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Thanks for playing and the feedback and I completely agree on all points you made. I've been iterating on the gameplay for a while and still haven't found the right mechanics to bring it all together but I'm getting closer every iteration. The core feel of growing upward and outward with stems and branches still feels good which gives me faith :) I have already cobbled together gameplay changes based on feedback that will depart from this version somewhat dramatically so maybe that'll be the one. Cheers!

That's great news, hopefully it all resolves smoothly!

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This is brutal, I'm so sorry... I love this game and am still very excited to see what you have in store for it.

I never thought about the compo requirement of open sourcing your jam code as a concern. Is it enough to slap a license inside the source code you distribute? Sometimes I wonder if that'd really stop these types of folks anyways.

Wonder if you could get any traction on Twitter to bring this to more eyes...

Really cool mechanic! Definitely got a 'woah' out of me the first time I teleported forward. Running is a bit floaty/unresponsive compared to the jumping controls. Great jam game!

Had fun with this one, dashing felt satisfying and the art direction was great. The enemy hit boxes felt a little large to me. All in all, great submission!

Glad you had fun with it! Thanks for checking it out :)

Every sector has a number of systems you can see immediately. You need to scan them with your probes or ship sensors to find the gateway. Once the gateway is scanned, you should get some dialog as well as see spinning rings around it on the star chart.

Hope that helps!

The mythos of Cold War spymasters has always been one of my favorites. This was really great, loved the charm you added. Solid random generation. Played for about 100 successful missions and stopped, didn't know when it was supposed to end.

Saw the title, not sure what I expected but it delivers on what was promised. This game rocks, had me smiling the whole time.

This game is ridiculous and great! Just the way the hair grows and the cutting sequence, so satisfying. Nice job!

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Great game, was hooked just mastering the rhythm of stacking momentum. Some challenges were pretty punishing but all the more rewarding when you finally clear it. Would be fun to watch the breakneck pace of a speed runner playing this. Nice job!

This is a really cool blend of genres! All the mechanics felt familiar in a great way. Nice job!

Miraculously made it to 28.33 meters, real fun!

Really amazing game and mechanical progression. Fits the theme really well and had a ton of fun working through all the levels.

Great game, took me a sec to realize that towers could be built on water *facepalm*. Got a 'B' after figuring that out. Solid idea though, would feel right at home on mobile.

Mini-game variety is great! Rune tracing was especially neat. Great job!

Nice job! Really solid core gameplay and I loved setting for a strategy builder game.

Great work! Definitely appreciate not being punished for incorrect keystrokes, especially with the more obscure words.

Great game and novel implementation. Felt like a puzzle box game, had a blast poking around.

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I really love this game, the intro and artwork sets the tone in such a charming, engaging fashion. Platforming is tough but rewarding.

Such a great idea, will definitely go on the future updates board ^_^

Thanks for playing and the lovely words, it's much appreciated.

:) :) :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it, we had a ton of fun putting it together. :)