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OH MY GOSH, THANK YOU FOR SHARING THESE.... ohh I love them ; v ;

can I ask something silly? am I imagining it or is there a lil bit of chemistry between the witch and Astrid bc.... they're cute...

sorry I can only see the global and settings files, I haven't saved the game because I can't access the title screen or anything, also sorry just to clarify, I didnt mean to put this on the demo version, I have the full version

I can't get past the first loading screen

hello! I downloaded your game for PC recently, I'm encountering a problem which leaves me stuck on a blank loading screen, just after the intro logos display but before I can even get to the title screen. I tried deleting and extracting my files again, I also tried deleting the ZIP and redownloading that. I also tried to see if the demo version would work - and it did, so something in this version of the game must be tripping up my PC

any help I can get troubleshooting is much appreciated, thank you!

I went over everything and double checked - I think I got it! it still didn't work when I tried the "isReady" condition but I realized the map I tried to use had multiple layers and I think that might've been messing it up, but now it seems to work! Thank you so much for making this and for helping me so thoroughly

- yes, I checked and it's just the usual Tilemap, not a collision mask

- I double checked, it should be CSV

- I'm not 100% sure about that? should it be on layer 0?

- I got a "Not yet ready to generate a collision!" error in the debugger, not sure what that means

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I haven't tried it before no, but I followed your guide as closely as I could and still couldn't make it work. My character fell through even though I made sure to run the event at the beginning to autofill the tilemap, I made sure that behavior was applied, had my Collision tiles marked and gave the objects the platform behavior. I could try it again but I sincerely don't know where I went wrong if there was a mistake on my part somewhere

I also couldn't get it working properly on the latest version of GDevelop -  this extension would be an absolute lifesaver if I could get it running!

made it to 50, think that's all I have in me for now - good luck everyone!

probably just time management - I mentioned leaving the bulk of the graphics, pretty much everything, until the last 48 hours. I feel like if I spaced it out more evenly I could've been spending more of my last couple days polishing up the level design. I ended up doing a very slap-dash method of triggering text boxes too n if I'd organized more ahead of time maybe I could've actually put together a much more cohesive system for it.

It's funny like, the more time you spend organizing, the more time it saves you in the long run when you're not trying to slap things together and having to go back and fix them when they don't quite work.

Claire's grappling hook was a new thing for me too, I have had a little practice with projectiles but not that particular kind. I wasn't sure it'd work because my entry isn't really a physics based platformer so I had to think outside the box for how to manipulate it properly - I think it works pretty well ultimately. It was also one of the most uh, prominent breakages I had in the playtest phase lol

the drawn cutscenes were a nice touch, very relaxing game

simple but elegant and cohesive in design. I'm also not really good at reflex based challenges, I did find myself wishing there were more levels early on with a focus on finding clever ways to traverse the stage than just memorizing the timing for different patterns of spikes. The mechanic of having to bounce off walls in order to get over pits was also cool.

All in all, solid work 👍

I'm not entirely sure how this relates to the theme...?

one of the better if not the best RPG style entries I've seen for the jam thus far - I also appreciate there being a checkpoint system that doesn't force me to start over like some of the other entries did

the controls did feel a touch slippery at times and managing two sets of controls plus various attack buttons by the time the Golem is introduced felt a bit awkward to manage, but overall very solid work and fun to play! Including objects you can take cover behind during fights was a nice touch

in case anyone who leaves a comment reads this I'm super grateful for all the worthwhile feedback I've gotten, thank you so much! I've been too tired to respond to everyone individually but it's been really nice getting so many responses ^^

I'm also leaving this here to say if I catch you spamming the same comment by copy-pasting it onto my game page I'm gonna delete it, it's annoying and I don't appreciate it.

some of you lot are legends getting through so many games, I'm still shattered after the jam haha - I have knocked out about 31 atm though so I could maybe bump it up to 50 in time

yep, the music is also mine, thank you! I'll see about checking out yours too

really impressive work for the time scale! I didn't run into any problems, and the designs for the fish characters you have to fight are also cool - nice solid work here 👏 and also super cute haha

I really wanted to finish this game because conceptually and aesthetically, it's brilliant, unfortunately I keep getting stuck during the 3rd leg of the journey where you're instructed to seek out Mother - when I head south I inevitably get backed up into a dead end corner of the map where I can't move quickly enough and there's not enough space to evade the other microbes and I have to start all over again, and I've done this maybe seven or eight times - I probably would've given up sooner if I wasn't so intrigued by the concept though

I really love what I have seen of it though, it's just so different from everything else I've seen and it's still one of my favourite entries I've seen this jam

feels very cohesive and is stylistically adorable! I couldn't figure out how to get the sheep over the water so I couldn't progress past that level, but what I played I enjoyed

solid work, funny and interesting concept - IIII did encounter a weird problem where after a while it kept giving me shops over and over instead of dungeons, but otherwise I had no problems

definitely aesthetically a big standout for me, really great work!

