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Really polished, good chunk of content. Nicely done! 

Love to see some PICO8 entries! This was pretty cool, love the mechanic of falling through the layers, visuals and effects really nice as well!

Neat! Reminded me of Knightmare. Managed to beat it after finding some lucky ham :D Found the best tactic was to just frantically whale on the enemies before they could damage you

Neat little prototype! Definitely has that TLoU feel of frantically searching houses for scissors and booze 

Love the guard barks, and the gradual increase in complexity of the mansions.  Satisfying little thief-em-up!

Agree leaping about constantly felt a bit too powerful but was nonetheless hilarious fun :D

Hah! Just realised where you get the map data from :D That's amazing! Love it!

Awesome! Like the idea of combat being more of a puzzle, and the narrative was really absorbing! Crazy you fit all this into the time given :D

Expected there to be a protest game! :D Great little Katamari-esque idea well executed, could easily see the idea expanded further - only main complaint was the main movement speed was a bit slow, and the game started to struggle perf-wise once I got to 110-120 protesters!

Great little idea & love the presentation.  Def could see it building to a sort of Papers Please-esque level of complexity :D

Loved it! Absolutely gorgeous & do love a nicely interpolated camera too! :D Great powerful narrative too, think I accidentally triggered a few story dialogs by hitting space though!

Aha! Cheers for the repro :D I knew there was something up with guard chasing but couldn't reliably find what it was in time

I was very nearly beaten to death by a hamburger, and then I accidentally opened a can of beans all over space.

All in all a successful delivery!

Good learning curve and introduces new elements clearly before ramping up the complexity.  Good amount of puzzles too! Great work!

13/10 good dogs and also game

Whoops! Totally right - I had to flip the whole panel to fix a thing and forgot to flip the numbers - It's supposed to be '113' not '311' - Will get that fixed asap