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I really thought I was going to breeze through this! It's kind of amazing how easy it is to recognize something without actually remembering what it looks like. 

Your work on the tweening was absolutely worth it, and made a simple concept feel surprisingly good. As someone else working with Godot, I'll definitely be combing through your postmortem and I appreciate you putting one together!

This was a lot of fun! Like some of the commenters on the game page, I was frustrated at times by the tight perspective, but I don't feel like that's a weakness so much as another mechanic to learn. Since the LoS of the guard dogs is so clearly laid out, I never felt like I couldn't get enough information about what was going on or needed a peek mechanic. That said, I did notice some behavior around bones that may have been unintentional--Once I dropped a bone well away from where I wanted to go, and when the guard reached the bone its LoS extended much farther than it would have normally (I think) and caught me!

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Love it! I've gotta say I did more intentional getting Maya pets than anything else. I felt like the big dog timing was particularly difficult to get down--maybe that was intentional? :P (1:06, by the way. I need to learn to put in a set endpoint for jam games -- it's much more satisfying than just playing indefinitely)

I really enjoyed both being a Pride Flag and Winning; the movement is smooth, too! Do you have more planned for a tile-based puzzle game in the future?

Hey, it's still an entry and progress! (Our entry is pretty rough, but it's more of a game than our entry for MFGJ Winter 2019!). Do you plan to keep working on it? 

I love the concept! Especially for a first game I think it's a good start. The difficulty ramps up fast, though--is that intentional? The movement feels clunky to me. I think because the enemies move in a continuous fashion and the player seems to be on a grid, it's easy to get stuck when a bunch of enemies swarm up. It makes me wish that "Dance" did something like recover health or push back enemies (even without a non-aesthetic function, it's still a lot of fun just to dance in front of the float while waiting to get close enough to bigots/zombies, though). 

Thanks for the feedback! I edited the description to make it clear.