not do anything (keeping it unbound) especially the axis config. Also descriptions aren't very useful, 2 thrust axis for example.

Can't find button for decoys.

Controls doesn't seem to work that well for me, it acts as if controls are stuck. Plane either want to fly up all the time or a combination of that and flying to one side.

Thrust is weird, I set one button as inverse and it works as decelerate but on the second game it was behaving weird. Pulling up also for some reason activate the air brake.

Second play around I couldn't change weapons.

Reset button doesn't seems to work for me.

Haven't been able to play much, The first game was the only one that worked almost perfectly (except no decoys) afterwards it got worst. I'll wait for the next update.