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Great take on the theme! Though it feels kind of weird to lose once the orbs are gone. Maybe you could have one "master"-orb that does not get destroyed.

I think if there where more balls the spikes would be fine!

Gungeon was definitely a major inspiration. Early on I made the joke that we're using the theme in two ways, since we're making a clone of another game (Enter the Gungeon) with a cloning mechanic :D Though obviously it isn't really a Enter the Gungeon clone we are proud that it gives someone the same vibes!

Cute little puzzle game. Very polished.

Would have loved to play more levels!

Fun little game. A bit annoying that we can't just hold space to shoot (or even shoot automatically as there wouldn't really be a downside).

Cool that you added a little bit of story to it :)

Fun little Pinball game, though the spikes are kind of annoying.
Would have loved to see have the clones be the live "ball" duplicating into two versions rather than a new ball dropping from the top. Or simply way more clones so it gets a bit crazy :D

Those are some supremely cute clones. Love it!

A few more or even better randomly placed differences in the faces would have been cool, but it's a game jam after all so can't expect too much.

Well the TTS was really great and it's a cool concept to tell a story like this over the radio in the game. The "gameplay" on the other hand was so boring that it would have been better of without it. Especially since there didn't really seem to be any connection between the two (maybe I didn't play long enough).

The visuals are cool! (though again I don't really see the connection)

Sadly I can't get the game to start either. Stops loading somewhere around 80-90%. Have tried a different browser, but doesn't change :(

Cool concept of cloning the right food for each animal! A violence free shooter is always nice :D

Nice game!

I have the same issue :(

Cool idea and very awesome art style in the intro with a nice voice over. Personally not a fan of mixing 3D with 2D sprites and I thought the music didn't really fit.

Fun little game!

I personally don't really enjoy clicker games all too much, but I managed to get both my multiplier as well as my clones to overflow, so they randomly turned negative, which is fun :D
Cute visuals :)

At first I thought the numbers on the icons meant how many of them I had and not the cost. After that and reading the controls, so I knew how to rotate, it was a lot of fun... until I managed to kinda break it by making an infinite loop :D

Very cool game and good use of the theme!

Not really sure if I got how to play it... Either I didn't or it's really really hard. But it looked cool!

Thank you for noticing the leaderboard animations! I actually felt kinda bad when implementing (aka spending time) on those, but I also just thought they would be so cool :D

Beautiful game! Kinda sad the music stopped after some time, but stuff like that happens in a jam game :D

I don't really play bullet hell games, so it might just be my lack of experience, but in many situations the bullets seemed pretty unavoidable. Apart from that a great and very "finished" game!

Very hard to play, but a cool take on the theme! Cool game :)

Wow, awesome game! But as nice as the visuals are I found it really hard to focus on both sides at the same time to see where I would have to press next. Nonetheless, really impressive entry!

Very clever and easy way of drawing cowboys :D Gameplay was fun but could be more challenging!

Wow, so many different versions of the two characters! Crazy amount of good looking art. Great story use of the theme!
Sadly I couldn't really get into the controls, W/S and Up/Down to aim and A and Right to shoot would have been way more intuitive in my mind. Couldn't really get used to it so playing was pretty frustrating.

My favorite entry so far! Awesome game that has everything!

Nice little puzzle mechanic that fits perfectly with the clone theme and allows for a high-score! Great game!

I used to be an adventurer like you but then I became a few dozen slimes instead! Very neat little game with a compelling story and a great gameplay idea!

I loved that it didn't have a volume control, I adore the title screen with Dr Tomato and I like the take on the theme! Nice game!

Interesting idea, but being able to place clones in the air and hold onto them made all other mechanics more or less meaningless. Also I had no idea where to go.
I think some restrictions on the amount of clones, despawning them after some time and a cooldown could have made it really cool! Lots of potential!

Wow! The art may not look too gorgeous at the first look, but I think the presentation overall is top notch. The snappiness of the traps' movement & the screenshakes combined with nice sound effects and weirdly fitting music...

I think it feels a bit hard to play, even my "better" runs felt as if I died pretty quickly. But it was fun :)

Very awesome! That feeling when you manage to shield your Alpha with many Clones and rain bullets on your enemies <3

Love the idea! I think the game feels a bit slow and there's nothing really encouraging/forcing you to kill many enemies. Combined with the instadeath, the best way to get a high score is to play really carefully which is super boring.

But I think it has a lot of potential and many of the issues I personally had could be fixed by tweaking a few values.

Beautiful little game. Could not really figure out the crafting, but I didn't really need to. Walking around and coloring everything was fun!

Bzzz, bzzz! 5/5

Very interesting puzzle mechanic. Though very difficult at times (I found the first split puzzle to be way harder than the second one and gave up on the third).

Might benefit from a reverse function, pretty frustrating to make a wrong move and be stuck/have a person die and having to start over again for large level(s). At the very least a faster reload would be awesome. 

Great game overall!


Good idea!

You press in W,A,S,D in rhythm (you can look at the bouncing head on the bottom and/or the music). If you don't hit the beat your character won't move. There may be a slight offset due to difference in audio/video device delay, so you may have to try a bit to find the perfect rhythm.

Very original game idea!

As someone with basically no experience in top-down-shooter games I had quite a hard time at first. But being quick and smart about recruiting seems just as, if not more, important than shooting.

Thank you for the feedback. Sadly we weren‘t able to include any tutorial or explanation in the game, so we added some info to the Description. The ingame Feedback is also still quite lacking, making it unclear when and how your „reputation“ changes.

These are things we would have improved upon if we had more time.

Attending a meeting was definitely one of the things we wanted to include, but there just wasn't enough time. Not sure if we'll continue working on it, though.

Thank you. The AI is actually really simple:

There is a static list of manually placed spots where the NPCs should stand.

  1. NPC chooses one random spot and removes it from the list.
  2. NPC moves to spot (using Unity's NavMeshAgent)
  3. NPC stays at spot for random interval (5-10s)
  4. Repeat with one but re-add last used spot to list after getting a new one.

If at any point during this an NPC enters a fart, they pause their default behaviour until either the fart disappeared or they were able to blame the fart on someone.

Thank you!