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I really like this game, I can feel the ps1 platformer in it.  The controls and camera could use some polish.  But over all an amazing game jam game :)

The eyes seemed animated well,  though I didnt get the point of using anything other than the gun.

This is a very interesting little puzzle game.

Nice concept, though it super hard at the moment.

Looks like the start to a interesting racing game.

This is a good start for a rouge like game.

Well polished,  the curses add a nice gameplay twist as well.

Cool simulation,  it was neat to see it cap around a set amount just like in nature.

Simple yet fun

Interesting, control layout is a bit awkward though.

This is a very clever idea, very fun :)

Neat idea, I like the art work in it.

This looks like the base of a interesting game.

None of the attacks seemed to be working

I wanted three different types of enemies, guys who just sat there (saw guys), guys that forced you to move (tree guys), and guys that shot back (angle dudes).

Thanks, yeah balancing it was harder than expected,  maybe Ill work on it more later.

Yeah  I wanted something I could make easily.

Seems cool but it always seemed to fail me even if I matched the right ones.

I am matching the right pairs but it still seems to fail me. 

OverCooked but Christmas I like it.

Shooting DNA to collect it is a intended feature as for the weird input maps I have no idea why thats happening.  

The mouse sensitive setting didn't seem to do anything.  It was still always way to sensitive except for the first time for some reason.

My flash is not working so I can't play this : (

Well it works now.

There I fixed that.  Sorry Im still pretty new to this and learning so let me know if there are any more problems.  

Well it looks well polished in the menu but as soon as I play it it seems to crash so I don't know how good gameplay is.

Cool but either Im terrible at it or its really hard. :)


Good idea but I wish I could choose which child to carry on with.

Pretty good for 5-7 on a web game

It does not work on my computer so I could not play it :(

That was a really well polished game with nice music.  I also really liked the art work as well. 

Creative but it was really hard to tell if I was getting the right keys or not.  

The turrets were really OP so I could stop all the monsters with 3 turrets.

The DownLoad zips have been fixed to include the data now sorry for the innocence ?

I think you should win the jam with this game.

Just played the demo and really liked it.  The biggest problem I had was that when I open the window for anything I could see the wireframe of anything behind it which made it very hard to read anything sometimes.  I was playing it on a mac so I m not sure if its just limited to just that platform but other then that it looks really good.

Looks creative

I like the trailer the first half was funny,  but maybe you should shorten the gameplay half 

Looks cool.  Do you think you make it playable on mac so you could have a wider audience