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Benny Heller

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Hey everyone!

I just released a little game called Arachnowopunk - a hybrid of infinite-runner and metroidvania.  There is a free html5 demo if you want to check it out - I greatly appreciate any feedback or comments you care to give!

Just released a small update to fix some sound balance issues, and to fix the game locking up if you don't have cookies/localstorage enabled.

That is not a bad idea at all!  I think for an updated version I would want to make the game more strategic where possible, so enemies with more varied move-sets would definitely be a part of that.

I may try to do some bug fixes soon, but if/when I have anything more concrete I would definitely appreciate your help!

Oh, it looks like you are right! It has to do with the game having permission to save in the browser memory.  I will look into fixing it - sorry about that!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it!

Oh thanks!  I don't have any specific plans at the moment, but are definitely improvements or additions I would like to make when I get the chance.

Interesting!  I hadn't known about most of those - the last one is particularly worrisome (it isn't suppose to happen!)

The one thing that is at least intended is that the bullets aren't damaging for a narrow window after they are created - I wanted to make it so you wouldn't get hit by a bullet that was too close to see or respond to.  But that 'activation' window might need some tweaking.

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That would be great! I almost certainly (havent) discovered every problem myself

Wow, that's amazing!  It looks pretty well figured out!

I do have a number of fixes and small improvements that I've been meaning to do, but I have not been able to get around to them yet.  Hopefully later this summer!

Hi there,

Thanks to everyone who has been playing and commenting and everything!  

Quick update: Keyboard controls were broken today, but they should be working now (arrow keys to move).  Sorry for the inconvenience!

It's a little game, partly inspired by "SuperHot", I suppose.  You can play it here:

(Arrow keys or click to move, if on mobile swipe in the desired direction)

I have an almost-complete HTML5 game called "The Jersey Shuffle" that I would love some feedback on!

The gameplay is very basic, but what I am most curious is how well the controls/difficulty actually work. I have been working on it (and playing it) quite a bit, so I have lost my frame of reference for that sort of thing. So that's my main question:

1. Is it too hard/too easy?
2. Are the controls responsive/intuitive enough?
3. Does it get frustrating/repetitive due to the simplicity of the game?


Thanks everyone!

I made a little game about ships!

Feedback and comments are of course appreciated!