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Thanks for your answer. I think I got it now. An example for the Ghostly Encounter in your FAQ would probably be helpful.

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There is a good game somewhere inside. But you have to find it yourself.

I played the game this weekend with a couple of experienced players. Overall the experience was okayish. Some of the rules we just didn't understand.

Backpack and character introduction

How do you get things into the backpack? Some characters have moves that generate backpack items but some not.

There is no phase where you establish the background of the characters before the first scene.

In the actual play you have a phase where everyone introduces their character and you create backpack items. I think this phase is missing in the rules.

The ghostly encounter

We didn't geht this move. In the scenario Antenna 8 there are no encounters with actual ghosts. Meaning a ghost of a human that you talk to. Only events like "Time stops for everyone but you, then slowly creeps back to a normal pace." The same for other scenarios. So normally this move will not be triggered. Do the players have to introduce the ghosts themselves? Or is every paranormal event an "interaction with a ghost"? 

And how do you handle the question about another character? Is the ghost expected to answer the question? For us the questions didn't feel very natural und didn't fit into the narrative. How is a scene with a ghostly encounter supposed to be played?

The spitting pill bugs in science sorrows have 12 HP? This seems like a lot. In room 6 you encounter 2d6 of them! Maybe 12HP are a typo?

The amount of tokens left is the maximum a dice roll result can be. This means that as the game progresses you will become less likely and able to succeed at rolls without working together.

The token ceiling is definitely for an individual dice. The goblins in the middle can still help.

Just had a great evening playing the game. One questions or mayme feedback: Kilgores Strikethrough mentions "orcs". Shouldn´t that be ogres? Is this a bug or a feature ;-)