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Phenomenal job mate, you established a atmosphere that told a small story within seconds. The one letter from the beginning of the game reinforced the theme you were expressing. Good job man, you did amazing and had some pretty good gameplay too.

Hey Luthfialdihe, first of all thanks for you comment. It means a lot to me and the rest of the dev team. Sadly we were not able to do everything we wanted to for the jam, but we tried our hardest. We are planning to continue development for the time being and will attempt to solve the issue you had. Thanks for playing and especially for giving us feedback.

Best of luck to you too.

Hello everyone, best of luck to everyone here.

This is a very fun game

Hey you helped me make my third game for a challenge that lasted an hour, Thank you.

If you make a session five I would like if you checked out my game.

Here you go

Thank you

Doesn't work, downloads as a video.

Fun and all until I hit the portal.

Please try my game.

It is a fun game and I like your take on damage to the car.

You should Have made the ammo bigger, otherwise it is fun.

The download does not work for me.

Nice game, it has good puzzles  that start easy but get harder as it goes on in a good way.

It is a fun game but, the collision with the forks is over reaching and you can in a way "wall climb".

Fun,  and different from most ideas on here.

Confused on how to get past the first wall, other than that it is a fun game.

I can't play it because it downloads as a video.

Eating the vegetables are fun.

This is my first game, that is bad.

Please rate my my game for free rate on your game.

Was, gonna try that but, ran out of time. Thank you for playing my first game.

Ok, so nice game but, the infinite fly and the slow camera was a turn off for this game. Those were the only bad things though so, I will continue playing your games.


This is my first too. I will give your games a try as soon as possible.

Yours is much better than mine. All I got is an enemy and some movement that took me and my friend 7 hours  to make. I also have weapon. 

i fixed it an hour ago

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Ok, the game I am making has a thing that pushes objects away from it. I am trying to add kinda the opposite of gravity? This is also my first game and having trouble. I am making this with gamemaker studio to.

I am 14 and making my first game. Know no java or csharp or gml but, I am having fun