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Sound does seem to be better, thanks! Keep it up

Additionally, I often don’t care about SFX options, but this is a case where I would like to either adjust the sound effects or just turn them off. They are pretty loud compared to the music 

Yes yes yes yes yes

Idk bout multiplayer tho... teaming up would be nice but turn based multiplayer is all too often a big pain

Also I was just brainstorming around and I totally thought up an enemy that I would really like to see added. Shall I describe it?

Basically it spawns on the wall and does the usual charging up blue circle thing. When it attacks, it launches ITSELF at the player/decoy and can be destroyed like any normal enemy.  Here’s the catch: it carries a ball chained behind it. That’s the thing that does damage. Avoid them while they’re flying, eliminate while they’re down. Once they contact a wall, floor, ceiling, they stick to it and recharge. 

Did I ramble too long? XD 

Anyways please ask me for anything if there’s anything I can do to help you release the next game/update!!!

Since drones and lurkers tend to go left and then down depending on where the player is, you can use that to make them decide to crash into the wall. If that doesn’t make sense, I can upload a vid to YouTube. I’m pretty surprised this glitch isn’t intentional! It seemed like a pretty cool Easter egg and a strategy that is hard to implement but still possible to use. I assumed that if it weren’t intentional, the enemies would just go out of bounds...

Also, the activation window for bullets might be a bit too large for your liking, since I have used it more than once to plow through large hordes of enemies without taking damage. If I were you, I would make it so that if the bullet is overlapping with an enemy or the bullets mother enemy, then it does not deal damage. For the most case, however, the way you programmed the game makes bullets entirely predictable.  The only exception is when I get surprised by my own decoy and accidentally move into the bullets...

So far I have found:

Entering the tutorial and then going back to the main screen will always bring up the option to resume current game. This brings up three different results depending on what ending you got last: getting a death ending will play the game in real time speed with living enemies aiming at the position where you died. Getting an ending where you go through the gate will simply let you pick up where you left off, and getting an ending where you destroy the shop plays the game in real time and makes you invulnerable, as well as making it impossible to get to the next round. 

Unlocking the gate and entering the tutorial opens up an invisible space where the gate would be. 

The times where being close to an enemy seems to make bullets work less often? I haven’t exactly figured out what causes them to not deal damage but I can do it pretty consistently

Also, did you purposely program drones and lurkers to be able to crash into walls, making them commit suicide?

I don’t know which glitches you’ve noticed, but I have a small list of things that I’ve discovered if you want to hear about them. 

I hope this comes as a happy surprise to you!  Are you planning on working on this game more?