I admittedly got stuck on the 2nd level, I couldn't work out how to maneuver my snake properly to navigate it... that said, the mechanics and physics of this game are really different and quite fun, the style is really standout and there's something satisfyingly brutal about catching and eating animals in it hahaha

gotta love a sexy elephant lady

heard, it is a touch clunky as it stands so I could see that being something worth looking into - thank you for the feedback!

its a super minimalist puzzle platformer where all the characters are an array of coloured squares and rectangles that you control one at a time to finish the level - its been years since I played it, but worth looking into if you'd be interested in that kinda game. For such a simple premise the story and characters were also really poignant from what I remember

no worries- yeah I getcha, I've had a lot of trouble with collision not quite working correctly, it takes some getting used to + sometimes its just easier to start over from scratch. It might be the collision points rather than the hitbox - I think the origin and center points are what dictates how sprites are flipped, I only just figured out how to make it work myself during this jam heh

conceptually quite unique and relaxing, I like the effect of the swaying sakura on the title screen and falling leaves - most of the choices you make did feel a bit dichotomous in that there seems to be an obvious correct, selfless choice and no real incentive to choose otherwise - I couldn't do the mean choices route, I felt bad for the protag's dog and family T __ T there was also a small bug where the super market sound effects bled into the hub area

but, ultimately: nice atmosphere, very cute story

sort of reminds me of Thomas was Alone with the colour coded square characters that you switch between haha - I couldn't for the life of me figure out the last puzzle but that could just be a me thing, I really liked the other levels I played and they felt cohesive and natural as level progressions. Really good job!

thank you so much man!

I'm a big RPG lover so this kinda stuff is right up my alley haha - I do like the character designs and I think the concept and layout you have is solid. If there was a little bit more tactile feedback it'd probably be a bit easier to tell what's going on - if party members flashed, shook, or had a unique frame when hit by the enemy - stronger visual cues to tell who's turn it is, if buttons made sounds when pressed. This kinds of things might clear up some of the confusion other players have about what's going on in the game.

With that said I do think it's well put together!

gotta say, I adore the art style of this game - the cutscenes are really endearing too, it's very fun

I did find it a bit unforgiving with the instant death mechanic especially during the boss fight, I think the attack animation isn't quite centered properly so where you flip horizontal your attacks don't really line up properly - meaning I'd find it easy sticking to attacking while facing right rather than facing left and waiting for the boss to come to the other side of the screen

that being said, you did a great job!

thank you so much Sawn! 💖

thank you!

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hm, just so I can rule it out as being the problem - I know its a touch misleading as you can click the title button, but the in game menu you have to toggle through with the arrow keys and select with Z, did you try that?

the X button should also close the pause menu if you didnt realize, I'm sorry if that was confusing/was the problem but if not, disregard

this was very very cute and well executed! I'm a big Kirby fan and I feel like you did capture the spirit of it well with your puzzles and level design, would love to see it expanded on

I do agree with what's been said prior about the menu being a bit unwieldy, it's frustrating when you get killed by something because you were faffing around with it - some sort of auto-roll/equip would help when interacting with chests and having the real time game pause when you open the menu. But otherwise, it wasn't too hard to pick up and seems pretty solid!

The only other little snag I had was the crate in the snake level snagging on the bridge a bit when I tried to push it across.

definitely feels like something I'd play to relax after a long day, very zen and very pleasing to the eye

gonna agree with what's been said already, I've tried a handful of games for this game and this one has the most polish and kept me entertained longest of what I've seen so far! The strategy of assigning stats to different skills depending on what you roll each round is very cool. 

But yeah. With profusely self-healing enemies, all it takes is a couple of bad rolls to end up right back where you started but with gradually less health. Maybe having single use items that you can accrue over time throughout the game could help balance things out? Idk.

That being said, it's very very impressive work for only 48 hours of development, wow!

YAYYYY it's awesome to see this out and see everything come together! Great work man!

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thank you! I'm very well considering adding more sometime so we'll see! and thank you again for playtesting for me!