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You're welcome! And very understandable haha

Thank you! Our apologies, we're not sure why it does either haha
We think it has something to do with how many objects are in the layout.

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Love the idea of your frequency of firing also affecting your visibility. Music might have made it that much better, but it was overall a fun and unique concept

Love the use of blood as the core mechanic, being used as health, ammo, and progression through the levels. However, there were a few times where I used up too much blood and couldn't reach or kill enemies to produce more blood. The original theme was a nice touch!

Love the complexity from one button! Got difficult a bit too fast, but the game feel and aesthetics are nice and the design fit the theme well.

Love this take on dual multi-purpose design!

Really fun and inventive concept! Love the art and sounds as well. Wish there was music though

Hey smurphy! Thanks for the constructive criticism and for playing our entry. Our apologies about the restarting issues. It is caused by an issue with the camera, which is usually solved by jumping into the next level, causing the camera to pan to the proper level :)