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We all cooked 🔥🔥🍳

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad that you find it cute ^^

Thank you

I love how many UI elements and menus are present here.

Also, the level/gameplay scene has its sprites placed carefully; it's immersive for me.

Overall, of it complements with the art style and its colors!

Great work Zuhaitz and Aina! ✨✨

Thank you!

Thanks! It took a lot of time and it's all worth it ✨

Thank you! I did my best to make it feel cozy 🌈✨

Thank you!

Thank you Zuhaitz! I love making cute and colorful subjects for the game concept ✨✨

Thank you!

Thank you!

The game mechanic in which the player must kill the character in order to spawn at certain areas is really clever. I like the boat part in this game.

Fun metroidvania and puzzle platformer which you get to control your physical and astral bodies to advance in varying areas! The concept is solid in my opinion, and the theme was included well with its game controls and lore.

Each area's layout has their purpose for the player to switch back and forth with their form. Also, the background music rocks! It was a really fun experience in my case.

The beats in this shmup is incredible! I love how the bullets syncs to the BGM, and how satisfying it is to mash the keys for shooting. The colors did very well for the visuals too.

The narrative and voice acting are superb! I like how each details emphasizes the theme, and how coming in terms with things that just don't work anymore was portrayed. Playing this game also feels as if you're watching a short film, it just works. Great work to the team behind this art!

Maybe it's my device that can't handle it, as unfortunately I wasn't able to swing or build enough momentum to make swings with the vines. Still, I was able to advance by jumping on vines carefully.

The performance on my end wasn't intended, and I still enjoyed jumping from one vine to another!

The background has the details! Those details tell the other side, previous world's happenings after the protagonists death, and that's clever. It's also fun to toss yourself around the areas, and it's just satisfying to hit the targets. As for the boss itself, I'm confused to how or when it becomes vulnerable. So in the end I wasn't able to beat it.

Still, I think the game captures the theme nicely with its lore, notably with the aforementioned regarding the background itself. It reminds the player somehow that the protagonist have already ended its previous life and this is the new one.

Fun platformer which presents disorienting level designs. Each level is unique in terms of its atmosphere and game controls. There are times wherein keyboard is the only thing usable while others must use the mouse as well. The details are there in regards to advancing through levels, even if they are subtle.

It followed the theme very well in means of its dynamics and execution of its objectives.

The art is simply amazing! I love how the parallax background adjusts when the mouse moves, and it is also satisfying to see work altogether when the slider is being used. Not to mention, the background also transitions gracefully. For me these aspects certainly adds up to the juice of the game!

The constant switching of sides is great, and I get to use most of the characters in different orders. My favorite characters to deploy are the Mage and Shaman that's for sure.

I know that the theme being applied here is the death mechanic, in which you get to keep the abilities post-mortem. Still, it is possible to finish the game without dying. I think what could be done here is to increase the number of enemies per room or just their durability (since there are enemies who spread bullets). The life could also be decreased so that the player has the risk of dying immediately if they move carelessly.

The camera shake and CRT/screen effect compliments the visuals. The SFX makes it feel like an arcade game so it is a nice touch to it.

I believe that the game could be expanded more with other variety of enemies, room layouts, and upgrades. Good job with the entry!

A very fun game with unique mechanics of killing sacrificing villagers for more blessings/upgrades! (Just believe that it's for the greater good, don't mind it.) The upgrades are versatile and there's this one that had me laughing lol.

The use of day and night cycle just works; it is not there just for visual purposes, but also for determining the game's design and its mechanics. Over the course of the gameplay, you get to feel that a day's of killing sacrificing villagers is about to end and something is coming i.e. the demons of the night.

The camera, 3d environment, and pixel art works perfectly together for me. The wobbly effect while moving is not jarring at all, the 3d world makes it feel more open to explore with, and the pixel art is cute.

Overall, it's a cool game with juices and delivers fun experience to the player!

The gameplay is solid for me, it takes a while to adjust as the enemies get spawned almost immediately at the start, but you can get by eventually and be used on keeping every node to function well. For me the easy seasons are the tornadoes and meteors, as for aliens, I find them kind of difficult due to their speed.

The audio and models work very well just as how they delivered the atmosphere, notably, with the cutscene everyone's talking about.

If the game is going to be updated or expanded out, I think the enemy's spawn at the start could do some adjustments/delay so that the player have enough time to prepare things out. Great work for all of it!

