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Talk about batman levels of prepared.

This is now my official headcanon for the GK and GQ!

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I need to get myself some skydwarves and finish building the rest of my dwarves.

Good story by the way!

Beware the Bucket.

THE POWER OF BOOZE COMPELS YE!!!!! I loved how this story ended. We really need more drunk-fu in stories.

Interesting.... yet I still have no idea what the ending means. I wouldn't mind an explanation as to what happened.

Yeah I'm planning on doing expanded prequels to both this story and my first one later on. I also need to work on my drawing skills so I can post art of the characters.

A beautiful work of poetry about a powerful magus looking back on his life as it neared its end.

Yeah I'm still a bit of an amateur. So I'll have to look into a proofreader for my stuff (maybe I should pay for a Grammarly subscription). I honestly could not figure out how to separate the third person viewpoint from the captain's first person viewpoint. Sorry about the confusing moments. It's hard to make a complex story in under 1,000 words, but I am planning on extending the story to the events leading up to the monologue, just like what I plan to do with my first story.

Yeah this is kind of a sequel to my first story for OPR "Protect the Child at all Costs". So this is the same Elizabeth from that story all grown up (well, she's 18 at this time, a Battle Sister Novice). Glad you liked it!

Not exactly fitting of the theme. But the ending was hilarious in a macabre way.

Interesting character. The reflection theme works rather well with the protagonist comparing herself to the poor little girl whose birthday she ruined.

Granted I have a very large bias against rats and mice in general so I care not for the plight of rat men.

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Quite a literal take on the Reflection theme. But I still loved it, quite an interesting portrayal of lust and how it grasps the mind like a muse.

The prose flowed like wine so to speak, with really only one hiccup in the third paragraph of the second column.

Love how you used the theme for a recruitment story!

Love the idea of Friendly Mummies!

Yowza! Did not expect this to be a Daemonette Origin Story... properly Grimdark and twisted.

Yes the Jotun was the Daemon Prince leading the hordes. The "Stony Bowling Balls" were the Trolls from Frozen, basically they were the ones who summoned the daemons to begin with, and they ended up being exterminated by the Feudal guard and the daemons, with the daemons possessing any dead and turning them into Draugurs (think Tzanngors but they're humans with ice spikes growing out of them in various places).

Love the last stand angle, and that ending was, oof. Granted my only gripe is a bit of grammar.

Don't worry, you'll get to meet the Sea Drake in a future story... granted I don't know whether or not to post the story on itch or on deviantart.

Yeah I unfortunately ran out of space regarding the "let them in" part.

Man that twist! Makes you wonder what happened to all those refugees... of course the true horror could be not knowing.

Definitely the origin of a Soul snatcher cult in the making. Well done.