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REZ was definitely an inspiration here. It’s one of my all time favorites and I always wanted to make something similar. 

Thank you for taking the time to play and write feedback. 

Thank you! I'd love to improve the targeting, but I couldn't find a better solution and the clock was ticking.. ;) Right now, I'm using a sphere cast from the players camera to find the targets. But as the targets move further away from the camera, they are harder to target. I was looking for a way to calculate the boundaries on screen or something like that, but couldn't find anything useful.  

Thanks for your feedback! I will work on the points you've mentioned.

This game got some Mario castle vibes. :) Great work!

That was fun! Couldn't feel any delay/desync though, was fine on my end. 

Very kool game with a nice art style and awesome beats. I had a hard time reading the notes and think something like a grid would've helped. But rhythm games are not part of my daily routine. ;)

Good job!

Cool game! I really dig that arcade style start screen.

Very interesting idea! Love how it creates awareness for that specific topic. Feels a little bit repetitive over time. 

Nice relaxing game!

The fishys are cute :)

Aww, look it those buddies!

Very cute game that fits the theme very well. Also very lovely characters!
Some indicators when you are about to lose / eating flies seem like a nice future addition.

I definitely have to try out that game with a second player. :)

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Wanna help the two chicken buddies escape from the chicken lab?

Very clever idea. Could see this as a mobile game.

Wow, this game is very fun and addicting!
The cats are cute and the music is top tier.

Awesome theme and music! I did it in 159 seconds after some failed attempts. :)

Very nice game!

The artwork looks stunning! Would love to play it, but I'm on mac. 

I just played the game! It wouldn't start at first, because I ran into this issue, but the first step was enough for me to get the game running (I did a  chmod -R 755
If you created this archive, double check for the execution bits. If the archive was created by, they maybe wanna now this. :)

Thank you for uploading the mac version!

Interesting platformer with great art. I like the death animations, despite seeing them far too often. :)

Very lovely game! Enjoyed the music and the story, especially the chicken.. ;)

Thank you so much for playing! Maybe at some point both have to come back to rescue the rest! But they need to prepare first. 

Thanks for checking out my game! I'm very glad that you had fun playing it. To open the door you can use the brown box to jump on it with the big chicken holding the key.

Thanks for checking out my game and providing me with helpful feedback! Both topics are definitely something I have to improve on.
Your submission looks great, unfortunately its not working on mac. Will you upload a mac version in the future? 

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Hi! I have just a released my first app. 

It’s a tool for streamers that lets their viewers change their voice in real-time. 

⚡️ Customize your own voice effect
⚡️ Dark mode
⚡️ 10+ voice effects
⚡️ Configure everything (effect duration, cool down, pricing and more...)
⚡️ Compatible with OBS / Streamlabs / Xsplit and more