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dogma quest

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sick game

great idea and great execution

Yo nice! I think I may turn this into a full game so thanks for stress testing it haha I'll definitely fix that. 

Thanks! I actually do have a discord if you'd like to join you can click the banner at the top of ! thanks for the interest!

cool gam love the feel! 

Oh yea that'd be cool, I see what you mean. I'd like to add a lot of stuff to help with the tediousness like a box select and a freeze or pause time

if you get far enough it basically is a sandbox mode I think at floor 50 you can start spawning players, but that can be tough to reach. if I continue development I'll definitely make a full sandbox mode along with the main gameplay, thanks for the feedback 

cool game....

yo thanks a ton!

Super cool mood

great game  :^)


I'll check it out

No problemo! thank you for the support!

At the time of your comment, there was no x86 version, but I have now uploaded one! its is labeled BunnyHill_Windows32bit and was built using the x86 architecture, as opposed to the other x86_64. I'm not too knowledgeable about this, so let me know which one works best!

Thank you for the kind words and if there are any problems let me know!

very cool! I like it a lot! 

I like the cactus garden very cool, I also like how the sound is responsive and reacts to what you do and where you go nice job

So cool! awesome art and i like the radio and eating the dog

progression of mechanics is sweet, character dialogue is great, I really liked the guy in the watering can spitting ideas. The atmosphere with the music and the perspective warping that makes you feel small is so spot on! another banger game

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! 

Hey thanks for playing it! I used unity and got the pixelated look by rendering the camera to an image texture at a low resolution like 640 by 360 (still 16:9 aspect ratio), and then I just used some post processing to get the grain and adjust colors to try and make it look moodier or older haha. 

if you want to do a ps1 style super in depth, the ps1 had a thing where it averaged the position of each vertex so it gave it a wobbly effect and the effect could be reproduced in a shader in any engine.  I didn't do this for this game but I want to try it in the future! 

awesome computer game

really crazy visuals! the 3d and 2d work well together and are both pretty cool nice job

haha thank you!

Thanks! and mouse look is a great idea

Thanks for the feedback!

yo thanks for the feedback, super helpful. The pillar climbing is not a bug, but I could add better visuals so that it is clearer for sure! If I ever update it this is all on the list, thanks!

thanks haha yea the end is pretty challenging 

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! glad you enjoyed it

Yea for sure! Thank you!

Hey thanks! there isn't right now but if people like the game I may consider adding to it or making a more expansive version so its on my list thanks for the feedback

thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it!

thanks so much!

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thank you!

nice puzzles, I really like the small sprites too, they fit super well

Awesome sprites and music, very polished! it was fun to play 

Hey, there aren't any bugs in this video, you just have to rotate the camera and use the vines to climb up the wall.