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Awesome! Like the idea of combat being more of a puzzle, and the narrative was really absorbing! Crazy you fit all this into the time given :D

Expected there to be a protest game! :D Great little Katamari-esque idea well executed, could easily see the idea expanded further - only main complaint was the main movement speed was a bit slow, and the game started to struggle perf-wise once I got to 110-120 protesters!

Great little idea & love the presentation.  Def could see it building to a sort of Papers Please-esque level of complexity :D

Loved it! Absolutely gorgeous & do love a nicely interpolated camera too! :D Great powerful narrative too, think I accidentally triggered a few story dialogs by hitting space though!

Aha! Cheers for the repro :D I knew there was something up with guard chasing but couldn't reliably find what it was in time

I was very nearly beaten to death by a hamburger, and then I accidentally opened a can of beans all over space.

All in all a successful delivery!

Good learning curve and introduces new elements clearly before ramping up the complexity.  Good amount of puzzles too! Great work!

13/10 good dogs and also game

Whoops! Totally right - I had to flip the whole panel to fix a thing and forgot to flip the numbers - It's supposed to be '113' not '311' - Will get that fixed asap