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Frickin' sweet. I look forward to it.

This looks cool! Any chance of a Linux version?

Tilekit community · Created a new topic Layers?

Any plan to offer layers of tiles, potentially with different tilesets and/or rules? (this one is desaturated background tiles, this one is actual platforms, etc...)

tilekit -export input_file.tkp output_file.json

Yup, that's exactly it. Thanks!

Truthfully, the border-1-vs-padding-2 might have been from an early, unfortunate config of Texture Packer. It just so happens that my tileset in my game used it and some code is written to support it... but, really, not needed. I withdraw the request. :)

I appreciate the minimal config surface of Tilekit and would rather it remain simpler and opinionated and good, so I can appreciate your dilemma. Thanks for considering it.

Figured out how to do interiors with repeating/iterative rules; it was running away from me before and filling my output but I think I have it handled. But maybe an example section of the manual?

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You wrote the thing I wanted to write for myself, but so so much better. Thank you so much!

  • Can you add a section to a rule to horizontally or vertically flip a result? Some tilesets just include one corner image, for example, so making the other corners requires some flipping. See this Kenney tileset:
  • Can you add fill? (EDIT: Just read the manual; holding Shift down places rectangles which are also lines.)
  • Dear god how did you make the interior rule in the demo graphic?! I can see that in Advanced Usage > Advanced Rulesets in the manual you talk about repeating for several iterations
  • My tiles have padding in between them but less padding on the outside of the entire atlas; do you have plans to support that weirdo configuration? ;)
  • I tend to write games that build using `Makefile`s. Any plans to offer a CLI-based export?

Hoo boy, sorry to dump all that stuff on you, I'm just excited.

Wait, sorry, I was hoping to test Pixel Fx Designer.

I replied on the GitHub comment.

...please let me know. ( =

I liked this! 

That's awesome!

Is there going to be a Mac version?

I will help debug and beta-test an OSX version!

Hey! I've played a limited version of this before and wanted to check out the demo but...

Here's what I see after I unzip it after download:

I'm on OSX 10.13.6. Let me know if you need more info!

This game is a blast!