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Dr. standback

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nice game, fun and love the music.

good idea of a horror game

Also, on another note this is good for people that don't really play visual novels. There's lots of battle scenes that makes it matter to make the choice that actually do count. The characters voices are very fun to listen to as well and you must listen to their warnings, or don't.

Best visual novel ever played. 10 out of 10. Played for two days straight and cannot get enough of the multiple stories. 

When I first played the demo when this first came out, I knew this game would be good. So right away I bought the game when it was released. This game was worth the wait, and it was worth the money. 

more levels, super fun game. NEED MORE!

this game is very fun.

Nice try but that almost got me.

Unique gameplay and it creeped me out a little

Star min we'll be reading your request shortly.

This game is bigger than you think. 

but have fun with all the games

Link: Don't open the door by Dr. standback (

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Sounds interesting, I am well with characters design. 

You can check out some of my skills on a game called don't open the door:

If you need any assistance I would like to help

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Sounds simple right? But is it really as simple as it seems? Come to the room and find out: Don't open the door by Dr. standback (

Don't open the door by Dr. standback (

Glad you enjoyed the game. There are always a lot to discover on this game. Even though you do not suppose too open the door.

Hey, I saw this on the help of marketing.  I have a game that people love but no YouTuber hasn't got their hands on it. Would you like to be the first? 

here is the link: Don't open the door by Dr. standback (

Have to support my fellow don't do it games. This feel like a memory of the first time I develop don't open the door. It was short and sweet like this one. I like this. The simplest games always have the best plays

That good to hear! I'm so glad!

Old original classic. A timeless classic of horror game. 9\10. This game really got me a good jump scare

I normally find these games annoying but the characters keep me entertained and I like them. there pretty funny too. The fun interactions with these puppet characters kept me company as I'm suffering through puzzles and it makes me like puzzle games. 

This game better then the other puzzle games. I love it.

the art is nice. I like it.

Thanks for supporting. wait you didn't listen to my game? It says don't open the door? ]:/ lol

If he finds you, you can't outrun him. But there are tons of tricks on this game and little ways to cheat but that's the only hint I'm going to give

It happened sometimes. Usually when the game become popular it usually has money from the beginning to pay for advertisement. And sometimes you have to get lucky for a YouTuber to play it.

Here's my game by the way

I win

probably the best choice based game I ever played in my entire life. Other choice-based games usually lead to the same path or have a limit, but this game seems like **it has endless possibilities!!** I'm into visual novels but having voice actors really bring the story to life, not a lot of visual novels do that.

If you are a YouTuber or any type of common player that don't feel like reading, I highly recommend this game. I can go on and on of how amazing this game is but for God's sake just play it for yourself!

As for the creator of this game I am waiting for the full release excitedly waiting (how I'm feeling) this is the biggest game coming out on steam!

I got bad end? what happened?! what did I do wrong?!

This game is so cool. Another game I'm addicted to is now here.

I was curious to see if there's any changes on the game, so I start making random noises and it's still recorded it normally like I said, "I do not recognize the bodies in the water"

I know it's just a simulation, but I was curious to see if there's anything that's going to change. fun scp game

Addiction activated

This game is very addicting to play

very entertaining game, something about these types of games is always coming up with unique mini survive game. It felt like a missing squid game episode knowing you have to roll the dice just to survive. Very creative idea and I enjoy this game very much 

1936 kills, it nonstop. cool

well, then. I would like more doors

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I really wanna see more in this project. Hey first person Isaac afterbirth game is a great idea HAHA! Good game  good game!

what making these games popular again? I come across a lot of these on the popular section but with just different graphics. despite the fact that I waited for hours and the fact that other games have done the exact same thing but what a chase I do have fun jumping on the bus before it even stops at the station

This game is horror? Or a comedy lol

I am happy to see this game get a new full game and I find this game quite funny with the characters from the last game. It brings back childhood memories lol

I wasn't scared of it, but it was quite fun. I answered pretty honest to the respect of the game and had fun doing a little quiz. I am quite difficult to scare though

It's a meme 

Nice game though

This horror game is quite easy to follow. All jumps scare and sound effect doesn't matter just ignore them and watch out from squid ward. 

What scares me most is usually sound effects that do matter like you can hear things approaching you So once I found out all the creepy running and sounds are not coming from squidward the game was quite understandable