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Oh thanks!  I don't have any specific plans at the moment, but are definitely improvements or additions I would like to make when I get the chance.


You should make this into a really big game then add it to steam.

Multiplayer would be cool....


Yes yes yes yes yes

Idk bout multiplayer tho... teaming up would be nice but turn based multiplayer is all too often a big pain

Also I was just brainstorming around and I totally thought up an enemy that I would really like to see added. Shall I describe it?

Basically it spawns on the wall and does the usual charging up blue circle thing. When it attacks, it launches ITSELF at the player/decoy and can be destroyed like any normal enemy.  Here’s the catch: it carries a ball chained behind it. That’s the thing that does damage. Avoid them while they’re flying, eliminate while they’re down. Once they contact a wall, floor, ceiling, they stick to it and recharge. 

Did I ramble too long? XD 

Anyways please ask me for anything if there’s anything I can do to help you release the next game/update!!!

That is not a bad idea at all!  I think for an updated version I would want to make the game more strategic where possible, so enemies with more varied move-sets would definitely be a part of that.

I may try to do some bug fixes soon, but if/when I have anything more concrete I would definitely appreciate your help!