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An alright game. The ricochet to recharge mechanic is ingenious but doesn't add much to the game. You just shoot and shoot and shoot and you're fine for two minutes. Please make it more clear what is a spike and what isn't. The theme also doesn't change the game very much. Even if the amount of time points you recieved was the same for every shot the gameplay wouldn't really change.

The graphics are very nice.

I never get bored of thi

Very appealing game. I love the "neon" -ish aesthetic. Would love to see a post-jam build.

How do I draw cards ??

This seemed like a very interesting game but I cannot draw any cards on the screen. When I click on them they just display some flavor text and I can't go any further in the game

Suffers from the same problem than most games where you controll a dice that rolls around: the solution is very difficult to predict/deduce. I just do random movements until I get the good number. 

Pretty fun but I got softlocked ;_;

I don't know how to play BlackJack so I didn't really understand the game. It does look very good, though.

This is the greatest game of all time.

I know it's terrible and all but hell did it make me laugh-

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An ok game. I can't get past one of the first forest level. As good as most of the games where you roll a dice around. I like the visuals, though.

An ok game.

It's fun, but a bit boring since not much happens (difficulty stays the same over time)

The dice mechanic also doesn't add much to the game. You don't need to touch your dice if you're fast enought to kill the enemies. Mabye if the dice sometimes randomly changed number without you touching it to encourage you to hit it there would've been more action.

I liked it. It'd be a great simple mobile game to pass the time.

Two things:

1: The game sometimes crashes after I finish a level (You can see a screenshot I took)

2: It would've been easier if you had to roll on the number tiles with the matching number on the top of the dice instead of the bottom.

I liked it, but solving levels is basically trial-and-error.

The idea of having your character be a dice is original and works well, but it can be hard to actually "deduce" the solution of a level. I finished most levels by randomly rolling my dice around the map and then trying to go for the exit. I think allowing you to see all the faces of the dice whenever you like instead of only one at a time would've made easier and more intuitive.

Edit: I figured it out

Great game, can't make survive during a minute lol.

Also how does this fits the theme 

Cool concept, but not enough depth. Also it's a bit repetitive.

Takes a bit of time to understand the controls, but I still had a good time. Like the graphics 

Fun little game, but too short. Concept could be expanded. I had fun, still.

I don't get it.

Mabye add a tutorial or something so I know what to do

I like it ! Reminds me of Icy tower.

Fun to play with a friend

aaaah c'est vrai. J'y avais pas pensé

Ah et aussi Paisible après midi au fil DES étoiles serait un meilleur nom

Les même personnes qui on fait paisible après midi au fil des toiles ! Les graphismes sont super beaux, et le jeu, aussi relaxant que paisible après midi au fil des toiles.

I like it, but there wasn't enough levels so it's not that fun. Also the concept of always controlling two entities at once is good but not very original. I like the minimalist graphics tho

Great ! I'm happy I helped ! I'm sure you can make a lot out of that Venn diagram concept. Great job for making this in 48 hours ! ( Also I forgot to say but the music is a real banger.)

Clever and well executed concept. Very fun to play but it takes a bit of time to learn the controls. Mabye a tutorial would be great. Besides this I really like this game and my high score is over 1000 (I didn't count precisely)

More ideas if you want to expand the game after the jam:

-Bonus dots that allows to slow down time to make sure you don't pick up red dots

-When you have five lives and get a glowing dot, give extra points instead of a bonus lives

-The possibility of adding your own circles in the diagram and change their size/move them around when you level up.