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A lot you could do with this system. Be fun to generate dungeons using negative or risky/rewarding words.

Lemme see what I can do, good gamer.

I have an idea for a houserule hack. When you're rolling for settlement size, the size result tells you what die to roll on the Governance table. 1-4 is a d4. 5-6 is a d6, 7-8 is a d-8 and 9-10 is a d10.

Yeah, it happens. I really like all this content.

On page 18 there is no header for the bottom table, which I assume is hoard of coin?

On page 17 there are two identical tables, connected to one another. The Trinket and Valuable Treasure tables both have the exact same contents.

Hey, on page 16 of the GM's guide there are two Happenstance tables, each with the same results. The one on the top, connected to the History table makes sense to me. But I'm not sure about the one on the bottom, which contains both Happenstance and ...Searching For. Is the second Happenstance table supposed to be an NPC?

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Also, I love that you focus, not just on samurai, but on all walks of life. I feel that a Japanese-inspired game just isn't good if you don't do that. Rolled up a character that I really like:

Kawauso Takeo

Fire 39

Earth 30

Water 24

Wind 27


From a river village, has a net, knows sailing and swimming

Sailor, has a matchlock pistol, knows firearms and brawling

Has some rice balls


Fashionable with earnest eyes and a slim frame

Precise-looking hands with a joyful face and a breathy voice

Hey, this is fantastic. Have we talked about it before? I love the damage statist, with the 10's value doing your damage. More powerful characters can do more damage that way. So simple.

Well, if it's cool with you, I do have some ideas. This is just such a neat system.

This game is so nice. Do you have expansions coming out? Or adventures

Hey, quick question. Do larger items count as more than one item?

Okay, I was thinking that was the case. And all of the other tags, such as hardy or uncouth, just apply situational modifiers when appropriate?

Hey, I have a quick question. What does a result of BONUS on the Boon table do?

Oh, those are cool options.

Hey, so long as that's what you want in the system. I really dig this book. I have no plans to cheese it. Feels like I'd rob myself of drama and immersion. Just like to find combos and things and present them to devs in case it happens to be something unexpected.

I'm really going to get a lot of mileage out of this. Might play some Hyrule games, but for poops and giggles I also want to play one set in the Mushroom Kingdom, and one set in Fantasia/Fantastica, from The Neverending Story.

I'm now thinking about the Bosses of the dungeons. Once you have the Relic of the dungeon you're going to be rolling +1 die for all rolls in the dungeon, including against the Boss. So if I've got my legendary gear attached to +3 stat and I just choose to use that stat, regardless of what the trials say, I've got about an 87% chance of beating him.

I don't like to min/max. And this game seems like it would feel too hollow to cheese it. I'm just big into analyzing rules and offering suggestions or insight.

Hey, this is looking good so far. One question I have is about attributes used to face a trial. Say, for instance, the 2 of Spades is a trial of Combat and Exploration. How many rolls do I make? For instance, do I roll first against Combat, and then again against Exploration? Or do I instead combine the two attributes and roll using that total of dice? Or is it just one roll, choosing either Combat or Exploration?

As far using a different statistic goes, can I simply choose to use a different stat whenever I feel like it? If so, from the consequences that I've seen so far, it doesn't seem like there's a downside to just rolling 3 dice with your highest stat whenever it's called for. The odds of success are so much higher (70% vs 33%), that I'm not sure that the extra damage balances it out, at least at early levels.

Have you considered having failed non-standard rolls also increase the Fear rating by an additional +1?

Anyway, I'm not done with my read-through yet.

I like this one. Shades of Lasers and Feelings and Space Aces.

Nice. Yeah, this is pretty cool.

I am really liking what I see here. I have some questions about gameplay.

Does that matrix of icons in the lower left determine your initial stats?

Are the 1-, 2-, and 3-dice strips on the lower right the proficiencies? So, like, normally you roll 1d6 and proficiencies allow you to roll more? How exactly do thise armies work?


Ooh, maybe even a zine, you say? @Adalil, I've cut and pasted the pages on my own using gimp and Scribus.

You had me at "little tactical game complete with minis."

Oh, yeah. These. Can't wait to see how the Colossus comes out. Starship racing is something that I've wanted to see done more of, so that's awesome. My very first article that was every published in an RPG book was about Mirror Universes in Traveller. Near and dear to my heart!

@Bleeps, nope, the oracles here are pretty evocative.

@P0rthos47, it's all because of your design.

Please note that episode one, listed below, is not as well-formatted as subsequent episodes.

Jett is a bit of a classic pulp hero in a universe with a feel inspired by Star Trek, but with a grittier approach.

Jett has no defined gender or ethnicity, so you can put yourself in their shoes.

The writeups include OOC notes showing the gameplay approach and different rulings.

@bleeps the legion of us Space Aces is growing!

This game has had such a cool development cycle.

Please keep up the really fantastic work on this game. Hey, I'm planning on printing things out, but I would like to have maybe a bit more space to write my traits. Do you know of a way to enlarge each card to say,  3"x5" without impacting resolution?

Just picked this up. Love pirates, love solo stuff. Are you the guy who did the solo game where you roll dice and go forward on numbered sections of a list?

Hmm, maybe I will write some. I wasn't looking to see Dungeon Hero become something that it's not. I really like it for what it is. Just wanted to riff about storytelling. But I will go and check out Fable on Your Table, too. THanks

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Okay. I dig that. Yeah, I was thinking that the branching narrative would be something like, say 1-22, you're climbing a mountain. But then at 23 you have a lock icon and if you' can beat, let's say a d8 or d10 hidden rock trait with your Elf Eyes or something, you can instead advance to A1. A1 is 4 sections long and has strong monster traits. It spits back out at 32. Otherwise you continue down the main line, taking longer but facing less dangerous adversaries.

These alternate tracks could be in text boxes on the right-side margin.

Oh, and do you have a random treasure generator or anything? Man, I'm loving this system.
EDIT: Oh, I see what you mean about size. Yeah, the pocketmod thing. I was reading them on the regular PDF thinking you could just add more pages.

Nice work! I haven't checked out the second volume yet. Have you thought of doing split tracks? Like rolling a die to see where you go or allowing players to choose shortcuts that have greater dangers?

B.Y.O. Dungeon is my brand new game. A hack of Daniel Sell's brilliant Troika, it simplifies the gameplay and brings it a bit closer, mechanically speaking, to that game's roots in Fighting Fantasy. This starter booklet contains all of the rules that you need to play. I'm also supporting the game with my BYODungeon Blog. Check out the latest post for a fun printable activity. Who doesn't want to color in their personal nemesis and give them nasty abilities?

You can get the core book free, here at I'm going to be releasing a LOT more content, so keep an eye out!

So I put out my Troika hack, B.Y.O. Dungeon, yesterday. I've been working on it for a while. There's more to come. I plan to blog a bunch of new content. Is that okay for the jam?

Thank you. Got it. Now it says virus detected?

what format do the tiles come in?