The paths you can take and hide into are placed well, and each level has their unique setting, atmosphere and game mechanics. I enjoyed the visuals as much as I did with the gameplay (the dash feels great). The ending given after completing the game is also a nice touch.

The way it starts anew by having the items from the previous run remain on the same spot is also a good idea. I see that this game can be expanded with more levels (I don't know if it was intentional, but it seems that the bottom part of the starting area have enough spaces for other routes). For me it handled the theme, visuals, and gameplay mechanics (i.e. hide, dash, and collect items) nicely, so great work with this entry!

Nice concept to use the cycle of the day to switch roles which drastically changes the gameplay. The player can anticipate what's coming once they got used on the first cycle, with it, they can feel that the level's about to end and start anew, and the game executed it nicely. Also, the large sizes of the sun and moon helped on emphasizing what's about to come and the game's core mechanic itself.

The only issue I encountered is the camera as I can't see enough towards the direction I'm heading to in which the enemies are coming from.

It is a nice jam game, well done!

Holding shift on that slope shoots me to the sky, and I'm not complaining, I love it! Speedrunning fits too on the theme, and the game cleverly applies it towards the levels as its core game mechanic.

Definitely not Karlson (and definitely not sus)!

Seeing the expansion of the village over the course of the game is satisfying! You can feel the growth with each generation as you get to gather resources much faster and conveniently. It also kinda reminds me of GameHouse' vibes for some reason. Overall, works on the theme and its gameplay mechanics!

Theme was interpreted and applied here very well, the visuals and audio are good, and the game controls are functioning smoothly. Good game for this jam!

Hi, artist here! Thanks a lot for mentioning these issues, we'll add them to our to-do list!

Regarding the bullets, it was mentioned that it was a reload function. We could make an indicator for that, but in order to be much clearer to the player, it should be pointed out within the tutorial scene.

Again, thank you for the feedback, and I hope you enjoyed our little game!

The sprites and background are done well, overall, the art is great! It's also good to see that a lore is incorporated within the game, notably, it follows the given theme.

As for the gameplay, it is nice to have many platforms to use when reaching and defeating the enemies, but I find it really dark and most of them does not stand out as platforms. Perhaps an outline might help on making the platforms much visible, so that the player can anticipate where and when to land.

I believe that the game delivered its executions based from its lore very well, and it can do more.

The visuals and audio were done well, but I find it difficult to move the fungus when gliding mid-air. Also it's a bit hard to aim for the carcasses because there is no guide for it's trajectory (like in Angry Birds).

Overall I think it has a solid concept and it could be expanded and explored more. Good work!

The theme is applied very well as core mechanics within the game, in which you can only advance to the next one by utilizing the old and new beginning. Great work for the puzzle platformer!

I find it difficult to lose when you have 2 rows of sunflowers, even at the 19th wave where everything is sped up the plants still holds their defense which kind of defeating the purpose of the other role. Perhaps the zombies can be more tough within the next waves?

Game theme is executed perfectly within the puzzles in my opinion. Great job on the level design overall!

Hello everyone, we've released Chrono Horizon, a shoot 'em up game for Brackey Game Jam 2023!

Shoot your way against the aliens, upgrade your ship, and leap through time to survive. Play it on!

This is the jam version and it will undergo development for fixes and updates. If you had an experience with our game, please let us know what you think!

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This game rocks and I like Cirno and Patchouli's dialogues

Btw, I got most of the items without using the dash by either jumping mid-air or timing the jump with the last bounce (because I forgot the dash mechanic until I found areas that really needs it)


Greetings! We're happy to announce that our entry, Frog Twist, is out in public and available to be played!

Play as a frog and catch as many bugs as possible with Froggy's tongue within the 20 second time limit:

Proudly presented to you by Winter (Ruby), claire (clairebun), and DeanAbadPixels (DeanAbad)!

I clearly forgot, thanks for reminding me. I'll put one right away!

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Hello everyone! Here we have a game about slicing as many monsters as possible within the 20-second limit. Grab that katana and start hacking the enemies!

Play it at!

Hello everyone, I'm happy to share that our game for Game Off 2022 is out! Play it at!

Water Water Everywhere is a survival action game where you play as a lone sailor that is stranded from numerous islands, and now must live a life surviving the harsh environments and lack of water to drink! Slay enemies and hydrate yourself!

Please check it out and let us know what you think!

Gladly brought to you by Team Auboreal