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The Jersey Shuffle (a little HTML5 game)

A topic by Benny Heller created Apr 27, 2017 Views: 256 Replies: 1
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I have an almost-complete HTML5 game called "The Jersey Shuffle" that I would love some feedback on!

The gameplay is very basic, but what I am most curious is how well the controls/difficulty actually work. I have been working on it (and playing it) quite a bit, so I have lost my frame of reference for that sort of thing. So that's my main question:

1. Is it too hard/too easy?
2. Are the controls responsive/intuitive enough?
3. Does it get frustrating/repetitive due to the simplicity of the game?


Thanks everyone!

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The only thing I'm gonna comment on is difficulty....It's bit ruff for the 1st round of the turnpike.... Other than that, I liked it...It reminds of a classic Atari(2600-5200) game. BTW, how was it constructed?