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Thanks for the feedback!

During the jam, it was definitely a deliberate design choice to make the track pretty circuitous. It allowed the player to navigate more of the space and lengthened the time it took to circuit the entire track to heighten the consequences of player's movement decisions.

The idea of rail levers to change your track routing is a really neat idea and totally on theme. Wondering how it might work at the breakneck speeds the train can end up going...

Thanks for the feedback, all great ideas. Balance is always tricky with the limited playtesting you can do in a jam, most definitely could use some work.

Thanks! Had a lot of fun painting the assets with this one :)

This build might be the best in the game, archers can dump damage with the upgrades.

Thanks for playing and the feedback! All great ideas, we also had thought of a lot of these during our post-jam brainstorm. Really encouraging to hear it from players though!

Had quite a bit of fun with this one. Controls were a little challenging but feel like that might contribute to the level of tension. The amount of upgrades you were able to fold into the game is impressive, definitely added a nice level of progression.

Great game! Interesting to read below about settling on the debug tool in the actual game design. Definitely added to the tension madly clicking for the tracks you were looking for while juggling the bombs and the route.

Love this concept, art definitely conveys it well. Can't say I knew exactly what to do or what I was doing but the idea of flying around a planet like a train and watching it recover sounds like a nice cozy experience.

We got plans for this but who knows when... still have a lot of train cars we'd like to add.

Had a great time with this one, good challenge and satisfying. Movement is smooth and the art style is really effective in it's simplicity.

Neat concept and lovely art and atmosphere. Either I'm trash at this type of game or the difficulty was pretty brutal from the start. Attempted multiple times with an understanding and strategy and just couldn't really get any further. But definitely some great ideas here!

Well done! Very well executed game, all elements mesh together to make a great experience.

Mac OS build crashed whenever you hit a person. Controls were interesting, definitely a challenge to wrangle.

What's there to say, this game is all-around well designed and executed and fits the theme well.  Maybe encountered some potential issues with gaming the enemy spawning by sitting on either end of the arena and spamming the ranged attack but dunno if that's really an issue. Had a lot of fun with this one, definitely my type of game.

My partner played this one and recommended it to me, was not disappointed. The design and especially the execution felt clever. Gameplay is simple but intuitive and engaging. The dialog serves as such a great reward, just kept going in an effort to continue the conversation. Well done.

This was a really memorable one... the moment you suck up the spacebar and turn all wideboi, I couldn't stop smiling. Just amazing little touches everywhere that really displays care and quality.

Thanks for playing and the feedback. Definitely agree, there are awkward moments while swimming above water where you have to wait for your breath to return and there's nothing to do but sit there...

Aww thanks so much! Always so heartening hear some folks had fun with it ☺️

Glad you liked the badges... just love silly scout badges ever since playing Psychonauts. Thanks for the feedback, definitely agree the pacing could use some tweaking.

Was definitely sold on the vibe and style but I'm definitely too much of a novice at these types of games to get anywhere. Really great presentation though!

Neat roguelike jam game, definitely a challenge, especially when you're bleeding air but can't get that duct tape :P Satisfying gameplay and upgrades, felt kind of incremental at first but by the end, your attack starts getting ridiculous.

Definitely was confused initially the way you're tossed into the game immediately without any guide. Good challenge, definitely keeps you on your toes. Solid cohesive art style.

Took me a minute or two to get a feel for the breath timing but so rewarding ,once you get it, to do a sequence jump after jump without stopping. Love the character design as well. Well done!

Really great jam game overall, hits all the points. Intro sets up the gameplay well and the presentation is on point. Nice job you all!

Thanks for playing and the feedback and I completely agree on all points you made. I've been iterating on the gameplay for a while and still haven't found the right mechanics to bring it all together but I'm getting closer every iteration. The core feel of growing upward and outward with stems and branches still feels good which gives me faith :) I have already cobbled together gameplay changes based on feedback that will depart from this version somewhat dramatically so maybe that'll be the one. Cheers!

That's great news, hopefully it all resolves smoothly!

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This is brutal, I'm so sorry... I love this game and am still very excited to see what you have in store for it.

I never thought about the compo requirement of open sourcing your jam code as a concern. Is it enough to slap a license inside the source code you distribute? Sometimes I wonder if that'd really stop these types of folks anyways.

Wonder if you could get any traction on Twitter to bring this to more eyes...

Really cool mechanic! Definitely got a 'woah' out of me the first time I teleported forward. Running is a bit floaty/unresponsive compared to the jumping controls. Great jam game!

Had fun with this one, dashing felt satisfying and the art direction was great. The enemy hit boxes felt a little large to me. All in all, great submission!

Glad you had fun with it! Thanks for checking it out :)

Every sector has a number of systems you can see immediately. You need to scan them with your probes or ship sensors to find the gateway. Once the gateway is scanned, you should get some dialog as well as see spinning rings around it on the star chart.

Hope that helps!

The mythos of Cold War spymasters has always been one of my favorites. This was really great, loved the charm you added. Solid random generation. Played for about 100 successful missions and stopped, didn't know when it was supposed to end.

Saw the title, not sure what I expected but it delivers on what was promised. This game rocks, had me smiling the whole time.

This game is ridiculous and great! Just the way the hair grows and the cutting sequence, so satisfying. Nice job!

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Great game, was hooked just mastering the rhythm of stacking momentum. Some challenges were pretty punishing but all the more rewarding when you finally clear it. Would be fun to watch the breakneck pace of a speed runner playing this. Nice job!

This is a really cool blend of genres! All the mechanics felt familiar in a great way. Nice job!

Miraculously made it to 28.33 meters, real fun!

Really amazing game and mechanical progression. Fits the theme really well and had a ton of fun working through all the levels.

Great game, took me a sec to realize that towers could be built on water *facepalm*. Got a 'B' after figuring that out. Solid idea though, would feel right at home on mobile.

Mini-game variety is great! Rune tracing was especially neat. Great job!