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B.Y.O. Dungeon is my brand new game. A hack of Daniel Sell's brilliant Troika, it simplifies the gameplay and brings it a bit closer, mechanically speaking, to that game's roots in Fighting Fantasy. This starter booklet contains all of the rules that you need to play. I'm also supporting the game with my BYODungeon Blog. Check out the latest post for a fun printable activity. Who doesn't want to color in their personal nemesis and give them nasty abilities?

You can get the core book free, here at I'm going to be releasing a LOT more content, so keep an eye out!

So I put out my Troika hack, B.Y.O. Dungeon, yesterday. I've been working on it for a while. There's more to come. I plan to blog a bunch of new content. Is that okay for the jam?

Thank you. Got it. Now it says virus detected?

what format do the tiles come in?