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More feedback

Target locking for me was weird, a lot of times I have to press the buttons a few times to lock onto an enemy close by if they're not in front of me. Most times when I destroy a target it'll auto lock onto the next flight instead of closer targets.

Mainly this was during the Su-27 flight (2nd flight), it'll always lock onto the F-15s (still far away) when I destroy a target. I think making enemies farther apart or come from different direction might solve this.

MLAA is a better than SAA.

With SAA at best I can get 2 shots out with the second shot I have to take a hit in return. MLAA doesn't have a high hit chance but I feel like it's slightly better each merge (also can fire 6 missiles at a time). In the long run I was able to get to the QF-18 with MLAA and not SAA.

Personal preference not sure about other players.

Hull damage number is too far in the corner, being closer to HULL will help. I only spotted the number during this gameplay.

Similarly speed and altitude floats above the wingtip and was very easy to miss, not that the numbers matters much.

MLAA is supposed to be better then SAA. I always found it dumb in the old AC games that SAA gave a certain kill as long as you maintained a lock on, while MLAA often missed every single target even when you maintained lock all the way in. The MLAAs are modelled after AIM-120/R-77 missiles while SAAs are modelled after AIM-7/R-27, so logically they should be an upgrade over SAA's that is available to the player later on. And realistically the MLAA's accuracy should depend on how long you maintain lock before turning away, but I'm not sure how viable that would be gameplay wise.

Yeah, its a tough situation.

Balancing them will make SAA much better weapons than it was IRL. But making the weapons realistic means that there isn't a reason to take SAA. Maybe Adjust ammo so that there are more SAA ammo than MLAA?

Not sure if that'll make a difference but for me at least I'll use it more since right now ammo conservation is more important with SAA.