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Swim frog lake catching bugs for your collection and earning badges along the way!
Submitted by dwdraws (@dwdraws) — 10 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Gameplay (how good was the user experience, game design, narrative, etc?)#213.0003.000
Presentation (rate its art, animations, sfx, music, and aesthetic appeal)#283.3893.389
Creativity (how unique or innovative was this experience?)#293.0003.000
Theme (how well does the game fit the challenge theme?)#403.1113.111
Implementation (rate the game's overall stability and functionality)#483.0563.056

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This game is about sneaking up on and catching bugs. To do so, as a frog, you have to dive and swim underwater holding your breath and you'll need to be patient and take a deep breath to make sure you're ready to for the next bug hunt.

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Visually impressive water effects! Level-ups and finding the rare bugs added great replay value. 4 minutes felt a bit too long session time. Left button felt definitely better mechanic for catching bugs. The music and sound effects also added positively to the overall mood. Overall, good job!


Very cute and fun! The mechanics are really interesting! Very good


Extremely well done! I had fun catching bugs :D When session is over you have that feeling "just one more"! Besides good design and visuals, well incorporated theme, feels like complete product! There isn't a single thing that I could point out to improve, amazing!


Aww thanks so much! Always so heartening hear some folks had fun with it ☺️


Wow! This game has it all! If there's one thing to critique it might be, that sometimes there are not really any bugs to be seen (even with scouting) and the rounds feel a bit too long. But I'm being very nitpicky here.

I especially liked the badges.


Glad you liked the badges... just love silly scout badges ever since playing Psychonauts. Thanks for the feedback, definitely agree the pacing could use some tweaking.

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Great game, amazing art style and a very relaxing experience overall. Also a very nice interpretation of the theme. Well done


I love this game! It is so fun and relaxing to play. The artwork is beautiful, I love how every diff texture comes together on scene. I think it needs a little balancing on oxygen usage (specially on moving) and gameplay time, but overall an amazing experience, congrats ♥


I really like the idea, pace of the game was a bit slow tho, I would have wanted to move more freely when not underwater but it consuming oxygen prevented from speed running a ton of  bugs during hunt. Art is very beautiful and I liked the achievements!


Thanks for playing and the feedback. Definitely agree, there are awkward moments while swimming above water where you have to wait for your breath to return and there's nothing to do but sit there...