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You're in luck! I put one together a while back for a game jam, so there is one official module for it! I hope to do more in the future, but here's a link to that:

YESSS! I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Definitely sounds like a wild time, and I love to hear stories like this. Seems pretty par for the course from my own experiences and what I've heard of others playing it, so you're definitely doing it right!

I'm very sorry to hear about your circumstances. If you'd like, you're more than welcome to reach out to me in DMs on Twitter (@DraconickGaming) and I'll see about arranging a copy for you.

While I'm a small independent creator and I make hardly enough from this as is, I wouldn't want cost to be an obstacle to anyone.

This movie could well be a cult classic, but will be unlikely to achieve mainstream success. The opening scenes where the blue collar and white collar criminals team up to rob a bank are slow and confused, and characters are not adequately developed, nor is a clear theme established. However, the action really picks up when the first gunfight occurs. The fighting is very well choreographed, and we have a real thriller on our hands at this point. The proceeding twist for the criminal characters to relocate to Iceland is rather novel, but the pace once again slows down as they adapt to Icelandic life, and the commentary about Iceland’s “strangeness” may not resonate with international viewers. Once we are introduced to the mid-movie antagonists, we start to see the movie really become the gem that it is. Characters really come into their own, and we have a series of events that really get you invested. The costuming in these scenes are also astounding, and will be the inspiration of cosplayers for years to come. The impact of the mid-movie conflict is somewhat cheapened by the deaths of several minor characters and the swiftness with which these antagonists are defeated, but the action is once again good and pleasing to watch. When the government-cyborg robocop comes in, many viewers are left shaking their heads in confusion, and the plot loses itself in a haze of (admittedly beautiful) gunfire. This does lead to some very quotable moments though, and oddly enough sets the movie up for a satisfying conclusion that actually does arrive at the point it was trying to make, if in a roundabout way.

6/10 Guilty pleasure.

Thanks, glad you like them!

Preview screenshots have been added!

Oh my gosh, that sounds really wacky and I love it! I hope it goes well for you!

Hey! I don't believe I know anyone by that name, so you probably have the wrong person, but it's possible I'm misremembering. Totally okay though, you have a great day as well!

No worries, happy to clarify!

-The GM sets the target difficulty for success on a roll.

-The GM will award money as the players earn it.  Alternatively, the players may agree on an amount of money to be awarded on success of various tasks.

Hey, thanks for the interest! No module as of yet, but if there's sufficient demand for it, I'd consider creating one. On your own for the moment though!

Guess I forgot to hit "Post" last time! Feel free to add this to the bundle!

I would also really like to see revenue splitting here.

Seconded entirely. There's a lot of potential for growth for Itch if they do this, and it would be very helpful for creators here in the TTRPG sphere. I'm sure it would also be useful to some of the other types of creations itch allows for, like comics. I sincerely hope we see this in the near future.