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MLAA is supposed to be better then SAA. I always found it dumb in the old AC games that SAA gave a certain kill as long as you maintained a lock on, while MLAA often missed every single target even when you maintained lock all the way in. The MLAAs are modelled after AIM-120/R-77 missiles while SAAs are modelled after AIM-7/R-27, so logically they should be an upgrade over SAA's that is available to the player later on. And realistically the MLAA's accuracy should depend on how long you maintain lock before turning away, but I'm not sure how viable that would be gameplay wise.

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If I could suggest something: The right HDD panel in the Su-27 is used as a top down situational display in the real thing, so it would make more sense to put the map screen there instead of a HUD repeater, it would be more visible (no need to look down to see it).

Also the target selection priority logic needs some work. It locks on to targets half the map away even when you're in a merge with a whole squadron.

Otherwise this is IMO even better then the old AC games, the lower, more realistic turn rates and the AI that actually fights instead of letting itself be shot after 2-3 manouvers make this game for me. It feels more like an arcady flight sim that requires thinking, not only quick reactions