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Thanks a lot, really appreciate it.

Thanks again,  I'll  look into post-processing and some simple squash animations.

I plan on doing just that although i have no idea how to improve the art. 

๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š... Thanks. 

Thanks and I'm  glad you enjoyed the game,  your words really go a long way in encouraging me to make it a full game. 

Thanks a lot, and yes i do plan to expand the game. 

It's  my first too,  had loads of fun.

Hope you get to play mine too.

yes please.

Thanks a lot. 

Thanks for playing and giving feedback, i do plan on expanding the game and add new mechanics, your words motivate me. 

Thanks alot. 

๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š... You're too nice. 

Thanks for playing, I'm really happy you liked it. 

Thanks for playing and providing feedback, as for jumping on cubes to gain height it is a bug and you're not supposed to be able to place a cube while mid-air and all the puzzles were designed with that in mind. 

Hope you try mine too.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback, I'm really glad you liked it. 

Hi,  I  hope you get the chance to play mine too.  I plan on developing it further so your feedback is highly important.

Hope you get the chance to play mine too.

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Thanks for the feedback, really glad you liked it. 

My puzzle entry has gotten a good amount of ratings/feedback but no amount amount of feedback is too musch especially because i plan on developing the game into a full release.

Thanks for the feedback bud, i really appreciate it. I do plan on expanding the game into a full release and feedback from you and others really inspire me to do so. 

Thanks for the kind feedback, i actually plan on doing what you suggested, a lot of work has to be done. 

Hi,  please rate/provide feedback for my puxxke game.  Oh and make sure to read full description before playing where i explained how the game was intended to be played (do not place the platform under a jumping player,  its a bug and the puzzles were not intended to be played this way) Thanks.

Hi,  i would really appreciate it if you could play/provide feedback on my game.  Aldo make sure to read full description.

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Hi, mine is a puzzle game where you have clones that try to mimic your movements and you have to exploit this to kill tgem so you're the ONLY ONE left.  You can also spawn ONLY ONE platform to help you. There is a bug that if exploted can really change the way the game plays though so make sure to read the full description.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback, It definitely needs a lot more work but i hope i can make it into a full game

Thanks alot,  I'm glad you liked it. 

Really amazing game, i constantly found my self saying "Just one more run"

Hi, I would love feedback on my puzzle entry. Thanks.

Really nice game, good take on the them

Really nice concept and art style, it would definitely make a good mobile game.

Nice gameplay and visuals, wouldn't be bad if expanded and made a full game.


Thanks for playing and giving feedback, you are right about  the sound as  i just threw in whatever i could make in BFXR within 10 seconds : ).

Nice game... Really interesting concept

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Thanks for playing and giving detailed feedback. I do plan on expanding the game into a full release after the game jam and adding new stuff such as rectangles with different attributes , making it so that in certain levels you have to destroy clones following a given sequence etc and even a story, and getting this kind of feedback definitely encourages me to do so.  Thanks again.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback, I'm happy you enjoyed the game! 

Thanks for playing, I'm so happy you found it enjoyable.

Thanks alot for playing, it makes me happy knowing people enjoyed my game. 

Thanks for playing and for the kind words " It fills me with determination " ๐Ÿ˜€