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A ''bigger'' tennis game sometime. This excites me. Hopefully the sometime turns to probably. Its overall a solid game. It reminds of the mario tennis 64 and mario power tour game.

Awesome game. Its really relaxing and competitive at the same time. The music and gameplay is great. Along with the nice graphics. Just a suggestion. This game would benefit with a single player mode.

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This game looks great. Some suggestions. What about being able to customize the characters and the addition some game modes. Maybe even difficulty modes.

On a web browser. I can't remember which pages it happened on. Its kinda random. It just happens all of a sudden.

A good game with only a few shortcomings.It could get repetitive sometimes and a bit tedious. The inclusion of power ups would be great but overall a solid game. Is it me or the enemies look like mario?

Isn't working on my windows computer for some reason. It can't execute and go to the game. Am I missing something?

Sometimes the site will just stop loading things all of a sudden. If I click on something it will go to 404 error request. Even if I reload. I tried taking out the tabs then coming back to the site but the 404 error request thing is still there. I don't know how long it last but when I come back to the site after a while it works as normal. Hopfully it could be fixed.

This game look fresh and colourful. Looks pretty good but I can't play because when I tried the disclaimer said the game is not compatible with the version of windows I am running. Which is windows 7. I think its because its no longer genunine but I don't really know.

This game looks great and am having a blast playing it. Since I can't comment on another site to vote because am not making a account there. No to crowdfunding and yes to custom characters.

This games looks so wacky and silly... I like it. More features coming soon huh. I suggest you do that. Gonna play it soon.

I want to do this but I am not sure if the pc could handle it. Its one of the latest x tech pc.

Any screenshots of gameplay?

Nice an update. So what about adding a scope for guns. Its hard to know if youre actually shooting the enemy.

Hello am Dragonscud. I am an avid gamer and I plan to play many games as possible. :

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I can be a windows tester.

Git Gud lol

This game is reeeally polished and good for a demo. The cool charming artstyle and gameplay mixes together perfectly. Its like pokemon ranger meets secret of mana and am liking it. My only criticism is the puzzles. The switch mechanic puzzle could get repetitive so adding more puzzles would be good. You could hopefully add more creatures. There are so many shooting styles you could use. Hopefully more boss fights too but anyway this game has a lot of potential and am looking forward to the next release. OH. Will the other versions down the line and the full version be free?