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[DEVLOG] - Coldsnap A survival Platformer.

A topic by denialmedia created Jan 26, 2020 Views: 183 Replies: 15
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[Coldsnap - DAY ONE]

First Test Build

Test Build Play

This is my first game jam, I have never even tried to finish a game. I have years of experience in unity, gamemaker, and coding. I just have never attempted a game. I would be like, hmmm, wonder how Diablo Movement would work, then I would figure it out and do nothing with it. 

My Idea: 

I thought maybe a survival like platformer could be fun, and something I thought I would be able to do. So, I was thinking, I needed to build a system for hunger, heat, thirst and health.  It would be a one way platformer. (haven't started the one way yet,.) So you need to fill your hunger, thirst and warmth. I have built the warmth mechanic. So when you get to a fire,  your warmth goes back to 30 seconds. I also turned a bug into a feature. I forgot to shut off gravity for the particles. Because of this, you can now jump over a fire and get a big jump boost. 

Next on my todo list, is to add animals, and ai. Killing them is how you will get food for your hunger meter. I haven't decided how I want to handle thirst yet. But that is a way down the list. I can kill it, and it shouldn't effect the gameplay much. But yeah, this is where I'm at on the first full day of work. 

Sidenote: It's going way better then I could imagine, I'm two days ahead of my schedule of how long I thought things would take me to do, and I'm having a blast! But it's Saturday. Lets see if some beers help or hinder this process. FOR SCIENCE! 

EDIT: Just wanted to add link to Trello Board in case you wanted to see where I am at.  Link To Trello Board

EDIT2:  The .gif ,,,,, I done sped it up. That's not actual gameplay. 

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[DAY 2] - 5:56 am

Just woke up, while waiting for coffee I made this. 


This is a bird.

It's my bird enemy. Obviously it's a temp image. (Unless I don't get to  making new stuff.)  First things first this morning, I want to get  AI working. I'm just not sure how I want to do it.  Hopefully after a cup of coffee, and some breakfast I will figure out how I want AI to work. That's pretty much my only goal for today, making AI and getting it working, as well as adding health, and attack. Anything I do after that is just icing on the proverbial cake. 

9:28 am - From bug to mechanic

I forgot to add a physics material to my character in unity. It's a basic thing that I just didn't think about until I was sticking to platforms. As I was  fixing the player, I came up with an idea. So, I have my character setup so anything equipped is a separate entity. Currently it's just a flashlight, but I have intentions of adding weapons and whatever else I can think of. My player controller is setup so that you move, jump with WASD keys, and you use your mouse to control item.  So I made this thing it photoshop:

Now, if I don't add a physics material to this umm I don't know what it's called. You can use it to  climb walls, and grab platforms. It needs it basically works. I for sure need to work on it to make it feel right, and good. But the concept is working. Still haven't tackled AI. It's next, I swear. 


it's awesome to see it in motion already! and honestly the temp art is perfect. is the tool an ice pick?


Yeah, that would be what it's called. When I saved it out of photoshop, I couldn't think of it so it's called sickle in the game right now,. LMAO


While adding the ice pick is a good idea, I would suggest focusing on the core mechanics first. Feature creep can unfortunately bog projects down. That being said, I like what I see so far, can we see your bird in action with a gif?

I already got rid of the ice pick, getting ready to do a day 3 devlog. I basically did something I always got confused by when watching like devlogs on youtube. They will of worked on a game for  like a year, then be like. I decided I was going to switch engines and scrap everything. Well, I kind of did that. Everything was so hacked together. I could never find what I was looking for. Like I had a couple of my timer bars in one script, but health bar in another, and then enemy health in one. It was a mess, made more sense to just scrap it, and start from scratch. In the long run, it will save me WAY more time then it took to clean it all up. 

With that being said, I did get everything redone,  and  I will record some the  AI  working with  my  redesigned birb. 

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Oof, that always sucks when you have to scrap everything and go back to square one. I look forward to seeing your birb!

Actually, you know, it sucked at the time. But working on the game is way more fun now. Completely worth it. 

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[DAY 3] - The scrapening

Ok, so I used to be so confused when I watched devlogs on youtube, and  a creator would spend like a year on a game, then decide they where going to switch engines, or whatever. I was like why? You have a pretty nice looking working game. Then came adding health to my player. My code was so hacked together I was spending more time trying to figure out what script I needed to add code  to get whatever it was I wanted to get working that it was quickly becoming no fun. <- wow, run on sentence much? Anyways, I spent day 2, into day 3 with an entire new project, organizing  code. 

Another reason for all this, I didn't like the feel of my character, I wanted something that seemed faster, and more controlled. Just an overall better feel. 45 minutes or so on google, I decided to change my character controller from rigid body, to raycasting. Seemed like now was the time to do it. I wouldn't say I lost a day by any means, I had all the code written, just needed to optimize it. So I spent the day rewriting the character controller, and just overall cleaning this mess off a project up. I did get the AI finished, added health, and redid the UI. 

I have a ton of non game jam related stuff to do today,  so we shall see what  I manage to get done. 

Birb 2.0

Porktail (aka, I needed a break from code, so I sketched something I have zero intentions on using. 

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Amazing birb, and the piggy down there fits with the theme as well!

I like Porktail as well, but it's a different version of pathfinding. Don't  think I want to try to tackle that right now.  lol


Perhaps a flying pig, then? Porktail could fly in and help a player who's down on their luck!


Oh wow, I was just scrolling through the threads when I saw your post. It looks we had the same idea… I like your implementation so far, and the art style is cool, too!


Yeah, I think a lot of people landed on similar ideas. Looking forward to how everyone implements them. Should be fun.. They art style is a hard one for me. I draw and all that, but when I do. It's like a 10 hour piece. So, trying to keep all my art assets down to like 15 minutes. So far, the look is. Something. My main character was supposed to be just temp art. But I kind of fell in love with em' so if anything he will just get a proper art session if I have the time. 

Thank you, and good luck with your game! 

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[DAY 4] - It's in the mail

I didn't have much time to do anything else yesterday, but what I have been doing is getting up three or so hours earlier then I normally do, so at the very least I have a few hours in the morning while drinking my coffee, and  getting ready for the day to do something, then hope I have some time in the evening to do some more work. If I don't then at least I gotten something done everyday. Now on to what I woke up too this morning. 

I'm no musician. Just one of those things I never focused on in my life. I can't play a guitar, I took like 2 drum lessons. I'm  a horrible singer, but no amount of whiskey has stopped me from crooning some karaoke. That being said, I'm still very active in the local music scene, always have been. I have always been the guy who did the flyer designs, took the band pictures, and I owned a DJ business for quite awhile in my life so heaven knows how often I have loaned out my PA system.  So over the weekend, planning ahead I called up a friend who has way more talent in these area's then I ever will, asked him if he could make me some music.  We discussed the feel I was wanting, and that was that. Got first piece of music in my email today, absolutely love it. 

Atmospheric Creepy - By Eric Garland

So, I think this morning I will add my audio system. Shouldn't take long. (famous last words, I know.)

6:57 am  - depreciated audio? 

Yeah, not so simple. The way I used to do it, is no longer supported. soooo...

Let's play the how many tabs can I open trying to figure something out game. 


"a creator would spend like a year on a game, then decide they where going to switch engines, or whatever. I was like why? You have a pretty nice looking working game. Then came adding health to my player." admittedly made me laugh really hard. game dev is really one of those things that you don't fully understand how hellish it is until you're doing it haha...

also this track is really awesome!! it definitely creates an unsettling atmosphere...