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Protect the Child at all Costs.View project page

The last guard of a fallen world give their lives for their last hope.
Submitted by DragonMarine — 1 day, 18 hours before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#173.4213.421

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I love the oracle feel of the narator

The royal angle was kind of cool. The plot as a last thoughts of a doomed man at the head of a stalling tactic against the forces of Change (as in Change Demons? Change Brothers? Or just er... Havoc in general? Not too sure who the Stony Bowling Balls were meant to be. Though it didn't affect the expected outcome any). So who was the enemy anyway? I saw the Daemon Prince in the mood board. Was that the Jotun?


Yes the Jotun was the Daemon Prince leading the hordes. The "Stony Bowling Balls" were the Trolls from Frozen, basically they were the ones who summoned the daemons to begin with, and they ended up being exterminated by the Feudal guard and the daemons, with the daemons possessing any dead and turning them into Draugurs (think Tzanngors but they're humans with ice spikes growing out of them in various places).


Good read. I like the concept of the valor displayed by the narrator. Something about the name of the place and the depictions of the princesses reminded me of a movie I once saw. Well done. Also. I'm curious about Sea Drake. 


There is something about this that makes me think it’s not a last stand story, or last thoughts story? Curious,  but making one want to know more shows you were very effective in engaging the reader.


love how the let them in theme married so well with a last stand story


It worked very well as a fragment of a larger story. I would have liked a better sense of who the 'boy', the 'Sea Drake', was, and how he recieved Erik's message. I did like the little glimpse of the very Norse-influenced human culture framing the wormhole daemons as 'jotun'; that's a very human thing to do, contextualize the alien in terms of our existing mythology.


Don't worry, you'll get to meet the Sea Drake in a future story... granted I don't know whether or not to post the story on itch or on deviantart.


Please shoot me a link when you do - I'll gladly read it. I don't have a DA account though, so if you post there I may comment here :)


Quite fun and I did like it very much. 

Though the adherence to the theme could have been better as the part were the "let them in" happens is more so an event that happens rather than something that was connected to the overall story.

Great job nonetheless!


Yeah I unfortunately ran out of space regarding the "let them in" part.


I immediately get Nordic skald vibes from the intro, which I think is great. The storyteller approach is very nice and I like that aspect of the story. Gives it a much more grounded and personal feel like your grandfather telling you warstories.